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Peace for the Middle East

Peace for the Middle East

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Published by Ryan

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Published by: Ryan on Nov 24, 2008
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Peace for the Middle East: A change in tactics
Ryan WulpiIndiana University-Purdue University at Fort WayneEnglish W233-02Professor Thomas KaoughSeptember 27, 2004
Jews, Christians, and Muslims have disagreed for thousands of years dating back to the Middle Ages. The Catholic Church in 1095 decided that they were departing for the “Holy Lands” to retake them from the barbarians. Therefore, the lands that are indispute, continuously fought over for so long that people who are fighting now, are onlyfighting because that remains the only way that they know how to deal with the situation.There have been so many wars fought on these lands that it becomes a wonder that theground does not stay permanently stained from the bloodshed. Even though thesereligions differ, they are also very similar and all have the same holy sites. Some of thekey players involved have changed over the years, but the struggle lingers. Well, perhapsthey have not changed as much as they have evolved. The tactics used today and the policies that existed 30 years ago are obviously not effective. The fact remains thatchange requires new strategies and avenues of diplomacy.The United States has taken a ‘big brother’ approach to the state of Israel thatdates back to the conclusion of World War II. To understand where this thought comesfrom, one has to comprehend the viciousness of the attacks against Jews in Europe duringthe war. Nazi SS agents massacred over 6 million Jews during the four-year span of thewar. It required the United States to enter the war to stop Germany from conqueringEurope and eradicating the Jewish race. Had we not stepped in, who knows what couldhave happened. Ever since this war, the United States has prescribed towards a biasedapproach to Israel.Israel today inhabits a prime spot stuck in the middle of a hornet’s nest of hate.The fight today remains the “occupied” territories of the Gaza Strip and the West Bank.Israel confiscated these territories after the Six-Day War in 1967. The Arab countries
surrounding Israel stood ready to attack, but Israel beat them to the punch, attacking firstand destroying the Egyptian Air Force before their planes could leave the ground. Thisconstitutes some of the background into the open drain that the Middle East has become.Everyday you can read in the paper about the fighting that is still going on to thisday over the West Bank and Gaza Strip. Almost 30 years ago, the Arabs stood ready toattack the Israel, but the Israelis decided that they should attack first. How can you be sohostile towards a group of people, want to fight, get beat so bad, then go running to theinternational community and whine that you are being oppressed and your landsoccupied? How can you murder innocent men, women, and children in the name of your freedom and expect the world to feel sorry for you? The Israelis never annexed the WestBank and Gaza Strip, fully intending to broker a peace deal with the Palestinians, wherethey would trade land for peace. Unfortunately, Israel has let its citizens developsettlements on these disputed lands that are now at the very center of the fight. TheIsraeli’s have always wanted to peacefully coexist with their neighbors, but the Arabshave an ultimate goal of the eradication of Israel. The stated goal of Hamas is the purgeof Israel, no peace, no negotiations just annihilation. The majority of Arabs uttered thesewords in the 1960’s, and it continues on today. How can anyone facilitate negotiationswhen there remains this violent cycle of hatred? The Palestinians need their own state;there cannot be a palpable argument against it. The change has to come from both sides.The Palestinians cannot haphazardly continue to kill innocent people. Israel on the other hand cannot keep building settlements on land that continues to exist in dispute. Thechange has to come from within the Palestinian and Israeli camps. The obvioushindrance comes from the sequence of hatred that exists on both sides. These lands have

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