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Arpaio Transcript 1 MAR 12

Arpaio Transcript 1 MAR 12

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Published by Mike Dunford
Transcript of Sherif Joe Birther press conference.
Transcript of Sherif Joe Birther press conference.

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Published by: Mike Dunford on Mar 02, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Adam Kennedy added this note
We're supposed to believe their nonsense over the state of Hawaii. President Obama never changed his name from Soetoro to Obama because it was never changed from Obama to Soetoro. He was NOT adopted. Many children use the name of their stepfathers without ever being formally adopted. Also, a child could not give up his citizenship nor could his parent do it for them.
Adam Kennedy added this note
What b.s.! They fail to mention the 3 forensic document examiners hired by WND found the birth certificate to be authentic. The people they call "experts" have NEVER been used to verify any documents in a court of law yet they use their findings rather than the experts. Common sense says President Obama was born in Hawaii as his father never left the U.S. during his time in school here.
Doctor Conspiracy added this note
It really sucks that the transcript is not searchable.
GeorgetownJD added this note
Hey, Chris, if you want to be "identified" go hire a certified court reporter and get an official transcript made.
Chris Farrell added this note
I appreciate you identifying me as "Birther 4." Call me what you will, but, I am a journalism major in college - isn't it unethical for you to delete a large part of my question to the sheriff simply because you disagree with my viewpoint? I wrote my quote below from my note pad, so if I were to play a recording of my questioning the Sheriff a word or two could be out place, so please use audio
Chris Farrell added this note
(continuation) The crime of conspiracy to (contravene) and the contravention of the constitution; as well as the criminal usurpation of the office of the president of the United States?" Reading from my note pad I skipped over the word 'contravene.'
Chris Farrell added this note
Please amend your transcript. My name is Chris Farrell and I asked the Sheriff, "In light of the findings of your investigation, is it not reasonable for Americans to conclude that -- having fraudulently been represented by others or himself as eligible to be president -- Mr. Soetoro, or Obama, is, even now, in the ongoing commission of crimes against the highest law of this nation: (continued)
Chris Strunk added this note
Detective Mike Zullo said "Obama stated" in a press conference that the April 27, 2011 document on the White House website was his long form birth certificate. I sure you could have cut the audiences silence with a knife. You could cut the hostility in the room with a knife.

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