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Industrial Relations Management

Industrial Relations Management



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Published by Sasirekha

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Published by: Sasirekha on Nov 24, 2008
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MBA-HRM Industrial Relations Management
Unit - IIntroductionof IndustrialRelationManagementIntroductionObjectives
Object of this lesson is to initiate in to industrial Relations ManagementIn this wea) define what is industryb) What is disputec) And discuss certain key definitions
1.1 Introduction1.2 Causes of Industrial Dispute1.3 Suggestion for Improvements1.4 Industrial Relation Meanings, Discord, Conflict1.5 Definition of Related terms in 1.R1.6 Related Questions1.7 Summary1.8 Key Answers / Suggestions.
1.1 Introduction
In simple terms Industrial Relations deals with the worker employee relation in any industryGovernment has attempted to make Industrial Relations more health the by enactingIndustrial Disputes Act 1947. to solve the dispute and to reduce the retency of dispute. This inturn improves the relations.What is Industry? Where we want to have better relations. “Industry means any systematicactivity carried on by co operation between an employer and his employee whether suchworkmen are employed by such employer directly or by or through any agency including acontractor for the production supply or distribution of goods or sources with a overview tosatisfy human want or wishes (not being wants or wishes which are merely spritual orreligious in nature) whether or not (i) any capital has been invested for the purpose of carrying on such activity or (ii) such activity is carried on with a motive to make any gain or
MBA-HRM Industrial Relations Managementprofit and includes any activity relating to the promotion of sales or business or both carriedon by an establishment but does not include.i) Normal Agriculture operationsii) Hospital, Dispensaries.iii) Educational, Scientific Research Training Institution,iv) Charitable Philanthropic Servicev) Khadi Village Industriesvi) Domestic Services etc.]It is an activity systematuatly or habitually undertaken a) for the production ordistribution of goods, or for rendering material service to community at large, or part of such community with the help of employees in an undertaking2. Such activity generally includes the co-operation of employer and employees3. The object is the satisfaction of material human needs4. It must he arranged or organized in a manner in which trade or business is generallyarranged or organisedIt must not be casual nor must it be for ourself not for pleasure.Thus the very industry revolves around good industrial relations.Industrial RelationsIt is seen as a co operation between employer and employee, it is done with discipline (ii)done in organized manner and not casual and it gives satisfaction ‘of needs’.Industrial Dispute : As per section 2 (K) of industrial dispute or difference betweenemployers and employees employers and employers or employees and employees whichis connected with the employment or non employment or the terms of employment orwith the condition of labour of any person.1) There must be a dispute or difference the dispute or difference must be betweenemployers and employees employee and employees, employers and employers.2) The dispute must be connected with employment or non employment or terms of employment or with the conditions of labour of any person.The dispute which has resulted in strained relations is a controversy in which theworkman is directly or substantially interested. It must also be a grievance felt by the
MBA-HRM Industrial Relations Managementworkman which the employer is in a position to remedy. The existence of a grievance isnecessary and it must be communicated to the employer.The term industrial dispute connotes a real and substancial difference having someelements of persistency and continuity, till resolved and likely, if not, adjusted toendanger the industrial peace of the undertaking or the community. When the parties areat variance and the dispute or difference is connected with the employment or nonemployment or terms of employment or with the condition of labour. There comes in toexistence an industrial dispute1.3General causes of industrial disputes strains which results in bad industrial relations are.1. Close mindedness of employers and employees one thinking to extractmaximum work with minimum remuneration, other thinking to avoid work and get more enhancement in pay and wages.2. Irrational wage, wage system and structure not mutually acceptable3. Poor working environment, low presence of safety, hygiene conditions vitiatedatmosphere for smooth working4. Poor human relations, and lack of dexterity on the part of managementpersonnel5. Lack of control over the situations erosion of discipline, which rebounds.6. Introduction of new technology or automation mechanization,Computerization etc. without proper consultations, preparations anddiscussion with workers and creating climate.7. Nepotism, unequal work loads, disproportionate wage, and responsibilities.8. Adoption of unfair labour practices either by employer or employees andunions.9. Unjustifiable profit sharing, and not considering workers as a co-shares of thegains of the industry.10. Frequent union rivalries over membership foisting up of fake unions.11. Strikes lock out, lay off, and resulting retrenchment due to high handedness onthe part of the concerned.12. Throwing away the agreements and arrived settlements13. Militancy of the unions14. Attitude of government and political parties who may indirectly control somethe unions for their own gains or to get a hold on the industry.1.4 Few suggestions for the improvement of industrial relations and reduce disputes1. Trade unions should be strengthened democratically so that they can understand and toewith the main stream of the national industrial activities. They can drop the some how surviveattitude by promising impossibles and consequent perpetual strain.

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