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36 Year Old Man Files Lawsuit Against ex wife after impregnating herself with his stolen sperm

36 Year Old Man Files Lawsuit Against ex wife after impregnating herself with his stolen sperm

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Published by charlottehoeflich

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Categories:Types, Business/Law
Published by: charlottehoeflich on Mar 01, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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36 Year Old Man Files Lawsuit Against ex wife after impregnating herself with his stolen sperm
A 36-year old man filed a lawsuit against his former wife after finding out she stole his spermand impregnated her self in a local fertility clinic. Joseph Pressil, a local at Long Island, says he
met her ex wife at Miami in late May 2006 and described the meeting as the ‘beginning of theend’. Pressil’s doubt stemmed from wen he first noticed a receipt for sperm cryoprese
rvation.This process is basically known as
in vitro fertilization
. In this process, the sperm is extractedfrom the male and the egg cell to the female. Fertilization will take place in a laboratory, thuscontrolling results. However in doing this process, both the parties should give their consentwhen extraction of the sex cells occurs so as to be clear of custodies, etc.Unfortunately in his case, Pressil was not informed until his twins were born. Getting the guts towin custody over his children, he filed a lawsuit for custody and another one for her wife. In thefuture court proceedings and trials, Pressil undoubtedly needs to have a lawyer that will be hisfriend and sword.
Sure enough, Pressil’s case is among the many medically
-induced lawsuits which either resultedo faulty devices implanted in the body (VERY common) or other broken medical decrees. One of the most scandalous issues since last 2010 would be the 
 which resulted tonumerous revision surgeries and finally, to many 
 to be filed.The problem with the defective Zimmer Durom cup hip replacements was discovered by worldrenowned orthopedic surgeon. Dr. Laurence Dorr after some group of patients claimed theywere having pain in the parts where the Durom cup was installed. The doctor did x-ray scansand found out nothing was wrong, but patient insisted that it badly hurts and finally, the doctordecided to do a revision surgery.When the implanted part was cut open, Dr. Dorr was surprised to see that the Durom cups did
not ‘attach’ themselves to the bones of the patients. This alarmed the doctor and sent his
findings both here an abroad for people to be warned.Because of this some 5,000 people implanted with the defective Durom cups were very anxiousto get justice
which then resulted to a large demand for Zimmer hip recall lawyers.In choosing the best lawyer for your Zimmer hip recall case, it is best to look for a firm that has acontinuous winning streak in all of their cases; they must also be available at any time of theday; they must have enough knowledge about the revision and defective cases; and above all,they must be both your friend and fighter.With all of these combined, any lawsuit
even Pressil’s in vitro and custodial lawsuit –
will morelikely to be won.

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