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Aerodynamics Series

Aerodynamics Series

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Published by: Chandrasekaran Venkatesan on Mar 04, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Contents: 4 Data Items with 0 ESDUpac and 0 VIEWpac programs.Data ItemTitleA2Wind Engineering Series: titles. Issue 4.77032Fluctuating loads and dynamic response of bodies and structures in fluid flows - backgroundinformation.79025Fluctuating response of circular cylinders in small groups in fluid flow - discussion and guide todata available.87035Calculation methods for along-wind loading. Part 2. Response of line-like structures toatmospheric turbulence.Aerodynamics Volume 12Title: AERODYNAMIC HEATING AND HEAT TRANSFER - Aerodynamic heating and heat transfer.Contents: 7 Data Items with 0 ESDUpac and 0 VIEWpac programs.Data ItemTitle69009Heat balance for flight vehicles.69010Heat transfer by forced convection between a two-dimensional laminar boundary layeand a smooth flat plate, with application to wedges, cylinders and cones.69011Heat transfer by forced convection between a two-dimensional turbulent boundarylayer and a smooth flat plate, with application to wedges, cylinders and cones.69012Effects of kinetic heating on equilibrium temperature of flight vehicles.AERO 00.02.05Heat transfer under conditions of forced convection for the subsonic turbulent flow of gases in smooth straight ducts of constant cross section.AERO 00.03.26Wall and average gas temperatures for subsonic turbulent flow with heat transfer inducts of constant circular cross section.AERO W.S.00.03.18Aerodynamic heating: temperatures at a perfectly insulated surface neglecting radiationAerodynamics Volume 13Title:WIND-TUNNEL CORRECTIONS - Wind-tunnel corrections.Contents:2 Data Items with 0 ESDUpac and 0 VIEWpac programs.Data ItemTitle76028Lift-interference and blockage corrections for two-dimensional subsonic flow in ventilated andclosed wind-tunnels.80024Blockage corrections for bluff bodies in confined flow.Aerodynamics Volume SWTitle: AERODYNAMICS SOFTWARE.Contents:3 Data Items with 27 ESDUpac and 5 VIEWpac programs.Data ItemTitleAEROSWAerodynamics Series - Software.04013ESDU Computer Programs. Part 1: Introduction.00009ESDUview user manual.
A0025 v1.0Computer Program for prediction of aircraft lateral stabilityderivatives in sideslip at subsonic speeds.FORTRANA0107 v1.0Computer program for estimation of trailing vortex drag factorsfor wings with part-span trailing-edge plain flaps.FORTRANA7011 v2.1Lift-curve slope and aerodynamic centre position of wings ininviscid subsonic flow.FORTRANA7012 v1.0Lift-curve slope and aerodynamic centre position of wings ininviscid supersonic flow.FORTRANA7435 v1.0Subsonic lift-dependent drag due to the trailing vortex wake for wings without camber or twist.FORTRANA8123 v2.0Program for calculation of lift and drag of two staggered liftingsurfaces at low speeds.FORTRANA8124 v1.0Drag of axisymmetric cowls at zero incidence for subsonic Machnumbers.FORTRANA8310 v2.0Calculation of oscillatory aerodynamics data for slender bodies.FORTRANA8701 v1.1Wing pitching moment at zero lift at subcritical Mach numbers.FORTRANA8705 v1.1Increment in aerofoil profile drag due to the deployment of asingle-slotted flap.FORTRANA8708 v1.2Rudder sideforce, yawing moment and rolling moment controlderivatives at low speeds.FORTRANA8724 v1.2Low-speed drag coefficient increment at constant lift due to full-span plain flaps.FORTRANA8840 v3.0Yawing moment and rolling moment coefficients for plainailerons at subsonic speeds.FORTRANA8947 v1.0Calculation of in-plane force and moment derivatives foinclined propellers at low forward speeds.FORTRANA9005 v1.1First resonance frequency for ventilated wind tunnels operatingat subsonic speeds.FORTRANA9020 v1.0Calculation of airframe-induced upwash at subsonic speeds.FORTRANA9034 v4.0Calculation of normal force and pitching moment of forebody-cylinder combinations at angles of attack up to 90 degrees andMach numbers up to 5, including effects of conical boat-tailing.FORTRANA9128 v1.0Simplified method for the prediction of aerofoil excrescencedrag magnification factor for turbulent boundary layers atsubcritical Mach numbers.FORTRANA9315 v1.1Maximum lift coefficient of plain aerofoils and wings atsubsonic speeds.FORTRANA9438 v1.1Estimation of leading-edge suction distribution for plane thinwings at subsonic speedsFORTRANA9510 v1.2Computer program for estimation of spanwise loading of wingswith camber and twist in subsonic attached flow.FORTRANA9625 v3.0Drag due to lift for non-planar swept wings up to high angle oattack at subsonic speeds.FORTRANA9903 v1.0Generation of GUNACA 23-series of low-drag aerofoils(directed input version).FORTRAN
A9931 v2.1Computer program for estimation of lift curve for wing-fuselagecombinations with high- lift devices at low speeds.FORTRANB9510 v1.0Computer program for estimation of spanwise loading of wingswith camber and twist in subsonic attached flow. Lifting-surfacetheory. (With Appendix A: effect of plain flaps)FORTRANB9903 v1.0Generation of GUNACA 23 series of low-drag aerofoils (screen prompt version).FORTRANB9931 v2.0Computer program for estimation of spanwise position of peak loading.FORTRAN

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