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John Romero's Letter

John Romero's Letter

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Published by Stephen Totilo

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Published by: Stephen Totilo on Mar 01, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Dear llr, l"lechner:Helo,letme iniroduce myself.Myname is JohnRomer,fand I rurnentiy live in NeedingworthlEngiand,I amanAmenicanstationed here with my fanily iI'm not a G,i,, Ijustgotoschoslhere). Iam 17,goingon 18 in October t2Sthl.i am writing because i haveplavedyourgameKARATEI{Aactually,I have thegame).Iamwritingbecauseyouneed ts be congratulated on thisgame.IHasabsolutely +tunned by thegraphic:,shadousand all.Youdid a tnemendousoband have, I thinll,de{inedthestaie-of-the-arifor {uturE AFplegaftes.The technology has been intheAppleall along io,jothoseoraphics.itiustneededaproqparmerliheyouto use it.NsrlI must betray mysel{. I, ioo, amagarnepnogpaflrten,albeitan unl'.nou,,nne,FrqnwhatIsaw on thescreefi, Idedured msst of the technique used in dpawingthegraphics.hene anemystrnr uEions!1lYauHA0 to usepage-{lipping2) Shapes were 0Red orr thegcreentfirst with a mask, thenthe shape)3) For thepartsurhere the Harateka went halfway thnough a dcor,youadju*ted the horizontal dFawing nanges4)For th* scrol I ing barkground--youtelI meyoulgameis absolutely amazing. thave studied Broderbundgamesandth€y allicltering animation and excel lent demos.I have made tons o+gamesrbutuntilhaven't used any a$r'snced animation techniqueslikepage-{lippinganci 0Ranimation'Itnow hougoodthose techniques looll,I am startingtouse the$ ithepage{lippingtremendolsanounto+work) :I am al€othanltingyouforredefiningmy methods o{ animBtion. EversinceKanate}:a,myBFaphiceutlssk has changed. I have cneated neur drawing noutinesandpage-{lippingalgorithms.I{youwould I ilte to seemylatest wcrk o{ art! deprived s* advancedaniriationtechniquesbutstillgoodwith E0H dnauringriustwnite back and ask me(besrjre ta includeyouraddness). Thegameis called The Fynamids o{ Eqypt,
ugeciTheI'lusictlonstruction5et.I haveiini'=h*dforrrtr--lr'F+ that e:{cBllentmusic,DidyBUm.3iieuErmugtbe'3'fmemusi c an

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