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Newsletter Nov 10-14

Newsletter Nov 10-14

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Published by arodeback

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Published by: arodeback on Nov 24, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Mrs. York’s
Grade News
Dear Parents,
This week we have beenworking on connecting what we know,what we are learning, and what we needto know in the areas of math, reading,and phonics. Mrs. Bennett, our readingteacher, taught us about blending wordsand learning vocabulary words beforereading short selections.
The reading is coming alongextremely well. We have completedstories in our Basal text
. Mostof the children read the Basal test easilyand with good comprehension. Thephonics books are also coming along. Iam still completing reading tests on all of the students. This first part of the yearwe spend a major part of our timereading and writing. The students mustbe able to read well to understand storyproblems and follow instructions.
I am keeping the math pagestogether in our math book so that thestudents can check back and review whatthey have learned. A few students arebehind and I will try to remedy thisbefore Parent-Teacher Conferences. Thewhole group is doing well on math facts.The struggle seems to be with story
A note from the Teacher
Weekly Spelling words group 2
For next week Nov 17-21(Plus chose 5 from group 1)
1.knew 7.froze 13.threw 19.throw2.sleep 8.say 14.freeze 20.slid3.slide 9.know 15.keep 21.shine4.drew 10.said 16.draw 22.sweep5.shone 11.slept 17.swept 23.bled6.bleed 12.drive 18.kept 24.drove
A Note from the Teacher 1Weekly Spelling words 1Daily Homework 2Upcoming Events 2
Your child’
s behavior 2Reminder to Parents 2
November 10-14 2008
1.run 7.hut 13.2.cut 8.rug 14.3.mug 9.nut 15.4.jug 10.bun 16.5.tug 11.shut 17.6.sun 12.bug
Weekly Spelling words group 1
For upcoming week Nov 17-21
problems and money. We have beenpracticing telling time along with theagenda, and the students seem to bedoing well in that area.I plan to spend the next monthemphasizing math. We will belearning about money, how to countit, ways to make 40 cents, 50 cents, 75cents, and $1.00 amounts. We will bereviewing fact families andturnaround facts. Adding threenumbers together also seems to be astretch for the students. Subtraction issometimes a challenge because thestudents are expected to find anunknown number by comparing twonumbers.
I have had several studentswith colds this week. Hopefullyeveryone will get feeling better soon.I have encouraged the children towear coats and not go outside if theyare ill already.I am looking forward toParent-Teacher Conferences nextweek. You are wonderful parents, andI am grateful for every day I have toteach your children.

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