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A Decade of ISO 14001

A Decade of ISO 14001

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Published by haleymcadams1
This article provides a round-up of ISO 14001 users illustrating the huge variety of these organizations, which are estimated to employ some 20 million people worldwide. It completes this picture by highlighting governmental and regulatory programmes to encourage ISO 14001 implementation.
This article provides a round-up of ISO 14001 users illustrating the huge variety of these organizations, which are estimated to employ some 20 million people worldwide. It completes this picture by highlighting governmental and regulatory programmes to encourage ISO 14001 implementation.

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Published by: haleymcadams1 on Mar 02, 2012
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ISO Management Systems
May-June 2007
Because an estimated 20 mil-lion people worldwide workin ISO 14001-certified organi-zations, the standard has enor-mous potential to diffuse goodpractice worldwide on environ-mental issues.Since the first version of ISO14001 was published just over adecade ago in 1996, the stand-ard has been used as the modelfor more than 111 000 environ-mental management systemsimplemented in some 138 coun-tries by organizations of all
A decadeof ISO 14001
This article provides a round-up of ISO 14001 users illustrating the hugevariety of these organizations, which are estimated to employ some 20million people worldwide. It completes this picture by highlighting governmental and regulatory programmes to encourage ISO 14001 imple-mentation.
types in both business and pub-lic sectors.In this article, we highlight aselection of users to illustratethe huge variety of organiza-tions that implement ISO 14001to address their environmentalchallenges.The users are to be found insectors as diverse as industry,government agencies, non-governmental organizations,financial institutions, hotels,shipping, farming and shop-ping malls, reflecting the uni-versal application of this ISOstandard.
Reinhard Peglau
Martin Baxter
Following this round-up, welist governmental and regula-tory programmes in a numberof countries to encourage useof ISO 14001.
Whenever sim-ilar ideas areraised within thestandardization world, usingsimilar concepts but in differentlanguages and expressed in dif-ferent ways, the time is right forISO to provide a forum aimedat worldwide agreement.ISO thus provides an oppor-tunity to develop sharedunderstanding and a commonapproach in a universal lan-guage, irrespective of cultur-al, political and other differ-ences.This was the case in 1992-93when the standardization bod-ies of Canada, France, Ireland,South Africa and the Unit-ed Kingdom separately pub-lished standards for environ-mental management systems(EMS).Responding at the internation-al level, ISO in 1992 created anew technical committee onenvironmental management,ISO/TC 207.In the same period, the Fed-eral Environmental Ministerof Germany and the Nation-al German Standards Insti-tute (DIN) founded the Ger-man National Committee onGeneral Principles of Envi-ronmental Standardization(NAGUS) ”.
In many other countries,national “ mirror ” committeesto ISO/TC 207 were estab-lished, reflecting the forma-tion of ISO/TC 207. In follow-ing years, meetings of ISO/TC207 and its subcommittees took
An estimated
20 millionpeople worldwide
workin ISO 14001-certifiedorganizations
© ISO Management Systems, www.iso.org/ims
May-June 2007
The authors
country may find problems inincreasing exports.
The Provincial Court of Alberta (Canada) fines a Cana-dian company approximate-ly USD 70 000 for exceedingits allowed emissions of totalreduced sulphur in contra-vention of its licence to oper-ate. In addition to the fine, thecourt orders the company toachieve ISO 14001 certificationby June 1998.
Read-Rite Corpora-tion becomes the first compa-ny in Thailand (and the first inthe global disk drive industry)to receive ISO 14001 certifica-tion. In recognition of its lead-ership in “ solving the problemsand managing the quality of the environment ”, Read-Riteis given Thailand’s Prime Min-ster’s Award for outstandingperformance in environmen-tal management.
 , the biggest of Credit  Suisse’s buildings in Switzerland,where all the financial servicescompany’s locations were certified to ISO 14001 from 1997, prefiguring a global EMS campaign.
port to small and medium-sizedenterprises to take them step bystep through the requirementsof ISO 14001. These companiescan now apply for grants up to70 % of consultancy costs.
The pulp and paper com-pany PT Indah Kiat becomesthe first Indonesian organi-zation to receive ISO 14001certification. Five months lat-er, the Indonesian Environ-mental Impact ManagementAgency proudly announcesthat 45 Indonesian companiesare already certified. But in
Reinhard Peglau 
is Senior Scien-tific Officer on Environmental  Management with the GermanFederal Environmental Agency (Umweltbundesamt), with spe-cific responsibilities regardingthe European Union’s Eco-Mana- gement and Audit Scheme(EMAS). He has also closely followed the progress of the ISO14000 series, particularly ISO14001, and through an interna-tional network of contacts,maintains an unofficial database of ISO 14001 certifications,and has contributed several articles to
ISO ManagementSystems
and its predecessor,
ISO9000 + ISO 1400 News
.Reinhard Peglau is a member of the German delegation to ISOtechnical committee ISO/TC 207,
Environmental management
E-mail reinhard.peglau@uba.deWeb www.uba.de
 Martin Baxter 
is Technical Director of the Institute of Environmental Management and  Assessment (IEMA), United Kingdom, and participatesin the ISO/TC 207 working group on environmental communication.IEMA is a not-for-profit organization, with more than10 000 corporate and individual members worldwide, established to promote best practice standards in environmental management, auditing and assessment.
E-mail m.baxter@iema.netWeb www.iema.net
December 1998 – when only50 Indonesian companies havegained ISO 14001 certification– an official from the nationalMinistry of Trade and Industrywarns his business communitythat, “ If our companies fail totake this matter seriously, theplace with up to 500 nationalexperts from countries aroundthe world, reflecting the hugeinterest in its work.In October 1996, ISO/TC 207reached unanimous agreementregarding the essential ele-ments of a good EMS, and theISO 14001:1996 standard,
Envi-ronmental management systems – Specification with guidance for use
, was born.Below are highlights of mile-stones achieved by ISO 14001and its users since the publica-tion of the standard.
A survey by SGS Yarsleyof more than 500 companies infour European countries con-firms what most environmen-tal managers already know andgovernment experts believe :long-term business security iscited by 83 % of the respond-ents as a key benefit of ISO14001 ; compliance with legis-lation is named by 81 % ; andimproving market share by80 % of respondents.
Germany’s Federal Min-istry for the Environment andthe German-Singapore Envi-ronmental Technology Agencyhold a seminar entitled “ ISO14000 and industry ”. The Sin-gaporean Minister for Environ-ment announces to 110 partic-ipants from throughout Asiathat the national standardsbody, then the Productivityand Standards Board, will givefinancial and educational sup-
© ISO Management Systems, www.iso.org/ims
ISO Management Systems
May-June 2007
The New HampshireHouse of Representatives(USA) approves legislationauthorising the state’s Depart-ment of Environmental Servic-es to accept ISO 14001 certifica-tion in place of some permits,licences, or inspection cycles.The move is perhaps somewhattoo early, however, as somedays later the Federal Envi-ronmental Protection Agencyreports that it will withdrawflexibility from the states andcarry out environmental lawenforcement itself.
Credit Suisse, one of theworld leaders in the financialservices sector, demonstratesthat ISO 14001 also appliesto white collar organiza-tions in sectors like banking,finance and insurance. All itsSwiss locations are certifiedto the standard, to be followedin 2000 by the EMS of CreditSuisse and Winterthur (insur-ance) locations worldwide.
At the fifth annualseries of meetings of ISO/TC207 in Kyoto, Japan, some 500delegates from 49 countriesreceive mixed information onthe uptake of ISO 14001 cer-tification around the globe.North America only has a fewcertified organizations, while inAsian countries certificationsare rising very fast.
Japan’s Ministry of International Trade and Indus-try (MITI) and the JapaneseEnvironmental Agency hosta seminar on ISO 14001 forlocal governments at whichseveral towns and prefecturesannounce that they will strivefor ISO 14001 certification. Tenyears later, the introduction of strict pollution controls andthe arrival of ISO 14001 in thepublic sector is credited formore than 500 local govern-ments in Japan being certifiedand focussing significant efforton their public procurementpolicies. MITI, in cooperationwith Keidanren, Japan’s mostpowerful business association,begins promoting ISO 14001 tonational industry, arguing thatthe benefits of the standardoutweigh the costs of imple-mentation.
The Peruvian designerand manufacturer of telephoneand power cables CEPER SAbecomes the first company inPeru to be certified to ISO 14001,driven by exporters’ increasingneed to show a “green passport”to win business.
Asia EnvironmentalTrading (AET) Ltd (UK) andthe Regional Institute of Envi-ronmental Technology (RIET)in Singapore publish a detailedstudy entitled
Environmental Management in Asia – A guideto ISO 14000
. Based on casestudies and interviews withtop management, representa-tives from large multinationalsas well as small and medium-sized enterprises and govern-ments, the book provides val-uable insights into corporatethinking and the future of EMSin Asia.
The Asian ISO 14000Information Network (AIIN)is launched by China, Indone-sia, Japan, Malaysia, The Philip-pines, Singapore, South Koreaand Thailand with the intent of exchanging information on theimplementation of ISO 14001.
was one of the first global operators to adopt ISO 14001 to ensurethat activities such as those at its semiconductor manufacturing facility inEssex Junction, Vermont, USA, which operates 24/7, are conducted in anenvironmentally responsible manner. All ships operated by 
Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd.
sail withan environmental officer onboard to ensure ISO 14001 conformity.
A Canadian provincialcourt
a companyfound guilty of pollutionto achieve ISO 14001certification
IBM (USA) announc-es that it has received the firstedition of a single worldwideISO 14001 certificate coveringall global manufacturing andhardware development opera-tions. The company encouragessuppliers to align EMS with therequirements of ISO 14001 andto pursue certification.
At its annual meeting,the United Nations Commis-sion on Sustainable Develop-ment discusses the role of ISO14001 as a tool for industry’ssustainable performance.
All Royal Caribbeanships begin sailing with an envi-ronmental officer aboard toensure the conformity of thecompany’s ISO 14001-certi-fied EMS.
© ISO Management Systems, www.iso.org/ims

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