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paper - Viven - As Comments

paper - Viven - As Comments

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Published by Vivien Grimm

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Published by: Vivien Grimm on Mar 02, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Vivien Lasken2/27/2012ANTH 27012 PM Discussion1.
“Even more, some states have taken it a step further. For instance, last year in California, the
citizens passed a referendum entitled "The Protection of Marriage Initiative."In this initiative, voters reaffirmed that gay marriage was illegal in California despite the lack of challenges to the contrary. According to the supporters of this referendum, reaffirming thedefinition of marriage as between a man and a woman would strengthen marriage in general. Infact, one web site went so far as to promise that this referendum would reduce divorces andout-of-wedlock pregnancies.As a California resident, husband and father, I was pleased to know that I could solidify mymarriage by simply voting "Yes" on a referendum. This was certainly much easier than actuallycommunicating or showing love, appreciation and support for -- whatshername.In truth, I am continually amazed by the arrogance of heterosexuals on this issue. Let's face it,we have had marriage all to ourselves for thousands of years and we have made a mess of it.According to some statistics, half of all marriages fail and the other half end in divorce before
they've had a chance to fail.”
 Legal Defense of Gay Marriage by: Sean Carterhttp://whosoever.org/v6i5/marriage.html 2.
-sex marriage. Gay marriage. Does it violate separation of church and state? I don't thinkso.I strongly support separation of church and state, and I hope to correct any misunderstandingthat same-sex marriage is a violation of that value.If marriage were in fact a solely religious institution then I would not wish to take part in it.However, marriage is not the property of any religion. People of all religious backgrounds andaffiliations are entitled to the benefits of marriage. The same is also true of the non-religiouslyaffiliated, agnostic, or atheistic members of our society.Non-religious people may choose to conduct their wedding ceremonies without any religiouscomponents, but they still can and do marry. This is because marriage licenses are issued by thestate, and not by the church.Although many religious institutions choose to bless the unions of their members, the marriageitself is an institution of the state. If religious institutions had the authority to grant marriagelicenses rather than the state, I would have no difficulty getting married to my same sex partner.
Vivien Lasken2/27/2012ANTH 27012 PM DiscussionThis is because there are many churches which openly accept gay people and are willing to blessour unions.Unfortunately, it is the state and not the church who has the power to issue marriage licenses.Fighting to enact laws which deny couples the benefits of marriage due to your religious views isan outright violation of the separation of church and state.Although each church must decide for itself whose unions it will bless. It is the state that issuesmarriage licenses, not the church.Please do your part to support your gay family, friends, and community members by standing insupport of our desire to enter into committed relationships with the legal protections afforded
by marriage. Thank you.”
 Gay Marriage - Violation of Separation of Church and State?http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0y-vl4IJpk8 3.
iage, to me, is in the Bible. But all of you Christians have a right just as much as anybodyelse to voice your opinion on anything. All the devil is trying to do is take your opinion out. Youcan talk about who you want to be president. I never will, but
I can, because I’m a citizen just
like you. So we
have to be understanding of what the law says.”
“Miles, you gave a great message here on what the
Bible teaches about the institution of 
marriage and god’s foundation of that. A whole lot of people don’t u
nderstand those details, butthey understand marriage is between a man and a woman because god built that into everyhuman being and into every culture. Therefore, whether or not you know that information, youcan still argue for marriage as we described h
ere because it’s a foundation of civilization.
Whether your motivations are informed by the bible or are just informed by reflection on what
forms a solid society, it shouldn’t affect our vote. It’s still a secular issue.”
 Marriage in Maine - It is not about Separation of Church and Statehttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DQ7naIoMFyw 
Vivien Lasken2/27/2012ANTH 27012 PM Discussion
State Endorsed Sanctity
Marriage. It’s a word that everyone has heard, that everyone can identify and index in
theirminds; maybe for you it is the union between a man and a woman, or maybe it represents sacred vows
in a church, or possibly it’s just a state
-based agreement between two people. This word, and theideology that goes along with it, is often taken for granted; historically speaking as well as in a moderncontext. Merriam-
Webster’s dictionary defines marriage as “
a (1) : the state of being united to a personof the opposite sex as husband or wife in a consensual and contractual relationship recognized by law(2) : the state of being united to a person of the same sex in a relationship like that of a traditionalmarriage <same-sex marriage>
This definition, though refreshingly liberal, is modern in its definition.What marriage is and who it applies to has shifted drastically throughout history, from medieval timesto the modern.Marriage was a part of many societies throughout history, though not in the form we think of it.Throughout much of biblical history, it was widely accepted to take multiple wives, and was in factexpected. During the Han dynasty in China, divorce was legal and common if the husband could provehe had a jealous or un-filially-
pious wife. Marriage wasn’t even considered a sacrament in the Catholic
church until the 12
century, and had no particular religious rite until the 16
century. Moving intomore modern times, dowries were widely accepted, women given as property with a gift of money orland in several countries. This idea of a wife as property continued through most of recorded history,with only a few exceptions. Up until 1967, even interracial marriage was banned in the United States.And these are only a handful of examples of the extremes marriage has been stretched to accommodateover time; its definition is something we are grappling with even today, particularly where same-sexmarriage is concerned.

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