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Coke Phase 1

Coke Phase 1

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Published by Carrie Meserole

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Published by: Carrie Meserole on Feb 29, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Diet Coke Lab
Research ProjectDiet Coke LabPhase ICarrie MeseroleStatistics 1510Tuesday NightsFebruary 25, 2012
Diet Coke Lab
ABSTRACTIn progress….
In this paper we will be discovering if diet coke, diet Pepsi, and coke zero all weight thesame amount. My first thought would be yes, they all weight the same amount because they areall 12 ounce cans of soda. My group and I took a sample of 15 cans per group of diet coke, dietPepsi, and coke zero. My group and I weight out each can individually and recorded our resultsin TC STATS. After recording our results in TC STATS we created box and whisker plots, andhistograms.
Diet Cola Data
DcndietcokedpndietPepsi czncokezero6370.976369.5 2369.637372.7918369.5 4371.6124373.9529368.66 7372.0530371.6537370.5 10369.9732371.0740371.74 12370.3235372.9446369.17 20369.4350371.9755367.68 24371.8954368.1756370.34 26374.4657370.5863370.41 27372.27
Legend for Diet Cola Data
Dcn- Diet coke sample numberDpn- Diet pepsi samplenumberCzn- Coke zero samplenumber
Diet Coke Lab
Box plot whisker
I was able to obtain the five number summary by entering all the information into TCSTATS on my iPad, and it found the results for each of the different types of soda. The diet cokehad the highest median at 371.070.
Five Number Summary for Diet CokeMin- 368.170Q1- 371. 070Med- 371.970Q3- 373.950Max- 375.390Five Number Summary for Diet PepsiMin- 366.570Q1- 368.660Med- 369.500Q3- 370.400

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