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How to Screw Up Your Date

How to Screw Up Your Date

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Published by Alex Wayne
Here are ten great tips on avoiding a bad first date with a girl. Most are common sense ideas, but for some reason they need addressed because guys keep screwing up on first dates with attractive women!
Here are ten great tips on avoiding a bad first date with a girl. Most are common sense ideas, but for some reason they need addressed because guys keep screwing up on first dates with attractive women!

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Published by: Alex Wayne on Mar 03, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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How to Screw Up Your Date
A first date is definitely one of the most important dates you'll have with a girl. The better you do onthe first date the more likely there will be a second and third to follow.Women love to chat with their friends about bad dates – so it was pretty easy to come up with a list of 'ways to screw up a date'. Read it and make sure you're not screwing up your dates!1. Arriving in a dirty car full of junk...It should be common sense, but yet it happens again andagain. And, although it also seems like a no-brainer, youalso personally need to arrive to a first date clean! Havea shower, brush your teeth, and a very small dab of cologne or after shave. Think about it – if she onlyshowered every couple of days, would you be interestedin her?2. Appear be trying too hard...It's all right to be a
 bit considerate on a first date; it'srecommended. But don't bend over backwards, don't try“too hard”. Teasing & playful banter will get you further than “trying too hard”.3. Choose a bad restaurant or venue...Simple fix here - make sure the place you take your date isn'tsleazy, noisy, or miles away in heavy traffic. Keep it simple. Youwant to be able to have a conversation without too much of adistraction. Save your favorite night club for a later time, whenyou know each other better.It's even better to have a regular “first date” venue - where you arefriends with the wait staff, manager and even the owner. It builds“social proof” for you when you walk into the place and the staff greet you by name and start up general conversation with you.Don't forget to introduce your date – and refer to her by name!
4. Appear fussy while interacting with servers...If you're actually doing a 'dinner date' (not recommended), just order the first thing on the menu thatyou find appealing. Close your menu when you see it as well. It shows that you can make a decisionwithout asking her “what are you having?” Jump to our forum and get some better ideas for “firstdates” if it is a first date you're on. Save dinner dates for once you're more involved. You'll savemoney and get better results if you skip dinner dates as first date options.5. Bragging about accomplishments...If a woman likes you, she likes you for who you are. Talk about what you enjoy doing, what you'vedone recently that's slightly out of the ordinary (river rafting, a travel story, wine country tours, etc.).Carefully craft your stories as responses to things she says to you – it builds an aura of mystery aboutyou and leaves her wondering “what else has he done”. Flat out bragging is repulsive.6. Forgetting to ask questions...Have her do most of the talking, but make sure you are actually listening to what she is saying and stopthinking about what to say next. Conversations are chaotic and “tornado-like”. What you say next is based on what she is saying right now. You can get her to elaborate on something she just said, or draw parallels into something similar. Your questions should probe her for more information about what sheis saying – avoid “interview” questions!7. Speaking bad about past dates, girlfriends, or wives...You want to project a strong, confident image and talking bad about anyone is not the ideal thing to bedoing. Keep the conversation away from here, or at least come up with positives about your pastsituation(s) and find positive reasons for “past” relationships. NEVER say anything bad about pastdates and girlfriends – you'll have her either in panic mode – hoping she doesn't remind you aboutsomething an ex has done – or just think you're a big wet flapping douche bag.8. Ogle other women or watch TV...You'd think this would go without saying, but it doesn't. Your eyes speak volumesabout who you are and project confidence,masculinity, sensuality, sexuality and more.Use your eyes to examine hers. You should be able to describe her eyes – and not justthe color of them either! In addition, a quick look over of her is acceptable. It shows thatyou are a man, confident in what you want.Just don't stare at her, or her breasts.

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