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Published by thebusstopworld

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Published by: thebusstopworld on Feb 28, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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NAPOLEONAScreenplaybyStanley Kubrick
September 29, 1969FADE IN:INT. BEDROOM CORSICA - NIGHTA well worn teddy-bear is cradled in the arms of Napoleon,age 4, who dreamily sucks his thumb, listening to abedtime story told by his young mother, Letizia. His 5-year old brother, Joseph, is already asleep, beside him.NARRATORNapoleon was born at Ajaccio inCorsica on August 15th, 1769. Hehad not been a healthy baby and hismother, Letizia, lavished him withcare and devotion. In middle age,he would write about her from St.Helena.NAPOLEON (V.O.)My mother has always loved me. Shewould do anything for me.MAIN TITLESINT. DORMITORY BRIENNE - NIGHTIt is still dark on a freezing winter morning. The boysare being awakened by a monk, loudly ringing a bell.Candles are lit.Napoleon, age 9, sun-tanned, leaps out of bed, rubbing hisarms and shivering. He tries to pour a pitcher of water,discovering that it has frozen solid.NAPOLEONWho has been putting glass in mypitcher? Look here, someone hasfilled my pitcher with glass!DUFOUROh, my goodness! Someone has filledBonaparte's pitcher with glass.Now, who on earth would do a thinglike that?
BREMONDOh, heavens, look someone has filledmy pitcher with glass too!MONKSilence! Silence! You should notmake fun of Monsieur Bonaparte, hecomes from a country where it isnever very cold. He has probablynever seen ice before.DUFOURNever seen ice before? Oh, dear me-- how very odd.The boys snicker. Napoleon glares at them.NARRATORAt the age of 9, Napoleon enteredthe Royal Military College atBrienne, in France, under a royalscholarship. For the next five anda half years, he would devotehimself to preparation for hismilitary career. These were harshand cheerless years for the lonely,impoverished provincial, amongaffluent French noblemen's sons.EXT. FARM BRIENNE - DAYA lovely, late-summer afternoon. A small group of boys,in their school uniforms, are impatiently gathered arounda rough table, covered with stacks of thick bread and jamand tin mugs of milk. The farmer's wife supervisesthings, collecting a sou from each boy.Napoleon, 9, stands apart from the group, drinking hismilk, a book under his arm, lost in thought, gazing acrossthe cornfield at the school buildings, which arebeautifully colored by the late sunlight.BREMOND(overly cheerful)Good afternoon, Bonaparte.Napoleon ignores him.BREMONDWhat are you reading?

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