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Mobbs Observation

Mobbs Observation

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Published by Mary Pinson

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Published by: Mary Pinson on Mar 05, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Mary Frances PinsonMarch 1, 2012Observation 3: Dr. Kevin Mobbs, Instructional Technology Coordinator at theCollege of Coastal Georgia
I met Dr. Mobbs in his office on the second floor of the AcademicCommons North building at the College of Coastal Georgia. I haveonly e-mailed Dr. Mobbs, this was our first time meeting.
We talked about my career as a teacher and my progress in themasters program at Georgia Southern. We talked about myobservation. I shared with him the two previous observations Ihave done.
Dr. Mobbs shared with me his background before taking theposition at CCGA.
BIO:Dr. Mobbs is from the north Georgia area. He graduated with hisundergraduate degree in Music from Jacksonville State University in Jacksonville, Alabama. After he graduated from college, he moved to Floridaand North Carolina where he did some odd jobs before settling down into acareer. In North Carolina he taught music in a private school. He then movedto Carrollton, Georgia where he got a masters degree in Instructional Technology from the University of West Georgia. He then went on staff at theUniversity of West Georgia as a professor of music. He was a professor for sixyears and then the school had a position for the Instructional TechnologyCoordinator. He applied for that position and with his love of teaching music,the taught a couple of classes each semester and took on the roll as the ITCoordinator for the university. He did this for three more years. In March of 2011, Dr. Mobbs moved to Brunswick, Georgia where he took the position asthe Instructional Technology Coordinator and a part time music professor atthe College of Coastal Georgia. He has only been in this position for almost ayear, but he told me that he is always learning something new andexperiencing new things daily.I asked Dr. Mobbs about his music degree and his decision in music. Hetold me, “It may not be recorded, but music may be the first to usetechnology.” Musicians love technology. They have used it for composing andperforming; he used the example of the use of electronics. He also mentionedthat it could have been the first discipline to use computers for teaching. Inthe fall, he teaches Music Appreciation. This course can be an elective forsome, but mostly, students are required to take an Art course for theirrequired core classes. He said that many students take Music Appreciation,because music is something we can relate to. His goal when teaching thecourse is to have the students leave appreciating other aspects of music andother genres that they typically would not come across in regular situations.
Dr. Mobbs mentioned that he had hired a Student Assistant. Her name is Jessica. She was hired three weeks ago. As we were talking, Jessica came in tocheck in for the day.
Dr. Mobbs had to check in to a WIMBA meeting. This was an onlinemeeting for administrators of Blackboard. They were to discussupcoming news on the changes and transitions that schools will befacing when moving from Blackboard to Desire2Learn. Dr. Mobbsdid not know if I needed to hear certain things pertaining to thismeeting and he put on his headphones.
During this time, Jessica, the Student Assistant, had to the chanceto talk.
 Jessica is in her freshmen year at CCGA. She has goals to bea biology major. She applied for this job, because shewanted something on campus and wanted to cut costs withcommuting from home, to school, to work.
In a typical week, Jessica will work about 4 hours a day. Herwork in the office varies day to day. Dr. Mobbs has beenshowing her the elements of Desire2Learn. Recently she hascreated usernames and passwords for all the faculty of thecollege. At other times she answers the phone in the officeand will answer any questions that come their way. If shedoes not know the answer, she will turn to Dr. Mobbs.
She enjoys what she does in the office. She likes beingbehind the scenes of helping college.
 Jessica could not stay long today due to prior scheduledactivities.
After Dr. Mobbs had finished his online meeting, he introduced meto Desire2Learn. This is an online classroom tool that professorsuse to upload documents, links, and other course work such asassignments, quizzes, and tests. It is very similar to Blackboardthat most colleges and universities use now, but it has othercomponents that are more up to date.
Before lunch, Dr. Mobbs shared with me his role in rolling outDesire2Learn among the faculty and students in the fall of 2012.
Coordinating workshops for training.
Making tutorials.
Communicating to the cohort leaders and making sure theyhave the right tools and ideas for cohort trainings.
 Today, Dr. Mobbs needed to create CCGA cohort sandboxes foreach cohort leader. He would then e-mail each cohort leader theirusername and password that Jessica created earlier. He wouldgive them instructions for signing in. The sandboxes onDesire2Learn, are practice courses on the program for cohortleaders to use and practice the ins and outs of the program.
For lunch, Dr. Mobbs and I went to the college’s cafeteria. Wewent a little early to beat the crowds.
During lunch Dr. Mobbs asked me about my courses at GeorgiaSouthern. I shared with him the classes and the projects that Ihave made throughout the program. He asked me what Web 2.0tools I have used and which one was my favorite. He was veryfamiliar with all the tools that I have used and he shared with mesome more tools that he has used that have been very helpful inhis position.
We also talked about the growth of CCGA. When I moved toBrunswick four years ago, the college was only a 2-yearcommunity college. In the last two years, the college is now a 4-year institution. On-campus dorms have been built and moredegrees have been made available to students to earn. I asked Dr.Mobbs what he knew, just in his short time here, what kind of growth and changes has the college seen in their students. Fromwhat he can tell, there has been an increase in studentenrollment. More students are coming from surrounding countiesand more out-of-state students as well. It was good to see what apositive influence this has been for the college and for Brunswick.
After lunch, Dr. Mobbs and I went back to his office. There heneeded to check his voicemail and e-mails. He had one miss callfrom one of the cohort leaders. He also had a lot of e-mails just inan hour that we were away from the office.
He told me that a lot of his communication with faculty on campusis typically via e-mails. Often times professors will e-mail himquestions before they have to teach a class and then they willhave an answer to their questions when they are finished. He saidthat e-mail is a lot quicker to communicate as well. Some times,his e-mails can be simple instructions and others can be moredetailed where he will use screen shots to explain directions onsolving certain situations.
Dr. Mobbs let me login to the Demo account of Desire2Learn. As

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