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Engineering Economic Analysis Solution Manual by Mjallal

Engineering Economic Analysis Solution Manual by Mjallal

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Published by Mohammad Mjallal

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Categories:Types, Reviews, Book
Published by: Mohammad Mjallal on Feb 29, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Chapter 1: Making Economic Decisions
 A survey of students answering this question indicated that they thought about 40% of their decisions were conscious decisions.
Of the three alternatives, the $150,000 investment problem is
suitable for economicanalysis. There is not enough data to figure out how to proceed, but if the µdesirable interestrate¶ were 9%, then foregoing it for one week would mean a loss of:
(0.09) = 0.0017 = 0.17%immediately. It would take over a year at 0.15% more to equal the 0.17% foregone now.The chocolate bar problem is suitable for economic analysis. Compared to the investmentproblem it is, of course, trivial.Joe¶s problem is a real problem with serious economic consequences. The difficulty may be infiguring out what one gains if he pays for the fender damage, instead of having the insurancecompany pay for it.
ambling, the stock market, drilling for oil, hunting for buried treasure²there are sure to be a lotof interesting answers. Note that if you could double your money every day, then:2
($300) = $1,000,000and
is less than 12 days.(a) Yes.he choice of an engine has important money consequences so would besuitable for engineering economic analysis.(b) Yes.Important economic- and social- consequences. Some might argue thesocial consequences are more important than the economics.(c) ?Probably there are a variety of considerations much more important thanhe economics.(d) No. Picking a career on an economic basis sounds terrible.(e) No. Picking a wife on an economic basis sounds even worse.
Maybe their stock market µsystems¶ don¶t work!
It may look simple to the owner because
is not the one losing a job. For the threemachinists it represents a major event with major consequences.
For most high school seniors there probably are only a limited number of colleges anduniversities that are feasible alternatives. Nevertheless, it is still a complex problem.
It really is not an economic problem solely ² it is a complex problem.
Since it takes time and effort to go to the bookstore, the minimum number of pads might berelated to the smallest saving worth bothering about. The maximum number of pads mightbe the quantity needed over a reasonable period of time, like the rest of the academic year.
While there might be a lot of disagreement on the µcorrect¶ answer, only automobileinsurance represents a
substantial amount of mon
and a situation where money might bethe
basis for choosing between alternatives.
The overall problems are all complex. The student will have a hard time coming up withexamples that are truly
until he/she breaks them into smaller andsmaller sub-problems.
These questions will create disagreement. None of the situations represents rationaldecision-making.Choosing the same career as a friend might be OK, but it doesn¶t seem too rational.Jill didn¶t consider all the alternatives.Don thought he was minimizing cost, but it didn¶t work. Maybe rational decision-makingsays one should buy better tools that will last.
Possible objectives for NASA can be stated in general terms of space exploration or thegeneration of knowledge or they can be stated in very concrete terms. President Kennedyused the latter approach with a year for landing a man on the moon to inspire employees.Thus the following objectives as examples are concrete. No year is specified here, becauseunlike President Kennedy we do not know what dates may be achievable.Land a man safely on Mars and return him to earth by ______.Establish a colony on the moon by ______.Establish a permanent space station by ______.Support private sector tourism in space by ______.Maximize fundamental knowledge about science through
probes per year or for 
 per year.Maximize applied knowledge about supporting man¶s activities in space through
 probes per year or for 
per year.Choosing among these objectives involves technical decisions (some objectives may beprerequisites for others), political decisions (balance between science and appliedknowledge for man¶s activities), and economic decisions (how many dollars per year can beallocated to NASA).However, our favorite is a colony on the moon, because a colony is intended to bepermanent and it would represent a new frontier for human ingenuity and opportunity.Evaluation of alternatives would focus on costs, uncertainties, and schedules. Estimates of these would rely on NASA¶s historical experience, expert judgment, and some of theestimating tools discussed in Chapter 2.
This is a challenging question. One approach might be:(a) Find out what percentage of the population is left-handed.(b) What is the population of the selected hometown?(c) Next, market research might be required. With some specific scissors (quality and price)in mind, ask a random sample of people if they would purchase the scissors. Study theresponses of both left-handed and right-handed people.(d) With only two hours available, this is probably all the information one could collect. Fromthe data, make an estimate. A different approach might be to assume that the people interested in left handed scissors inthe future will be about the same as the number who bought them in the past.(a) Telephone several sewing and department stores in the area. Ask two questions:(i) How many pairs of scissors have you sold in one year (or six months or?).(ii) What is the ratio of sales of left-handed scissors to regular scissor?(b) From the data in (a), estimate the future demand for left-handed scissors.

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