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Annotated Bibliography

Annotated Bibliography

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Published by Madison Husa

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Published by: Madison Husa on Mar 02, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Madison HusaAnnotated Bibliography
Kleine, Michael. “What Is It We Do When We Write Articles Like This One
-and How Can We Get Students
to Join Us?”
The Writing Instructor 
6 (1987): 151-61. Print.
In Kleine’s article, he talks about the
research procedure and uses a hunting/gathering model to
coincide with the need to show the “strategic” and “heuristic” aspects. In his findings he discovered
that starting points for their work was involved in the research communities. They had conversationswith their peers and had them read and listen to their paper. I am using this in my paper to contributeto the benefit of being able to go to other students in your research community to get help with yourpaper.
Porter, James E. “Intertextuality and the Discourse Community.”
Rhetoric Review 
5.1 (1986): 34-47.Print.
In Porter’s article, he discusses the use of intertext and
defines what discourse community isand examples that are included in a discourse community. With this article I plan to use what adiscourse community is to start my paper and to give a background of what discourse community isand to branch off and explain how online instruction is grouped.
Stedman, Barbara. “Hooked on ‘Tronics, or creating a Happy Union of Computers and Pedagogies.” The
Online Writing Classroom. Harrington, Susanmarie. RIckly, Rebecca. Day, Michael. New Jersey:Hampton Press, Inc.: 19-29In this chapter, Stedman talks about previous experiences dealing with computer technologyand proves the downfalls that it has. I am using this in my paper to show how even though with theadvancement of technology it is still different form then from writing in a classroom and the discoursecommunity that provides.
Swales, John. “The Concept of Discourse Community.”
Genre Analysis: English in Academic and ResearchSettings.
Boston: Cambridge UP, 1990. 21-32. Print.
In John Swale’s article he further goes into detail and clarification of what a discourse
community entails and proposes six characteristics that are necessary to use to identify a group of individuals as a discourse community. With this in my paper I plan to show and connect thecharacteristics to online instruction.
“Introduction to the Online Writing Classroom”
The Online Writing Classroom
. Harrington, Susanmarie.RIckly, Rebecca. Day, Michael. New Jersey: Hampton Press, Inc.: 3-7In this part of the book, it talks about the ups and downs to computers and writing withtechnology. It gives a good introduction to the views and what is going to be presented on thetechnology that continues to be developing. This gives me a good introduction to use in my paper touse with the complications that come along with the use of technology and computers and the supportthat teachers are able to create with different teaching strategies.

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