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One Up

One Up

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Published by: camaloni00 on Feb 29, 2012
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PRESS START Written byCam MaloniCamaloni00@gmail.com 
FADE INEXT. A FARM - DAYA small medieval-style farm with a thatched roof cottage andbarn rests in a calm hilly meadow where LANCE (16), tills hisfields with a hoe.ORON (O.S.)Lad-A brutally battered old knight, ORON (60’s), creaks into thescene. A tiny buckler and cheap looking sword dangle from his wrists. The only thing of value is a gold arm band with a redgem set in the top. Several arrows jut from his back. Lanceleaps back in shock.LANCEAH! Ohmigod-ORONQuickly, come to my side.He drops to a knee, sputtering blood. Lance cautiously edgesover.LANCEWhat... What happened to you, sir.ORONNot a sir. Not yet. Not until Ifinish my mission!At this, he grabs at his chest, the wounds taking over.LANCELie down, I’ll run and get someoneelse-ORONStay! There’s no time. I’m donefor. I must tell you of my quest...LANCEA quest?Oron removes his blood stained bracer and hands it to Lance.Its golden surface is covered with an etching of a beautiful,young girl who could have easily been runner up in a DisneyPrincess contest.
LANCE (CONT’D)Are you an .... Adventurer? I’veheard about you guys. You’ve walkedin The Outlands?ORONNever heard of ‘em. The Princesshas been kidnapped. She needs ahero lad. Can you save theprincess?Lance takes the bracer and thrusts it into the airtriumphantly. Horns blare and an angelic voice rings out.ANGELIC VOICEA HERO!LANCEBut I don’t know anything about-Suddenly Oron gets a burst of life. His voice becomes crystalclear. He pulls out a cartoonish map and as he mentions each“landmark” they animate on the page.ORONListen close. First, follow theroad south until you reach the murderous forest of living trees.At the end of the forest lies theboiling river of unclaimed soulssurrounding the base of the wailing mountains whose screams can rip theskin from your very bones. Climb tothe summit of mount suffering,you’ll know it because it is thetallest, wherein lies a labyrinthconstructed by the sinister wizardGalgyx. Once you overcome all thetraps he’s laid for you, you mustdefeat him in mortal combat. That’sa fight to the death mind you. Thenthe princess is all yours.He takes off his sword and shield and puts them in Lance’sclumsy hands. Lastly he snaps the bracer closed on his wrist.ORON (CONT’D)Take these, they will aid you inyour quest.LANCEWait, can you repeat-2.

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