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The Eyeopener — February 29, 2012

The Eyeopener — February 29, 2012

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Published by The Eyeopener

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Published by: The Eyeopener on Feb 29, 2012
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volume 45 / issue 20February 29, 2012theeyeopener.comSince 1967
       t       h     e
 Are you here to get educatedor agitated?
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February 29, 2012The Eyeopener
Next week, pick up the Eyeopener Arts Top 10. See who in image arts, the theatreschool, interior design, fashion and more is doing some wildly cool stuff.
February 29, 2012The Eyeopener
New residence coming to Rye
A new partnership with a pri-vate residential developer is al-lowing Ryerson to begin buildingmore residence space.MPI Group was named as thepartner for the project duringMonday’s announcement.The residence will be built at186-188 Jarvis St., well within theRyerson Master Plan circumfer-ence for student housing. Julia Hanigsberg, vice presidentof administration and nance, ex-plained that the third party willallow Ryerson to create the spacewithout taking money out of theoperating budget.“We were really challenged byhow to make it happen,” she said,explaining that they’ve been dis-cussing this for at least two years.“When I talk to my counterparts[across the country] everybody istrying to gure out how to buildstudent residences in a way that isaordable.”MPI will nance, develop andmaintain the building, as well asgenerate revenue from the resi-dence fees. The room costs are closeto that of the International Livingand Learning Centre (ILLC), butcould be higher.“The expectation is this will beon the high end because it will bethe newest and nicest, obviously,”said Hanigsberg.She is certain it will be aord-able to Ryerson students as theyare the only market.“The fact that we had such agood partnership available be-tween a private sector and the uni-versity was very good,” said Ry-erson president Sheldon Levy. “I just look forward to it starting andstudents having the opportunityfor more accommodation.”The rendering by IBI GroupArchitects can change after the re-zoning and city approvals, whichshould start immediately.“The City of Toronto’s Down-town East Planning Study calls formixed-use zoning, increased den-sity and increasing residential, em-ployment and institutional growthon this site,” said an MPI spokes-person in an email. “We believethis residence is in keeping withthis plan.”The spokesperson said they noti-ed adjacent landowners of plansthrough the application process,and so has Ryerson.“I’ve spoken in the past coupleof days to the head of the local resi-dents association there wanting toreassure him that we really wantto be part of the neighbourhood,”said Hanigsberg.The plans for the building in-cludes a podium of undeterminedretail space.“We foresee the two-storey po-dium oering a mix of retailers,perhaps a café and other services,”said the spokesperson, adding thatthey will encourage students toseek employment opportunities.They conrmed that it is de-signed as a ‘purpose built’ studentresidence and would not be easilyused for any other type of building.The agreement is not nalized butthey expect the nal partnershipcontracts to be for a 49-year term.“Our preliminary agreementswith Ryerson require that resi-dence fee increases be consistentwith market comparables for simi-lar (student) accommodations andamenities,” continued the spokes-person email.The project will be the rst resi-dence building that MPI will de-velop solely for students, but theysaid they’ve extensively reviewedand analyzed the Canadian resi-dence market. They primarily de-velop senior residences and multi-family housing in Toronto.“The next stage is to work out aservice agreement of how the niygriy of the relationship works,”said Chad Nuall, manager of stu-dent housing services.MPI will also pay for residencelife sta to work in the new resi-dence, which in other residences isdone by student housing services.The rooms will also be assigned by Ryerson, which stops the newresidence from competing with thecurrent ones for applicants.“It’s great that we sort of con-trol all that stock,” said Nuall.“We just have to make sure thatwe build at a sustainable rate to llthese beds.”
A new partnership with a private development company is acilitating Ryerson’s need or more student residence on campuswithout sacrifcing their operating budget.
News Etor Caroln Tureon
Grad executives consider separation from RSU
By reBecca Burtonnews editor
Graduate students say lack ofaction from the Ryerson Student’sUnion (RSU) for more funding hasthem fed up. Enough to considercomplete separation from the RSU.“[RSU] executives shut downideas that are not good for thewhole student body but graduatestudents have dierent issues thanundergraduates,” said Osman Ha-mid, chairperson of the graduateexecutive commiee.The main argument arose at aRSU board meeting on Feb. 27,when the two graduate executiveson the RSU board of governors,Hamid and Ebrahim Poulad, saidthey made a plea for more fund-ing. The two were then allegedly“laughed at” and called “sketchy,” by RSU executives.Hamid and Poulad wanted tomake an amendment regardingthe travel grant fund that reim- burses students who have alreadyaended a conference or workshopthat partners their graduate work.A maximum of $500 is given tostudents, with only one grant perstudent per year. Of the $19,000available this year towards travelgrants, an increase from last year’s$16,000 fund, Hamid said the fundis almost depleted. An obviousneed for more funding, he said.Hamid said they also requestedto put leftover money from one oftheir events into the travel grantfund but was denied by the RSU.As it stands, members of thegraduate executive commiee, thetravel grants commiee nor thedirectors on the RSU board are al-lowed to apply for this travel grant.Hamid and Poulad aempted tomake an amendment that wouldallow members of the travel grantcommiee to still be allowed toapply for the travel grant. Thetwo felt it was unfair to deny stu-dents funding just for becominginvolved.Hamid suggested they removethe member of the travel fundcommiee from the room duringthe decision process, allowing theremaining two members to makethe decision.“We need more involvement tomake the community strong. Butif [students] are smart they won’tstep up to the [travel grants] com-miee,” said Poulad.The amendment was not ap-proved.But the RSU executives are ght-ing back saying these decisionswere made in haste and leers sentout from the graduate executivecontain misinformation.“It only restricts two studentswho voluntarily put themselvestoward becoming part of the travelgrant commiee. They are fullyaware of this restriction and arestill eligible to get any other type offunding from the university,” saidSean Carson, RSU vice-presidentoperations.According to Carson, the boardwas discussing the travel fund inorder to change the policy to allowstudents to receive funding priorto their trip. Carson also indicatedno suggestions to allow a memberto leave the room were made dur-ing the meeting.Allegations saying Carson hadused the word “sketchy” duringthe meeting were “taken out ofcontext,” he said. “To give yourselfmoney when you sit on the com-miee is ‘sketchy.’ I oversimpliedmy language when I should haveused the words ‘conict of inter-est.’”Vice-president education, Me-lissa Palermo, was unavailable forcomment but Carson spoke on her behalf. The laughter as indicated by Hamid, was “nervous laughter”after the chair had asked Hamidto stop referring to the defeatedamendment when he was meant tomotivate the policy, said Carson.“These leers contain misinfor-mation that need to be claried,”said Carson.But Hamid is eager to take thenext step to separate from the RSU.“It is not enough money givento graduate students. We are pay-ing membership fees to the RSU.We are just trying to use our ownmoney,” said Hamid.Terry McAfee, director of busi-ness administration, said he is un-able to comment on the possibil-ity of creating a separate graduatestudents union but says the schoolis currently working on making itmore clear what funds are avail-able for students — be it the RSUor the school itself.“There is not a lot of money giv-en out to travel [from the school] because there are no set funds forthis. But we do what we can whenwe are able to,” he said.The graduate executive could goabout separating themselves fromthe RSU is still unclear but Hamidwill present this idea to the dean ofgraduate studies and other admin-istration.“The funding is not to have funand play games. Graduate stu-dents are going to present papersthat will enhance their educationand the reputation of the univer-sity,” said Hamid.
Quick Facts
The rendering of the residence.The current lot at 186-188 Jarvis.
>> th pp blg 23 >> th  f ppx-ml 500 b f r-   hl  p b 30p >> 186 & 188 Jv - f 14,000 q f>> th blg’ ppl  fm Jv s h l g -p  fm h f h blg v Mls>> th   llm t’ G Bl-g s>> th  j h  -llm f 2,000  - p h h -v l lk   b2020>> th   xp-  bg  2014  p  spm-b 2016
Information courtesy of Ryerson University 
Ryerson Students’ Union (RSU) Annual General Meeting.

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