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Published by Hendra Ng

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Published by: Hendra Ng on Mar 03, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Huna, means "the secret." While modern medicine can trace its roots no more than 350years into the past, Huna, on the other hand, can be traced back more than 5,000 years. It isa sophisticated system of integration of mind, body and spirit. It has answers where modernmedicine does not even know that there are questions.Hawaiian Spiritual HealingHawaiian spiritual healing, known as Huna, means "secret". It is an energy system that places as much emphasis on connecting with your spirituality as it does on connecting tothe earth, your body, and your emotions. Huna teaches us to celebrate life on the physical plane, to merge matter and spirit rather than transcendence of the physical plane.The Hawaiian Huna PhilosophyThis ancient tradition believes that the key to living a fulfilled life lies in the awakeningand integration of your subconscious or lower self, the conscious or middle self, and thespiritual or higher self. It offers us a profoundly beautiful philosophy of life centered inlove with the vision of humankind, nature, and the divine as harmonious parts of a cosmiccommunity.Huna is much more than a philosophy, it is a way of life that gives us a set of practices thatare simple yet, profoundly transformational.Historically the Kahuna was the spiritual master who was the keeper of the Hunaknowledge and tradition. When the English settled in the Hawaiian islands the practice of Huna was banned and the Kahunas went into hiding. Today these practices are emergingonce again to help us heal.Shamanic PracticesBecause shamanic work is not always understood, I will try to briefly explain the methods Iuse and give meaning to certain terms. What I write here is not intended to be anythingother than my understanding of these methods. Walking the shamanic path is a journey of alifetime; therefore, the shamanic practitioner learns continually. I have been blessed bythis path; it has been instrumental to my health.Shamanic journeyBy entering a trance state, the shamanic practitioner can speak to guides, journey to other realities, become more whole and balanced. The practitioner can assist others to behealthier people by sharing the insights gained. Used as a method of divination, theshamanic practitioner receives insight from the universe and requests assistance for theclient.Soul retrievalDue to the stress of our daily lives, many people unfortunately suffer from loss of soul pieces. These may occur, for example, due to automobile accidents, illness or childhoodincidents. Compounded loss of soul pieces can lead to lack of energy, apathy or illness.Power retrieval
By returning energy to the individual, the shamanic practitioner helps the client to beempowered. When a person has more energy, that person is healthier and more able to livelife fully.ExtractionExtraction is one way of removing negative energy and unhealthy intrusions from theclient. Often this will release pain or traumatic memories stored in the physical body whichreduces the physical and emotional pain. Some people refer to this as "psychic surgery."After the negative energy is removed, positive, healing energy is added to the client'senergy.Shamanic vibrational tuningUsing sound and crystals as tools to change the vibrational rate of the person's energy.This method causes an energetic change on the cellular level.Energy clearingStagnant or negative energy can be released and neutralized through ceremonial smudging.This is effective with individuals and groups as well as residences. Additional shamanicmethods are sometimes needed to effectively clear a person or place.The Shamanic PathShamanism was never meant to be separated from the culture in which the people lived.Due to differences in climate and social practices, different traditions developed. Ritual practices evolved or remained constant as needed. As we become a more global world, wefind other pieces of the puzzle; that is, certain practices were continued in some areas andlost to other areas.This is not to imply that all traditional rituals are shamanic methods, nor am I saying thatthe shamanic traditions are lacking. It is to state that, in my experience, the wellness of theclient through shamanic work can be enhanced by the cooperation of other methods. Boththe client's comfort and the practioner's personal background need to be considered.We have much to learn from all ancient traditions. As people search for foundations basedin the homeland of their ancestors, there is the realization that, in many areas, we have become a mixing pot. I merge the shamanic path with other traditions because I do nothave simply one ancestorial homeland. In my experience, such cooperative mergers isexceptionally effective.Shamanic healing occurs on many levels; most importantly it is geared towards balancingthe person on the emotional, energy, spiritual and physical levels.Of course these methods are not intended to replace treatment by a medical professional.Under the laws of the United States, and the State of Ohio, I am not qualified nor trained asa physician and therefore cannot diagnosis or prescribe medical treatment.

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