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Crisis Background Guide

Crisis Background Guide

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Published by John Giambalvo
itmun background guide #modelun
itmun background guide #modelun

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Published by: John Giambalvo on Mar 03, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Hofstra University Model United Nations Conference
Post-9/11 Era West WingCrisis Committee
Elena GirardiChairperson
Letter from the Chair
Dear Delegates,Welcome to Hofstra Model United Nations, and the West Wing CrisisCommittee. My name is Elena Girardi, and I will be your crisis chair. After attending theUniversity of Pennsylvania conference last year, I was very excited and intrigued to seethe West Wing as a crisis topic. I was devastated when
The West Wing 
went off the air six years ago, so I decided to borrow the idea for Hofstra’s first ever Crisis Committee.As part of this committee, it will be your job to guide the slightly fictionalPresident George W. Bush through his first term in office. You will be dealing with anation in crisis after the 9/11 terrorist attacks, a looming conflict in the Middle East, and asecond-term campaign strategy. Lots of work is ahead, delegates.I am currently a senior at Hofstra University, majoring in political science and journalism. My 2012 class resurrected Hofstra’s Model U.N. Club, and I’ve been amember since my first year at Hofstra. I’ve attended several conferences at Harvard,University of Pennsylvania, and New York’s National Model United Nations. In my finalyear, I am honored to be one of HMUN’s co-presidents. I spent last semester interningfor a law firm in Washington, D.C., and plan to return there for graduate school.In my spare time I enjoy watching CNN and Boston sports (particularly whenthey are beating New York). I also enjoy running, writing and Ben & Jerry’s! I am veryexcited to be serving as committee chair. I never had the opportunity to be a part of MUNin high school, so I am eager and excited to welcome you to this conference. What a greatexperience!I am looking forward to a great weekend, jam-packed with equal parts of work and play, and to meeting you all in person. I know you have plenty of other school work to do, so I tried to make your background guide as concise and comprehensible as possible. Please feel free to do your own research or email me of you need anyinformation.Best of luck, delegates; you’ll be in the Oval Office in no time.Sincerely,Elena Girardiegirar1@pride.hofstra.edu
Introduction to the Committee
Welcome back to the White House. I hope you spent your recess relaxing andresting up because we have a lot of work to do over the next few days. The informationwe will discuss is highly classified. Thus, we will be meeting exclusively in the OvalOffice for the entirety of the conference. Please make sure to receive the location of theoffice from a Secret Service member. Our time is limited and precious. Don’t be late. Our first Oval Office meeting will take place on ____ at_____ 
The West Wing
Duties of the Body and Voting Policies and ProceduresYou are all vital members of President George W, Bush’s Senior Staff and Cabinet. It isalmost two years after the September 11th terrorist attacks that shook up this very staff and the entire nation. Your swift and dramatic political and military changes in policyand strategy are being both praised and criticized by fellow government officials and theinternational community. Due to the enormity and importance of upcoming decisions, thePresident has decided to more heavily consider your opinions and rely more on your advice. While the President may overrule your decisions based on compelling argumentsand the opposition may shape the debate on rare occasion, most Presidential decisionswill be determined by a majority vote of his inner circle. So, please speak and votewisely. The President and this body will also be able to consult and discuss with membersoutside the cabinet, Republican Party, and American Government. The body and outside

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