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Post- magazine, March 1, 2012

Post- magazine, March 1, 2012

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Published by: The Brown Daily Herald on Mar 01, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Best of Providence
dear providence
gopika krishna
life in d minor
ben wofford
war of the wheels
anita badejo
best of providence
a&c’s top 5s
arts and culture editors
arts & culture
paper pressures
clayton aldern
so bad it’s good?
anna gaissert
a very sexy city
 the ladies of lifestyle
Post- Magazine is publishedevery Thursday in the BrownDaily Herald. It covers books,
 theater, music, lm, food, art,
and University culture aroundCollege Hill. Post- editorscan be contacted at post.magazine@gmail.com. Lettersare always welcome, and canbe either e-mailed or sent toPost- Magazine, 195 AngellStreet, Providence, RI 02906. We claim the right to editletters for style, clarity, andlength.
OUR ILLUSTRATORScover // phil laidear providence // caroline washburnlive in d minor // madeline denmanwar of the wheels // phil laia&c’s top 5s // kah yangnibest in chow // madeline denmanpaper pressures // phil laiso bad it’s good? // adela wuunheard notes in the visual symphony // kahyangnilive at lupo’s // kah yangni
    w    e    e     k    e    n     d
 WE CANREBUILD HIMStuart TheatreThurs-SunGUESTSPW DownspaceThurs-MonBROWN STAND UPCOMICS PRESENT: LENTMacMillan 117Sat 9PMYOGA PARTY Waterman Co-opSat 8PMBEETHOVEN’S 9THVeterans MemorialAuditoriumFri 7PM
Sam Knowles
Managing Editor of Features
Charles Pletcher 
Managing Editor of Arts &Culture
Clayton Aldern
Managing Editor of Lifestyle
 Jane Brendlinger 
Features Editor
Zoë Hoffman
Arts & Culture Editors
Anita BadejoBen Resnik 
Lifestyle Editors
 Jen HarlanAlexa Trearchis
Pencil Pusher
Phil Lai
Chief Layout Editor
Clara Beyer 
Contributing Editor Emerita
Kate Doyle
Copy Chiefs
 Julia Kantor Kristina Petersen
Copy Editors
Lucas HuhCaroline BolognaBlake CecilNora TriceChris AndersonClaire LuchetteKathy Nguyen
Staff Illustrators
Madeleine DenmanMarissa IlardiKirby LowensteinSheila SitaramCaroline WashburnAdela WuKah Yangni
I‘ve never seen WaterFire, but on my rst visit to
Providence, my cab driver did spend the better partof an hour describing it to me. I found myself won-
dering: How does one set water on re? Does one
of the gondoliers pour gasoline in the river and then throw a match in after it? To my high school self, thatseemed unsound.That vague curiosity was all I could recall two yearslater, as I sat on the train on my way to visit Brown
for the rst time. “We’ve arrived, all doors open,” the
conductor yelled from a few compartments over. Igrabbed my bag from the overhead and stumbledout the door. But wait. Why is there so much grass?Don’t cities have buildings? I glanced toward the sad
sign toward the side of the road. “Welcome to Kings
This is all by way of saying that I would be a grossly 
unqualied guide to Providence. So for our special
Best of Providence issue, we give you the work of our seasoned local veterans—Clay, Anita, Ben, Rémy,and Jane. When they’re not writing and editing for Post-, most are scavenging the city for tunes and artand organic ice cream.So turn to page 9 and check out our Prov favor-
ites—from hideaways and haberdasheries (“It’swhere they make hats!” the staff eagerly tells me)
 to museums and boozeries. Needless to say, I’ve gotsome exploring to do.Over and out,
best of providence
best in chow
jane brendlinger andrémy robert
arts & culture
unheard notes in the visualsymphony
anya ventura
live at lupo’s
 jordan maizer 
Te lie o an abroad student can sometimes appear tobe one o commitment-ree, jet-set debauchery. And whilemy current time at Cambridge—ull o our-course ormalmeals in seven-hundred-year-old grand dining halls—may seem like an upgrade rom the daily Providence grind, thereare more than a ew things that I miss dearly about our rainy,hilly abode. Here are the top ve:
Bagel Gourmet Olé
: From the moment I landed in theUK, one thought dominated my incredibly jet-lagged mind:Where can I nd the nearest egg and cheese sunower seedbagel (with extra hot sauce to boot)? BGO has everythingthat my hungry college soul needs: carbs, protein, caeineat airly cheap prices, and, most importantly, two locationsthat are roll-out-o-bed-in-PJs distance rom both ends o campus. Also, the act that nearly every store here closes by 5 p.m. makes BGO’s all day availability even more appealing.(Never underestimate the power o the dinner bagel.)
Places to Buy Cheap Tings
: My denition o “thristore” is pretty loose, but that’s exactly what I love so muchabout this city. While it’s pretty easy to nd the classics likeSalvation Army and Second ime Around, Providence o-ers many sources or buying secondhand and vintage wareso all kinds. Tere’s the treasure trove o kitsch known asForeign Aair, the numerous student-run sidewalk/MainGreen clothing sales, and, i you’re up or a walk, the Really Really Free Market downtown. And trust me, the merits o buying that $2 t-shirt are quite apparent when the highlighto thriing in Cambridge is a $15 William & Kate nailclip-per.
Painully Hip Coee Shops
: Let’s be honest, most col-lege towns have more than their air share o independent,air-trade, gluten-ree, indie music–blasting coee shops.What makes Providence’s mocha meccas especially notableis that they somehow manage to do all things ethical anddo them well. ake Blue State, or example, with granolascones that will haunt you with their healthy deliciousness,or Coee Exchange with its organic, sustainable coee. Butmy avorite thing about Providence coee shops has to bethe eeling o community that comes with quasi-awkwardly sharing those small tables with proessors, ellow Brunoni-ans, RISD-ers, and all other members o College Hill.
Prospect Park 
: Providence may not be amous or itsgreen space, but there are ew spots as picturesque andcharming as Prospect Park. What it may lack in size, Pros-pect Park makes up or in its beautiul vistas. Situated on topo College Hill, it looks over the entirety o the Providenceskyline, rom the Providence Place Mall to the State House.Its semi-isolated location makes it the perect place to havea romantic, champagne-lled picnic with someone special,and its views provide a constant reminder o just how wellProvidence cleans up.
: So technically Faunce isn’t part o Providenceproper—but think o all it has to oer. Perectly baked cook-ies and muns? Check. Large study rooms with comy couches that tempt you into mid-day naps? Check. Hydra-tion stations? Check. Faunce is like the ultimate comortingparent-gure in swagged-out building orm—always thereto provide the good ood, shelter, and iced coee necessary or ultimate intellectual development.Although many o my ellow Brown-town residents may be lamenting its gray skies and 2 am curews, it’s importantto remember all the great things Providence has to oer.Even with all the luxuries I have at Cambridge, I dream o the day when I can nally sip coee milk while watching thesunrise rom Loui’s. So whether you’re in need o brain oodor cozy shelters, Te Divine City can be a veritable treasuretrove o collegiate comorts, open to all who are willing toembrace it.
Illustration by Caroline Washburn
Dear Providence
absence makes the heart grow fonder
gopikaKRISHNAcontributing writer
music is
still pissed atCoachella.
books is
barely a month into the semester andalready tired of reading.
food is
munching on therhubarb, a traditionalfood of Leap Day.
booze is
reading about theGCB three times thisweek: once inPost-, twice in
NeYork Magazine.
picking up the pieces,putting it all together.
theatre is
TOP TENThings We Don’t Like About Providence
Rain.Tedeschi.Parking.Masturbators in Julia andKristina’s backyard.Not Boston, New York, Paris,Florence, et. al.Daily armed robberies.F*cking cocaine.No booze between 2 and6 a.m.F*cking cyclers.No mo’ FishCo.
flm is
suffering post-awardshow season depression.
tv is
cinching the girth sowe don’t fall off.

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