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The Things Girl Bullies Do

The Things Girl Bullies Do

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Published by Martin Vika
The Total Bully Solution Is The Most Comprehensive, Practical And Effective Anti-bully System Ever Developed. It's Designed To Provide Fast Relief And Lasting Results. http://lnk.co/IMZ71
The Total Bully Solution Is The Most Comprehensive, Practical And Effective Anti-bully System Ever Developed. It's Designed To Provide Fast Relief And Lasting Results. http://lnk.co/IMZ71

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Published by: Martin Vika on Mar 03, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 ==== ====The Total Bully Solution.http://lnk.co/IMZ71 ==== ====Bullying has often been associated with boys but you would be surprised to know that girls alsoindulge in this sort of behavior. Girls and boys do not bully in the same way and while boys aremore aggressive, girl bullying can be quiet and overt, making it much more difficult to identify.There are different types of bullying and most of us would have dealt with it at some point of timein our lives. Bullying can leave you feeling ashamed, hurt, frightened, depressed, helpless andisolated. The individuals can even start feeling suicidal and think that it is their fault that they arebeen bullied. It has become so common that some kids have started thinking that it is normal behavior andshould be tolerated to stay in the peer group. Girls who are passive or who have very few friendsare easy targets for the bullies. Girl bullies often do not leave any physical signs of abuse but thescars of bullying are definitely there on the individual. Bullying by girls is usually known asrelational aggression where individuals are isolated and humiliated by excluding them from socialgroups. It is usually very difficult to detect and can continue for a longer period of time. 10. Encouraging other kids to pick on a specific kid Bullying is a way of exerting control over the life of the individual. Girls may encourage other kidsto pick on a specific kid. The bully will try to gain power and control over the life of others bymaking them dance to their tunes. The bullies usually have immense influence on other kids in thepeer group and they use this influence to targets others. The kids who pick up on a specific kid areusually sacred of the bully and will do what they are asked to do so that they remain part of thepeer group. 9. Deliberate exclusion Leaving someone out from a group is another form of bullying. In this the individual will not beallowed to play with the peer group or join a group activity. These bullies will also deliberatelyexclude calling them to a party or a game by citing some reason or the other. They will make theindividual feel isolated and alone. The bully does not purposefully invite the individual to participatewith them and their friends whenever they hang out. The individual could be asked to leave themalone when she approaches to have a conversation or the bullies can also choose to ignore theindividual and walk away deliberately. For instance the bully and her peer group can also startavoiding the individual during lunch term and start sitting at a different place so that she is left allalone even during lunch. The individuals may be made to think that they are part of the peer groupone day and then suddenly the bullies will alienate them from the group. 8. Playing jokes or tricks 
Intentionally playing jokes or tricks to embarrass and humiliate the individual are done in arelentless manner. There is usually a group of bullies who target a particular individual and keepcoming up with new jokes and tricks each day so that the individual feels scared and powerless.The relentless jokes and tricks make it very difficult for the individual to fight back as thepsychological damage is immense. Bullies mostly indulge in hiding things of the individual likenotebooks or lunch box. Throwing away personal belongings of the individual is a common jokethat is indulged in by the girl bully. They can also put scary things in the locker of the individual tofrighten and trouble her. For instance if the individual is scared of lizards the bully could place anartificial lizard in the locker to scare them. 7. Inciting others Inciting other kids in the peer group to act aggressively against a particular kid without actuallyparticipating in it is also a common form of bullying. The bullies encourage other kids to ignore orpick on a specific kid as they are perceived to be different from others. For instance kids whobelong to a particular race or country or those wearing glasses can be targeted and other kidscould be incited to make fun of them. Although there is no direct participation of the bully in this actit is due to their support and encouragement that others in the group pick on a particular kid. 6. Name calling Name calling is a form of verbal bullying that is fairly common between girls. As it is mostly donewhen no adult (teachers or parents) are around it is quite difficult to detect and prevent. It can alsotake the form of teasing the name or surname of the girl. The bully could sit near the individual anddeliberately talk in a loud tone so that the name calling is heard by her. Passing rude commentsfor her looks, religion and social status is also something that most bullies indulge in. 5. Anonymous prank calls Bullying has become more widespread due to the use of technology as girls now use cell phonesto bully others. This can be in the form of making anonymous prank calls from unknown numbersto humiliate the individual. They can also send or forward offending and hurtful text messages.Calling repeatedly and hanging up without speaking is found to be very common. The bullies mayalso pretend that they are someone else and speak in different voices so that the individual getsconfused. The anonymous prank calls can be made during the day and night continually overseveral days. If the bullies are part of a group they may also take turns to make these calls so thatit becomes difficult to track them. 4. Cyber Bullying Technology is used to harass and humiliate another person by sending messages and pictures ontheir email accounts and cell phone. Mean notes can be posted on various websites detailingpersonal information about the individual. Photos that are unflattering and are best kept privatecan also be posted on websites. Anonymous, taunting and threatening emails can be sent toindividuals to harass them at school and home. Fake profiles can be posted at social networkingsites. The information contained in the social profile like name, photos and contact information willbe true and this will make the person viewing them think that it to be true. The messages postedon the profile can be crude and mean and this can spoil the reputation of the individual who is
bullied. 3. Physical Bullying Biting, pulling hair, scratching, choking, hitting, kicking, slapping, pushing, spitting, head butting,throwing things at the individual and poking are the various forms of physical bullying where thebully threatens and abuses the individual physically. Apart from this pushing books out of thehands of the individual or destroying their personal things can also be termed as physical bullying.It is one of the most aggressive forms of behavior displayed by the bully where the intention is not just to humiliate the individual who is bullied but also to cause physical harm to them. At times thephysical bullying indulged by the bully is so intense that it can lead to hospitalization and in someextreme cases even death. 2. Verbal abuse Bullies use language to gain control and power over the individual. This is in the form of relentlessabuse or teasing. Although there is no physical damage caused to the person who is bullied suchactions have a deep psychological impact on the individuals. The verbal abuse could be makingfun of someone's physical capabilities or teasing them for any specific behavior. Foul language,name calling, tormenting and passing negative comments can also be categorized as verbalabuse. The comments are deliberately passed when the individual is nearby so that they can beheard. 1. Rumor Spreading Spreading rumors is one of the most harmful forms of bullying. It not just damages the self esteemof the individual but also tarnishes their reputation. False and malicious stories are spread aboutthe individual so that they feel isolated. Gossip is used to target the individuals and although it issometimes done in front of them, it is an activity that mostly happens behind their back. Therumors are not just spread in the classroom but outside too making it very difficult for the individualto lead a normal life. The rumor spreading could be about the personal life of the individualincluding her family. Mean things are said behind the back of the individual. Bad things could alsobe scribbled about her on the locker or other places where the individual's friends and classmatesfrequent. This is done to make her feel humiliated. Rumor spreading can happen at a fast pace astechnology is used to spread it faster among peers and classmates. Social networking sites arefrequently used by bullies to spread malicious rumors about their individual. Pictures and videosare also used to spread rumors and this can spread like wildfire and harm the reputation of theindividual permanently.  Article Source:http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Rahul_Shariff 

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