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CIPS Benefits

CIPS Benefits

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Published by Angel Calzadilla

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Categories:Types, Business/Law
Published by: Angel Calzadilla on Feb 28, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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CIPS benefits, achievements and results.
stands for Certified International Property Specialist and is acertified designation that provides the Real Estate agent the knowledge,research, network and tools to globalize its business.The
Designation is the only designation of its kind in the realestate community. It¶s synonymous with advanced expertise, a global perspective and distinct understanding of a global buyer, and comes with powerful brand recognition with designees in nearly 40 countries. Ininternational Real Estate one can never have enough information.Sifting, sorting and analyzing the data is a large part of facilitating asuccesful international transaction.Which are the benefits to hire a
Real Estate agent ?The real estate professional must be familiar with the basic socialfeatures, business protocols and currency issues within the region tocommand the respect of clients. We will address these issues as well asothers the real estate professionals needs to underestand whenrepresenting clients in USA markets, as well as advising the USA clientin a foreign market regarding the political and economic characteristics.Each of these issues becomes a factor when determining the investmentstrategy of international as well as local clients.Only a
agent has the konwledge and capability to review the basic principles of globalization, capital flow, market assesment and the skillsof converting currency, area and time. To analyze the potential of aninternational property investment, a real estate
professional has agood undesrtanding of the essential skills necesary to conduct businessin worlds markets, for instance, the
agent knows the Real Estateand its
capital flow
Expanding markets require
 foreign capital 
International real estate professionals know where and whyinvestments are being made
They are familiar with the patterns of capital flow around the World.
Capitals flow according to supply and demand and investment return.
Capital flow moves currency, assets, credits, and debt around theWorld almost instantly.
Risk and returns objectives.Also the international specialist understands the impact of 
on investments alternatives and identifies banks and financialinstitutions with international experience. A good understanding of thehistorical, cultural and economic features of a region is particularlyimportant in evalueting the investment dynamics of individual markets.This knowledge will be usefull in identifying and assisting clients aswell as facilitating and closing real estate international transactions.Succesful real estate international specialist never assume that what istrue of their own market is true of markets abroad, so they are carefulnot assume that citizens of other countries consider real estate in thesame ways.Any
international real estate transaction
, whether it involves the purchase of a home, a user-occupied business facility or an income producing property is considered an investment. The purchaser or lesseetypically commits a substantial ammount of cash in their own currencyto carry out a transaction in a foreign currency. If the internationalinvestor has money on deposit in the currency of the country where theinvestment is being made, there will eventually be some kind of exchange transaction. There is always the possibility that money will bemade or lost based on the currency exchange dynamics alone. For thatreason, it is important to be familiar with the mathematical and financialskills presented only by an international specialist agent.In an
international real estate transaction
one of the most importanttopics or areas to be covered by the
agent is to determine the purchasing motivations of the foreign investor and this is indisoluble part of the investment analysis
Quantitative Motivations and Non-Quantitative Motivations.Quantitative Motivations
- Unable to find investment opportunities in their domestic economy.
Investor's home economy may
Lack viable real estate investmentsmarket, have excess capital, be overbuilt, have restrictions on investmentand ownership, have oppressive regulation.- Desire to protect capital against inflation and other domestic threats
 Inflation is always a threat to capital, devaluation of domestic currency, pending changes in goverment regulations, nationalization of private realestate holdings and key industries, fear of such threats causing capitalflight.- Minimize investment risk through
Spread risk acrossvarious types and grades of investments.- Cash flow and profits
many people invest to make or preserve money,timing of cash flows, the size of profits, and the pursuit of growth versus
may differ significantly for various international investors. Non-Quantitative Motivations
- Investor wants to stablish a basis for 
obtaining a visa
 in another country
Often coincides with the
capital flight 
motivationand occurs when a country's internal situation appears to threaten thelivehood or interests of investors.- Expand a business into a
 foreign market 
As business establishoverseas offices, branches, subsidiaries, or joint ventures, real estateacquisitions may be involved.- Protect family interests
Investors seek a base to expand their family'sinvestment and employment opportunities.- Prestige
Holding overseas investments may represent wealth,sophistication and shrewdness.The complexity of international real estate transactions require theassistance of various professional specialists like legal, inmigration, taxand financial experts, that is extremely important and only a
realestate agent is the specialist amongs other real estate agents that can place you in the right direction to find for you the team of specialistsaccording to the nature and particularities of your investment.I specialize in
 single homes
income properties
waterfront luxury properties
as well as
commercial  properties
 Miami-Dade, Broward 
Palm Beach
counties with

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