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Dr. Fortice Luther College Blues

Dr. Fortice Luther College Blues

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Psychology of Education
Psychology of Education

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Published by: Val littlewolf Heike on Mar 04, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Dr. Fortous Luther College bluesby Val Littlewolf(Heike)Dr Fordice Luther College BluesChorus: (1)Da, Dum,Da, Dum, Twittle,Diddle Whop,Whop,Whop, The ants go marching down to the ground to get out of the rain, To get out of the rain,Chorus: (2)Da, Dum, Da , Dum , Twaddle,Whop,Whop,Thud,Another school year has started,So much to learn , so much to recall,Recalling everything all at once,Chorus:(3)Waddle,Twiddle,Whop, Twaddle,Twiddle, Da Dum diddle, Diddle.Simon says stand with your hand on your hip.Modeling molds behavior , theorist Banter, ta twittel ,do whop,beagle,bungle ,hop!..
Chorus:(4)Beagle,bugle,bungle,thud! Twitter,twaddle,bungle,bumpWe all like recording devices assimilate information differently,Learning is visual and audible, theorist a keen fellow his name is "Dewey".Inside / out leaning is possible.Chorus: (5)Rumble,bungle, twiddle, diddle , dum !Diddle,diddle ,doogle ,bungle,bop!Which way did they go?How did they get there,When will they return?Positive, Negative the response we identify with,a gentleman named Thorndike,Chorus:(6)Cat's meow,Click,Horses nay, Rumble ,bumble , diddle , thump!beagle , giggle , neigh,Fred,funk, twiddle,twiddle, diddle,Whop.whop,thud! This is Dr. Deb Fordice's Luther College Blues,We find upon rare occasions, blessed by fortune,Blessed by clicker, caller of rhyme
Dr. Fortice giggle meow , bump , meow , twaddle,I sing the song of knowledge she bestowed upon us her fine class,Chorus:(7)And the ants go marching down to the ground,hurray,hurray , hurray!And the ants go marching down to the ground to get outof the rain, ta da dwittle,diddle, Whop.Whop,Whop!Sky scrapper,outhouses and barns,like building blocks we here students grow,Cognitive ,sensitive ,neurons and synaptic connections grow,With inward and outward experiences, This like a key calling a tune, ponder then know it is Bruner theorist welearned.Clap,clap A poet named Val wanders to Luther , to learn,Clap,Clap!Clap,clap while at Luther Val studies to teach,History and I have decide Art (painting and sculpting) clap,clap,Clap,clap Hannah one of 64, math her love,clap,clap, Twaddle,gaggle,giggle, bungle , thud,Clap,clap, Val , Hannah , now we met Cole one of two , both sweet intelligentLuther students,Clap , clap our first day the bells rang , the Bells rang, thud,thud ,Doctor Deb's in the House!!!Clap, clap instructing tricks of he trade,

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Val littlewolf Heike added this note
I managed to miss spell my professors last name that is probably do to that fact that every time I'm nearly late for class I call campus and can't pronounce it then. But now I know that her name is pronounced Ford ice as long as I think of that I shall always pronounce it rightly.

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