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Guideline for Security Assessment

Guideline for Security Assessment

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Published by eman

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Published by: eman on Mar 01, 2012
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Guidelines for port security assessment Marine Department Headquarters, Malaysia
Guidelines for port security assessment Marine Department Headquarters, Malaysia
1 Introduction
1.1 This document serves as guidelines to Port Administrators and Port FacilityOperators whom are required to conduct security assessments under SOLAS ’74,Chapter XI-2. These guidelines also provide for the establishment of port area and portfacility security plan in accordance with the security assessment carried out. A modelPort Area and Port Facility Security Plan is also included in these guidelines.1.2 This document is to facilitate the compliance by Malaysian ships, ports and portfacilities by 1
July 2004 in view of Malaysia being a Contracting State to theSOLAS ’74 Convention.1.3 SOLAS Ch XI-2 and the ISPS Code shall apply to the following:
passenger ships engaged on international voyages;
cargo ships of 500 or more gross tonnes engaged on international voyages;
mobile off-shore drilling units (MODUs) engaged on international voyages; and
Port and port facilities that service the above categories of ships.1.4 These guidelines for security assessment includes the criteria associated withrisk identification and management. The effectiveness of security assessment, riskidentification, development and management of the security plan require thecommitment of all level of management as well as implementers.The auditing process for certification will include the assessment and commitment of top management.
2 Schedule of Submission
2.1 Security assessment and security plans should be submitted to certifyingauthority by 1
May 2004. However, Port Administrators and Port Facility Operatorsare advised to submit as soon as possible to ensure certification by 1
July 2004. TheMarine Department is available for consultation in order to avoid any non-conformitiesand deficiencies prior to submission.
3 Key Definitions Used in this Guidance Paper 
3. 1
- the chance of something happening that will have an impact uponobjectives. It is measured in terms of consequences and likelihood.
Security Assessments
– are risk assessments conducted and prepared inaccordance with an internationally accepted risk assessment process. The assessmentwill provide the basis for preventive security planning.3.3
- a source of possible danger or harm, including a situation with thepotential to cause commercial loss. In this document it refers to security threats, notother forms of threats such as natural disasters or global economic downturns notrelated to security incidents.
Guidelines for port security assessment Marine Department Headquarters, Malaysia
In respect of port security assessments and plans the following definitions apply 
: - 
Critical Infrastructure
4.1.1 Infrastructures within the port area which is critical to the port operation whichwithout its presence can disrupt the operation of the port.4.2
Security Designated Port Area
4.2.1 The Designated Authority shall declare areas of a port intended for use either wholly or partly in connection with the movement, loading, unloading, maintenance or provisioning of security regulated ships comprise a
security designated port area
.4.2.2 An area controlled exclusively by the Malaysian Defence Force must not beincluded as part of a security designated port.4.3
Port Administrator – the Regulatory Authority of the port.4.3.1 For federal ports which have gazetted port authorities, these authoritieswill be the Port Administrator.
4.3.2 For Federal ports which do not have gazetted port authorities, the MarineDepartment will be the Port Administrator.4.3.3 The State Authority will be the Port Administrator for those ports under statemanagement.4.4
Port Area Security Committee
 4.4.1 A framework for communication and coordination of security arrangements. TheCommittee, chaired by the Port Administrator, should be composed of the port areasecurity officer, port facility security officer, government institutions – immigration,customs, quarantine, marine department, police, etc; port marine service providers,facility owner/facility operator and facility users – key ship operators or agents.4.4.2 This security committee is responsible for the development and implementationof the port area security plan.4.5
Port Area Security Officer (PASO)
4.5.1 Port Area Security Officer (PASO) is a suitably qualified officer designated bythe port administrator to facilitate the development, implementation, review andmaintenance of a port security plan and for liaison with designated authority, portfacility security officers and ship security officers, where appropriate.4.6
Port facility
4.6.1 Port Facility is a location as determined by the Designated Authority whereship/port interface takes place which may include area of land or water, or land and

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