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Law of Attraction

Law of Attraction

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Published by Skye Mangrum
How the Law of Attraction (Really) Works
How the Law of Attraction (Really) Works

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Published by: Skye Mangrum on Mar 03, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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How the Law of Attraction(Really) Works
By Jason & Skye Mangrum
I’ve had an unusual number of new friends recently ask me about the
Law of Attraction, which has gotten a lot of play in the media, but fewstill understand it.
The basic understanding is “so, if I imagine I have a certain amount
of money, and I think positive thoughts about it, and cancel out the
negative ones, I will manifest it?”
 Ah, no.Sadly, that seems to be how most people understand the Law of Attraction.But the multi-verse inside our Mind is much more complex. Things just
don’t materialize from the woven fabric of thoughts. Life is about taking
action on those thoughts which we want to materialize. Intentiondrives action, and intention is derived from those thoughts which youwish to manifest into physical reality.In the example for money, imagining the certain amount of moneymeans virtually nothing to the subconscious. It has no real value. Thevalue is in the sensations and emotions that spring forth from havingand doing the things that money can bring you.What things can you do with say, $10,000 that would make you feelmore alive?
Everyone’s answer is different. Yet we’re all after the same excitement
and passion.Those are sensations. And we live to feel them. That electric sense of 
“this is what I was born to do”
is what drives us to aspire to a sense of greatness within ourselves.
If you’re feeling excitement, you are magnetizing yourself to thosefeelings. This means more things will “show up” in your life that match
the frequency of those emotions.The same goes with negativity, anger and hatred.Life is meant to be lived. Experienced. The events that take place inyour life are determined by the thoughts you hold in your Mind and theemotions attached to those thoughts, which creates an expectation.The state of expectation is a magnetic force that re-arranges theuniverse to clear a path and open a channel for manifestation.To put it plainly, when you think and feel about a thing, the universewill present you with new opportunities to actively manifest that thingyou want.
It doesn’t just magically appear from the ether. But the opportunities
do.Say you want $10,000 so you think and feel about all the things that
you can do with that ten grand. At the moment there’s no possible way
to get that amount of money, but you just want to feel what having
that amount might feel like to you…
 Those pictures and scenarios your Mind brings you to are magnetic, andthe more you think and feel about them, the more you will becomeaware of new channels opening in your life that can potentially get youa step closer to your desired manifestation.
So here, you become like a psychic detective, actively searching forclues the universe presents to you that might get you closer to whatyou want to manifest.And those who seek, shall find. Once you become actively aware of searching for these clues to these new channels of information, newconnections, new experiences, you will manifest the opportunity to livethem.They can come from the strangest sources, but they always come, so beon the lookout.Your Reticular Activating System which filters any information your
brain doesn’t consider “important” at the time, will begin to work in
your favor, filtering out all the junk that keeps you distracted, and onlybringing to your awareness those events, those rare circumstances
which come together and give you a glimpse into your future…
 the desired future of your dreams.Be proactive in your personal game of Life and having a crystal clearpicture of what you want to attract in Mind, hold in your heart thosethoughts and feelings which would be present if you actually possessedthe experience. In that moment, how would that feel?There is no wrong answer. Only one sensation, and then another. Theyoverlap each other, each containing their own package of thoughtforms and emotions; possible successes and potential failures. Love andfear. Both are driving forces of desire.The problem with manifesting for most people, is that they are clearwith what they want mentally, but not clear emotion
ally… in otherwords, they know what they want consciously, but they don’t know
how to deal with the emotions of not having it.

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