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Published by dickeazy
MJ-12 UFO Related Master List
MJ-12 UFO Related Master List

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Published by: dickeazy on Nov 23, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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UFO Linked Military Personnel Data
Rev 4.0 3/4/2001
NameSocial SecurityDOBSerivceService #Title & OrganizationWhy Requested
AndersonCaptainpage 121 CrashCorona flew out with wreakageAngleton, James Jesus 9 Dec 1917 OSS/CIAArnold, HapGeneralShould have known about thisBarton, Harold A.Brig Generalat San Bernardino Army/Air FieldBeeler, Geroge W9-Jul-10O 18958col 1947 Zimmerman Memo to Twining 12 sept 47 AMCBeersLt. Col. Plans & OperationsProtection of AFSWP InstallationsBenson, Otis O.Sep 14 1902A 018632Major GeneralMedical, flight surgon, Aero Med Lab re accident rep 17 julyBerkner, Lloyd Viel 579-48-9764 1 Feb 1905USNRUSN 41-46EBD, member, MJ-12Bischoff, HenryCICCantwhells Firends?, not in Army Reg 48,49Blanchard, William Hugh 031-30-1542 6 Feb 1916USAFO 21223509th Bomb WingBolander, Carroll HBrig General (1969) Chief of Staff R&D10/20/69 memo, are they a threat?..We want the technologyBolender, Carroll Herdus 293-12-6612 2 Nov 1919USAFBrentnall, Samuel Robert 526-56-0330 12 May 1903USAF364A, 17132Brereton, Lewis Hyde 217-28-1831 21 Jun 1890USAAO 3132Lt Gen. Mlitary Liason Cmt. AECFirst PanelBronk, Detlev V13 Aug 1897113 4411 USNFirst, White Hot, othersBronk, Detlev Wulf 192-22-3232 13 Aug 1897USNBrown, MelvinSargent 47, Cook Roswell AAFwas asked to guard materials from Foster RanchBrown, Melvin E 558-16-4292 14 Oct 1916USAF6 578 751Bryan, Joseph J III 087-09-7624 30 Apr 1904USNUSAFAO 2260961142334, 0-241689Buchanan, Charles Allen(C.?) Oct 28 190460322CaptainWhite Hot report - MAJIC EYES ONLYCabell, Charles Pearre 459-64-7961 11 Oct 1903USAF70A, 016121Brig. Gen - West PointFlying Saucer Analytical ReportCannon, John Kenneth 9 Mar 1892USAFAO 10212CantwheelCICCantwell, not in Army Registers 46,47,50, Air Force Reg 49, 51Cavitt, Sheridan Wear 456-18-5501 11 Jan 1919USAFAO 411148Captain - CICCantwhells Friends?, not in Army Reg 48,49Chamberlin, Stephen Jones 412-52-3102 23 Dec 1889USA. 03 397Major General GSC, Dir. of IntelligenceWhite HotChidlaw, Benjamin Wiley 282-34-6841 18 Dec 1900USAF23A, 0-14936Generaladvanced study group memo to TwiningClark, AlCol 1947page 111, CrashCorona, had debris straped to his wrist from RoswellClingerman, William R. Jr.19-May-15O 20591Col, USAF Chief Technical Intel, Intel Dept, AMCproject SignCollins, Albert BruceCIC-Army Tech -dead Jan 1 1991, Part of IPUTim Interviewed him, CIC duties, Cantwheel knew himCollins, Joseph Lawton 577-54-3278 1 May 1896USA0-5247Collins, Lawton J. May 1, 1896O 5247General, Dpt Chief of Stff USArmyFirst Panel, IPU report p 5Corso, Philip James 194-01-8316 22 May 1915USA0 1 047 930Craigie, Laurence Cardee 230-48-7601 26 Jan 1902USAF0-15170Crawford, Alden RGeneraladvanced study group memo to TwiningCrisman, Fred Lee 543-32-6070 22 Jul 1919 OSSCutler, Robert 025-18-9054 12 Jun 1895USADamberg, Carl F.6-Dec-08O 18531Col. USAF Cief Aircraft& Guided Missiles, Eng-DivMemo, Grudge, requesting spectrograhic equipmentDaviscol 1947Zimmerman Memo to Twining 12 sept 47 AMCDavis, Leighton Ira 396-38-1140 20 Feb 1910USAFDavittLt Col, Intel divisionDent, Fredrick R.12-Feb-08O17504Col 1947Zimmerman Memo to Twining 12 sept 47 AMCDoolittle, James Harold 493-09-4510 14 Dec 1896USAUSAF10703AGeneral, USAFAt Shell Oil , white hot, Air Intel Expert Dryden,Hugh L.2 Jul 1898Dir. of Aeronautical Research, NACAfirstDubose, Thomas Jefferson 460-64-3419 10 May 1902USAF470ACol in 1947Admitted that Roswell was a cover up on cameraEarman, J. S.Secretary NIAAtomic Energy Intelligence, MemoEasley, Edwin Dean 460-64-2126 14 Feb 1914USAFA0 418034Ehart, MarionArmy NurseNurse at Roswell when the bodies arrived Q clearance?Eisenhower, Dwight David 14 Oct 1890USAEBD recipiantFairchild, Muir S.Sep 2, 189410555GeneralMasterMJ-12List.xlsPage 1 of 4
UFO Linked Military Personnel Data
Rev 4.0 3/4/2001
NameSocial SecurityDOBSerivceService #Title & OrganizationWhy Requested
Forrestal, James Vincent 085-07-2821 15 Feb 1892USNSec Def, Truman on MJ-12 listsFournet, Dewey J 29 Nov 1921Gango, WilliamCaptain USAAF CIC Officer, Later USAF OSICoopers lits, not in Army Registers 46,47,50, Air Force Reg 49, 51Geary, Leo PaulIntelligenceGingrich, John Edward 23 Feb 1897USN20251Adm Dir Secruity and Intel AEC, USN, (RADM)First PanelGinsburgh, Abraham Robert 30 May 1895USAFA 09747Brig Gen White Hot ReportGlass, Richard Pollard 578-52-8515 19 Oct 1898USN. 20375Rear Admiral USN, AnapolisWhite Hot report - MAJIC EYES ONLYGoldwater, Barry Morris 526-01-2474 1 Jan 1909USAFRGordon, John Clarence 451-48-6503 6 Jan 1906USAF. 018571Gray, Gordon 243-09-7870 30 May 1909USAGroves, Leslie Richard 044-24-8808 17 Aug 1896USA12043Major General, Director AFSWPProtection of AFSWP Installations, White HotGrow, Malcom C. Brig General, AIr Surgeonmemo for Twining, air accident rpt. with UFOHaig, Alexander Meigs Jr 195-12-3625 2 Dec 1924USAHandy, Thomas Troy 578-50-9446 11 Mar 1892USA04 665General 4 army CICIPU, page 4Hasbrouck, Sherman VitusJun 19, 189812744ColIPU page 3Hausman, James JLt Col USAF, Actg Ch Tech Intel Div, Intel DptAMC, Project sign Jul 16, 1948, not in Army Registers 46,47,50, Air Force Reg 49, 51Haut, Walter 1st Lt Public Information Officer Roswell AAF '47issued the press release under orders form BlanchardHelflebower, Roy C. Jr.A0-21112Col. Stf Plans Off, AF Member NSC, hqUSAFHelmick, Paul F.Aug 12,19121569 ACol, Retired in early 50's at edwards,pilot,ArmyHolloman AFB commander 47-49Henderson, Oliver Wendell 550-14-3526 13 Jun 1915USAFA0 742160Hillenkoetter, Roscoe Henry 8 May 1897USN20485Rear Admiral, USN, DCIAtomic Energy IntelligenceHunsacker, Jerome Clarke 012-24-9534 26 Aug 1886USN. 6615USN, CommanderIrvine, Clarence Shortridge 505-52-1201 16 Dec 1898USAF16630296A, 0159754, 1179814Jarmon, Robert E?2-Aug-09O 19997col 1947Zimmerman Memo to Twining 12 sept 47 AMCJennings, PayneLt Col '47Flew out with some wreakage p 121 CrashCoronaJonescol 1947Zimmerman Memo to Twining 12 sept 47 AMCKaufman, Frank L.25-Sep-1936767CICCantwhells Firends?Kendricks, Edward J.May 27, 189918319Col. Medical Corps, Chief Aero Medical laboratoryKennedy, John Fitzgerald 29 May 1917USN. 116071Kennedy, Robert Francis 026-24-0879 20 Nov 1925USN748 77 27Kenney, George Churchill 074-32-2724 6 Aug 1889USAFLandry, Robert Broussard 1 Dec 1909USAFLay Jr., James S.24-Aug-11 US Army, NSC , CIAWhite Hot report - MAJIC EYES ONLYLeahy, William DanielMay 6, 18751811AdmiralScandinavian Defense - Strategic ConsiderationsLee, Paul Franz 110-24-6773 10 May 1895USN. 00034680Rear Admiral, ONRWhite Hot report - FirstLemay, Curtis Emerson 278-36-4032 15 Nov 1906USAFA017917GeneralDir R & D USAF 46-47Litch, Ernest Wheeler 228-60-7976 22 Nov 1897USNLovelace, William Randolph II 30 Dec 1907USAFOn distribution for post mortem of 17 July Air Accident RptLutes, LeRoyOct 4, 18905413Lieutenant General, GSC, Director of SS&PDelegation of contract authority to GrovesMacArthur, Douglas 044-28-6966 26 Jan 1880USAMaier, Oscar C4-Sep-01O 16096ColZimmerman Memo to Twining 12 sept 47 AMCMarcel, Jesse Antoine 494-05-8807 27 Jun 1907USAFMajorRoswell Army AF base intel officerMarcrau, AlanCWO, Asst. Adj GenControl of Ristiricted DataMarshall, George Catlett 31 Dec 1890USASecretary of StateAtomic Energy IntelligenceMartucci, Felix1st lt. Of 393 bomb sqdflew out with some wreakage p 123 CrashCorona, "we made history"Maxwell, Alfred RBrig General, R&D Boardwrote memo just after DC sightings in 52..little progress in unsderstanding UFOsMcCoy, Howard M4-Dec-0718054Col. USAF, Chief Intel AMCSign Project leader, Zimmerman letter to twiningMcDonald, George Clement 141-28-1792 27 Apr 1892USAF. 010976Major General, Dir Intelligence USAFWhite Hot report -FirstMcKee, William F. Oct 17 1906A 017661Major GeneralDoolittle joins Scientific Advisor GroupMasterMJ-12List.xlsPage 2 of 4
UFO Linked Military Personnel Data
Rev 4.0 3/4/2001
NameSocial SecurityDOBSerivceService #Title & OrganizationWhy Requested
McMullen, Clements 5 Feb 1892USAFGeneral in 47, acting commandeer SAC Andrews AAFOrdered Col Clarke to deliver roswell debris satchel to DC,McNarney, Joseph Taggart 547-46-4047 28 Aug 1893USAF1A, A03804Menzel, Donald Howard 470-30-1140 11 Apr 1901USNR213097USN Commander, Astronomer EBDMiller, Luther Deck 217-44-2975 14 Jun 1890USA. 011 793Chief of Chaplins, US ArmyFirst PanelMinty, Russel J19-Sep-00O 15201col 1947Zimmerman Memo to Twining 12 sept 47 AMCMontague, Robert Miller 7 Aug 1899USA. 012261EBDMorgan, Prentice G.Major GSC, Chief Intel Div, Off of AC of S, G-2Munson, Frederick P. 19-Jun-0416505Col. GSC, Exec to Under Sec of ArmyAppointment of Intelligence Advisory committeeNagell, Richard CaseArmy CIC (man whoknew to much)Graduated military Intel school (49-53)Nimitz, Chester W.Feb 24, 18855502AdmiralScandinavian Defense - Strategic ConsiderationsNorstad, Lauris 24-Mar-0718158Major General, Dir. Of Plans & OperationsMemo to AFSWP saying your members of MLCOhly, John H.Special Assistant to SECDEFSignificant Decisions at Meeting of 4 SecretariesO'Keefe, Cornelius F.7 Dec 1889O 6102Col 1947Zimmerman Memo to Twining 12 sept 47 AMCOswald, Lee Harvey 18 Oct 1939USMC. 1653230Pitzer, William Bruce 579-18-5871 13 Apr 1917USNPurnall, William RenoldsSept 6, 18867106Rear AdmiralFile Card indexPutt, Donald Leander 579-52-8086 14 May 1905USAFA 017875494A, 6650118, A017875, 0248583advanced study group memo to TwiningQuarles, DonaldAir Force Secretarysaid last 3% of unknows could be explained in Blue BookQuintanilla, Hector J Jr 460-18-4491 7 May 1923USAFRamey, Roger Maxwell 460-64-2945 9 Sep 1905USAFBrig. General , commander 8th Air ForceAuthorized the cover story for Marcel re RoswellRea, Charles Eathen 471-52-2426 28 Mar 1908USAMajor, Medical Corps, IPU page 6Reese, DoyleCICCantwhells Firends?Rickett, Lewis S 224-52-6815 4 Jan 1910USAF. 6836217CIC, Master SargentCantwhells Firends?Rives, Tom CO 6526GeneralZimmerman Memo to Twining 12 sept 47 AMCRockwell, R.B.H.Lt Col USAF, Chief, Engineering Div, AMC project SignRothrock, James H.30-Nov-0629663Col USAF, Chief Opps Office Electronics, Twinkle linkRoyall, Kenneth C.Secretary of the War then Army25Jul 47 was Sec of WarRuppelt, Edward J 480-18-7348 17 Jul 1923USAFSamford, John Alexander 579-52-9222 29 Aug 1905USAF377A, A017206Sanford, Arthur Hawley 12 Jan 1882USASarnoff, DavidBrig Gen, Ike's Air Intel Chiefinvvoled with Dolittle and Swedish flapScanlon, Martin Francis 100-24-3929 11 Aug 1889USAFA0 3285Schulgen, George Francis 23 Apr 1900USAFDir. Plans & Policys '48, dir Intel '47 USAFFirst PanelSchuyler, CVR27-Dec-0014905Chief, Plans & Policy OperationsPeacetime Psy OpsShaw, Clay L 059-09-7123 17 Mar 1914USASlusher, Robert AS/Sgt, July '47, 393 bomb sqdflew wreakage out on July 9, 1947 to fort worth at low altitude, page122-3 CcoronaSmithCol 1947Zimmerman Memo to Twining 12 sept 47 AMCSmith, Walter Bedell 5 Oct 1895USAArmy GeneralEBDSouers, Sidney William 494-07-7293 30 Mar 1892USNRear Admiral, Exec. Sec. NSCNSC Intelligence DirectivesSpaatz, Carl Andrew 577-42-4886 28 Jun 1891USAFA0 3706GeneralScandinavian Defense - Strategic ConsiderationsStrughold, Hubertus15 Jun 1898Airomedical lab, Randolf FieldIPU page 4Symington, W. Stuart26-Jun-01Secretary of the Air ForceTaylor, Robert IIIChief Collection Branch AIr Intel Rq Div, Dir of Intelproject Sign letter toAMCThomas, Arthur 162-30-7115 2 Jan 1894USAF68A, 010376Thomas, Robert E? Aug 8, 18874520Col. - Army Register - CICMedical person, AKA CantwheelTodd, Walter Edwin 460-64-4317 25 Jun 1906USAFTrudeau, Arthur Gilbert 009-28-1319 5 Jul 1902USA0 15 513Tuckerlt Col. /3091detailed memo on Factors contributing to pilot errorTwining, Nathaniel Farragut 396-38-0827 11 Oct 1897USAF10A, 012366Lt. GeneralCommanding General Alaska CommandMasterMJ-12List.xlsPage 3 of 4

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