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Awake Transcript

Awake Transcript

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Published by Brandon Rowe

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Published by: Brandon Rowe on Feb 29, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 NBC UNIVERSALModerator: Tracy St. Pierre02-15-12/10:30 am CTConfirmation #21579717Page 1
NBC UNIVERSALModerator: Tracy St. PierreFebruary 15, 201210:30 am CT
Operator:Ladies and gentlemen thank you for standing by. And welcome to theExecutive Producers Howard Gordon and Kyle Killen from NBC's "Awake"Press and Media conference call.During the presentation all participants will be in a listen-only mode. To queue up for aquestion please press the 1 followed by the 4 on your telephone.We ask that you please limit yourself to one question and one follow up at a time. Youmay then requeue for any additional questions.As a reminder this conference is being recorded, Wednesday, February 15, 2012. I wouldnow like to turn the conference over to Ms. Tracy St. Pierre with NBC. Pleasego ahead.Tracy St. Pierre:Hi everyone thanks for joining us for our Awake call this morning. On the linewe have Executive Producers Howard Gordon and Kyle Killen.
 NBC UNIVERSALModerator: Tracy St. Pierre02-15-12/10:30 am CTConfirmation #21579717Page 2
Please note Awake premieres March 1st and if you need anything, any follows up fromthis call you can reach me at 818-777-2940. I am now going to turn it over tothe first question.Operator:Thank you. So again ladies and gentlemen as a reminder to register for anyquestions please press the 1 followed by the 4.And our first question comes from the line of Jamie Ruby with Scifivision.com. Please goahead.Jamie Ruby:Hi guys thanks for doing the call. I am really excited about the show it looksgreat so I can't wait to see it.So first Kyle can you kind of talk about just how you came up with the whole concept of the series?Kyle Killen:Sure I think, you know, it had some things in common with the last seriesLone Star and when that ended I think probably some of those questions of duality and trying to make a go of living a life in two spaces was still floatingaround in my head.So that was something that was still of interest to me and this seemed like a good vehiclefor exploring a lot of that. And then, you know the concept of the way your dreams feel real, the way you seem to experience them as something that youdon't blink at until something crazy happens that sort of bursts that balloon.I think I became interested in the question of what if nothing ever popped that balloon.What if you couldn't tell the difference between when you were awake andwhen you were asleep?
 NBC UNIVERSALModerator: Tracy St. Pierre02-15-12/10:30 am CTConfirmation #21579717Page 3
And then I started looking for a way to marry those two ideas up and a few months later we had Awake.Jamie Ruby:Great and can you both talk a little bit about how you decided on casting andeverything for the series?Kyle Killen:Howard do you want to jump on that one?Howard Gordon:Well we obviously started with the lead, Michael Britten since he had toshoulder so much of the story.And actually at the very beginning we were afraid until we decided we could actually break point of view. It seemed that he might have to be in every scene whichfor anybody who has ever done hour long television knows that's, you know, pretty impossible.Anyway there is a very short list of leading men of a certain age, who are substantial andwho Jason Isaacs was at the very top of that list and we were lucky enough toget him.I mean we met with him. I had met with him a couple of months before just simply as ageneral (unintelligible)? And I know he was very sketchy about whether hewanted to do television. And he was intrigued as I was by Kyle's pilot and he jumped in.And from there build out the molecule. Who worked with, you know, your lead. And so(unintelligible) and BB were slightly different. Well BB was (unintelligible) Ithink wasn't he Kyle?Kyle Killen:Yes he was pretty much what was called for.

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