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RCI_ROAR 2012-03-04

RCI_ROAR 2012-03-04

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Published by Chris
Weekly RCI "ROAR" Newsletter with Cool Tool
Weekly RCI "ROAR" Newsletter with Cool Tool

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Published by: Chris on Mar 05, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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We spend a great deal of ourlives talking and even when we listen wearen’t really listening. We are justpreparing our response. We fall easily intothe trap of passing judgment, takingthings personally, assuming things anddrawing conclusions based on our ownexperiences and not on what the person issaying.The cool tool for this week isabout
truly listening.
I have taken theconcept for this week’s lesson from the 7Habits of Highly Effective PeopleFacilitator Materials. 
To truly listen or listenempathically is reflecting what a personfeels and says in your own words
.It is NOT listening to advise,counsel, reply, refute, solve, fix change judge, agree disagree,question, analyze orfigure out.
“When I ask you to listenand you start givingadvice, you have not donewhat I have asked. When I ask you to listen to meand you begin to tell mewhy I shouldn’t feel thatway, you are tramplingon my feelings. When I ask you to listen and you feel you have dosomething to solve my problem, you have failed me, strange as it may seem. Listen! All I ask is that you listen; not talk or do - just hear me” - Ralph Roughton, M.D.
Link to Cool ToolLesson on Google Docs
2012 MARCH 4 ISSUE 7 PAGE Respect Self and Others Act Safely And responsible
Continued on page 3
2012 MARCH 4 ISSUE 7 PAGE 2Respect Self and Others Act Safely And responsible
See this article atloveandlogic.comdownload the pdf here
 Please sit down. I’m going to start now.
I’ll begin as soon as you are seated.
 Please be quiet. It’s time to begin.
I’ll be glad to start as soon as you showme that you are ready.
Open your books to page 54.
I’ll be working from page 54
 I’m not going to line you up until everyone is quiet.
I’ll be lining people up as soon as it isquiet.
 Don’t sharpen your pencil while I’mtalking.
I allow people to sharpen pencils when Iam not giving directions.
 Don’t be bothering your neighbors.
You are welcome to stay with us as long asyou and others are not being bothered.
 Keep your hands to yourself.
Feel free to stay with us when you cankeep your hands to yourself.
Turn your assignment in on time or  you’ll get a lower grade.
I give full credit for papers turned in ontime.
 Don’t talk to me in that tone of voice!
I’ll listen as soon as your voice is as calmas mine.
You show some respect.
I’ll be glad to discus this when respect isshown.
 Don’t be late for class.
All of those who arrive on time go homeon time.
 I’m not loaning you any more paper.
I loan paper to those who have notborrowed before.
 If you can’t remember your pencil, you’re just going to have to do without.
Feel free to borrow from anyone but me.

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