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Srini - Truth

Srini - Truth

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Published by rjohnson23
Srini Kumar - The Truth, a collection of sayings, bullet-points, maxims, whatever you call them. Collectively they form his personal truth. Never published, but had a great effect on my life. Srini - if you want this removed just let me know!
Srini Kumar - The Truth, a collection of sayings, bullet-points, maxims, whatever you call them. Collectively they form his personal truth. Never published, but had a great effect on my life. Srini - if you want this removed just let me know!

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Published by: rjohnson23 on Nov 24, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 THE TRUTH IS THAT...I'm a punk rocker. As soon as punk rock came into my life, it was obviousthat everything had changed for me. It was like a lens through which theworld made sense - that is, it taught me how to behave sensibly in anonsensical world. This isn't what most people associate with punk rock, butto me, punk taught me first and foremost to drop all pretenses about makingany sense whatsoever - to live for the MOMENT, for that moment when theguitar kicks in and just fucking LAUNCHES YOU INTO THE MOSHPIT.Punk didn't provide a soundtrack to my life, so much as it provides asoundtrack for my MEMORY of my life. I remember caroming off the roads ofPoughkeepsie, screaming Black Flag at the windshield along with that qualityToyota tape deck. "I'M ABOUT TO HAVE A NERVOUS BREAKDOWN!!!!",I'd sneer, when it was probably more accurate to say that I was GIVING anervous breakdown to my parents.I remember the moments of discovery of the bands that would change mylife, reading about the Minutemen, hearing the Misfits in the car my hugestcrush was driving, the Minor Threat records this girl near Rochester copiedme. I remember working out to 7 Seconds, making out with myfundamentalist Christian first girlfriend to the eerie sounds of Sonic Youth inthe middle of the night in the parking lot of a decaying shopping mall, pickingout the chords to the Husker Du songs I so loved on a guitar I didn't yetunderstand.I was younger then, and everything felt new and the battles seemed worthfighting. Reagan and Bush (not the band) were in office, and ANYTHING thatsmacked of an ANTI-culture was down with me. Punk was a BIG word - Imean, we thought Public Enemy was the punkest thing we'd heard in YEARS- and strange hair configurations really BOTHERED people with less-than-
open minds. (Years later, this BOTHERATION has REMAINED myFAVORITE cheap entertainment option.)Punk rock changed our lives, and if you're one of those people that share thisbackground with me, there's no doubt I don't have to analyze this D. Boonquote any further.Punk sure fucked me up, as far as leading a "normal" life was concerned.Years later, after graduating from Stanford of all places (NOT the place to goif you've got any punk in you WHATSOEVER), I would remain nailed to thisallegiance, so much so that no amount of education, no amount of need formoney or whatever could ever make me ring true as, well, normal.Like most of us, I soon discovered that punk was about SO MUCH MOREthan just music, that it really symbolized something MUCH DEEPER thanthat. An answer. There was INFORMATION in that music, the same quality ofinformation that I find in a website or a touchdown, a way OUT of the prisonthat surrounds most lives in America. There was truth and beauty and energyand it was as if listening to this music, or even hanging out with other peopleinformed by the message of punk, well, it was like BECOMING A GOD.It is punk rock that truly made me a religious man.This is a book that follows a format of my own devising. I just felt like writing,a lot, all the time in fact. I am now in the process of figuring out just what I*MEAN* by being religious. I'm certainly no Christian, or anything worthlabeling. In fact, even the term "punk rock" has been compromised, as wewho saw Green Day when they couldn't even tune their instruments knew itsomeday would be. My friend Vic said that if he could take STOCK in a band,it would be Green Day, and, well, maybe if he could've he'd be a millionairetoo. In our own stupid way, we knew we were sort of sitting on a goldmine, aset of underground music SO SUPERIOR to the dreck of the evil corporatemusic interests that its success, and subsequent "sellout", was inevitable.
I used to get a lot of mileage out of calling myself a Hindu, if only because itconfused the fuck out of people. I think causing confusion is a religiousmandate; I *enjoy* it, and therefore I believe in it. But I realized early on that Iknew jack shit about hinduism, beyond my own ability to bullshit about what itmeant. I also realized that this bullshit was getting more and more, well,MEANINGFUL. I *enjoyed* coming up with religious-sounding ideas outta myass.Only recently did I realize that I was in the process of founding my ownreligion as I was going along. It was a religion based on superstition (everytime I saw a license plate with a 666 in it, I would cross myself), based onstories of mythic proportions, based on things I just KNEW to be true.And you know what? THIS RELIGION FUCKING ROCKS. It is somethingthat I've only heard hints of, something that has been taught to me byluminaries such as the Church of the SubGenius (run out and buy their firstbook after you read this one!), by my personal hero Abbie Hoffman, by everyanonymous hardcore band that made it feel like you were witnessing anexplosion.It is a set of TRUTH. It is based on a concept that is SO SIMPLE, yet soobvious, and it has the potential to truly CHANGE things and to piss yourparents off to boot. (What fun!)I am going to steal Jesus - the REAL, RAW Jesus, the Jesus who fought sovaliantly against empire and oppression - away from the shits who controlhim right now. While I'm at it, I'm going to steal Jimi back from the hippies,Apple back from the jeers of the marketplace, Buddha and Kerouac awayfrom the pretentious. I am going to steal the GOOD STUFF and leave themwith vapors, with control of NOTHING.Right now, while you read this, while you're hypnotized by my words, I amhanding you THE KEY TO YOUR OWN LIBERATION - a key that, of course,

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