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Country Labor Dialogue - March 2012

Country Labor Dialogue - March 2012

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Published by NSW Labor
You can view the March Country Labor Dialogue here.
You can view the March Country Labor Dialogue here.

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Published by: NSW Labor on Mar 05, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Country LabordiaLogue
ConneCting Country Communities – marCh 2012
nw  cc
i w   wkd, w b P m  al,Jl glld d  nsW Ld  opp, J rb,v Ld’ add  Cc. t b ddl w  pc,wc cd  Lb vl,d Lb’ pd cd c nsW.
 The Country Labor PolicyCaucus Executive introduced anumber o reorms to CountryConerence, including expandingthe Conerence to three days,to include an additional ull-dayCountry Campaign Insight program;introducing policy workshopswith panels o policy experts,community and industry groups;and introducing a keynote address,which was provided by Proessor Tim Flannery, Climate ChangeCommissioner.Country Conerence endorsed acomprehensive reorm program,which included electing threeCountry Members to the Administrative Committee,endorsing the changed ormat o Country Conerence and a rangeo measures to rebuild CountryLabor at a grassroots level. TheCountry Labor Policy CaucusExecutive will also report back to Annual Conerence on urther RulesChanges, including the method o election o the Country Labor PolicyCaucus Executive. The Annual Country ConerenceDinner, held on the Saturday nighto Conerence, was well attendedby delegates and members.Senator John Faulkner’s trivia quizprovided great entertainment oreveryone. The 2012 Bluey Rodwell Awardwas presented to Je Condron,our coordinator o the CountryLabor Inormation Oce in PortMacquarie. Je was a key driver inthe establishment o the Oce in1999 and has volunteered virtuallyull-time to keep the Oce runningsince. The Bluey Rodwell Award isthe highest honour within CountryLabor and is presented at everyCountry Conerence. Thank you again to all the delegatesand members who attended tomake the weekend such a success.
C rc
tk   ll   dl d b w dd  CCc 2012  Cck P a C.
Pro fessor  Tim Flanner y, Clima te Change Commissioner pro vided  the ke yno te address  to delega tes.
Bo th  thePrime Minis terJuliaGillardand  theNS WLeader of theOppositionJohnRober tsongaveLeaders Addresses  to Coun tryConference.
Cl J Cd
 This year’s Bluey Rodwellrecipient was Je Condron romthe Port Macquarie Branch o Country Labor.When presenting the award,Leader o the Opposition, JohnRobertson said he was surprisedthat Je doesn’t receive thisaward every year. Many o youwill know Je as the coordinatorat the Port Macquarie CountryLabor Inormation oce, a rolethat he has been wholeheartedlydedicated to since 1999. Volunteering rom dawn to duskor the last 13 years, Je was akey driver in the establishmento the Country Labor Oce.Under his supervision the ocewas transormed rom a place toprovide inormation about Laborpolicy, into a centre o support orcommunity members who needadvocacy and support.Je has also led a number o successul campaigns, includingthe campaign to buy backPort Macquarie Base Hospital10 years ater Coalition StateGovernment sold it o. Apart rom his work onbehal o the Port MacquarieCountry Labor oce, Je isa requent contributor to thelocal newspapers, is Chairmano Kempsey Hospital, NSWRegional Radio Committee andthe Kempsey Macley TouristCommittee and well as Presidento the Hastings Foundation.He has received the Westpac Award or Services to theCommunity on three separateoccasions and despite his manycommitments, has still madetime to actively participate inbranch lie since rst joining theCootamundra Branch in 1954.For the last 17 years Je has beena member o the Port MacquarieBranch, serving on the branchexecutive since 2004. Despite thedicult political circumstanceso recent times, he has showndevotion to keeping the party alivein an area dominated by NationalParty voters.We appreciate Je’s unwaveringsupport and dedication to Laborthroughout his lie. We thank himor his work in the Port MacquarieCountry Labor Inormation Oce,his role over countless state,ederal and council campaignsand his persistence in keepinga strong Labor presence inCountry NSW.
Bl rdwll awd
t Bl rdwll awd  pd  c C Cc   b w pd  vc  C Lb. i c  w  bddcd  f   Lb c d  w p  Lbvl.
John Rober tson presen ts  the Blue y Rod well A ward  to Je f f Condron  from Por t Macquarie.
Plc wkp
t C Lb Plc Cc excv dcd  b   C Cc 2012, cld  dc  plc wkp.
 A key part o rebuilding our party isensuring that we have developedthe right policies to take to theelectorate in 2015. Our rst CountryConerence in Opposition was agreat opportunity to take a reshapproach to our contemporarypolicy challenges. The Country Labor Policy CaucusExecutive decided that the vekey policy challenges to addresswould be:
Health – what shouldmodern healthcare look likein country NSW?
Regional development –identiying uture growthopportunities or country NSW.
Primary industries – why oodsecurity is a Labor issue.
 Transport & Inrastructure –what should the priorities beor country NSW?
Education – meeting challengesin education across countryNSW (including special needs).Panels o policy experts, andrepresentatives rom unions, industryand community groups consultedwith delegates and members beorehaving a detailed policy discussionon one specic topic.
t    pc  ddw C Cc 2012.t wll c   lclbc, seC d cd c  dc df  plc wd x nsW lc  2015.
Below is a brie summary o thetopics that were covered by themotions that were endorsed byeach workshop. To read the motions in ull, visitwww.countrylabor.com.au/ countryconerence.
hl– w ldd lc lk lk c nsW? 
Provision o rural and regionalschool o medicine
 The sale o designer/syntheticdrug substances in tobacconists
Mental health
rl dvlpd  wpp  c nsW 
Inrastructure investmentusing super unds
Logistic inrastructure investment
National BroadbandNetwork and education
National BroadbandNetwork and health
Local manuacturing content rules
Local content labels
Sotware development incentives
 Tax incentives
 Transport security
Regional Show Days
P d– w dc   Lb 
Coal seam gasNational Food Plan
tp & icw ld  p b c nsW?
Concession aresCountrylink to remainin public handsPassenger saetyInrastructure unding backlog
edc–  cll dc c cnsW (cld pcl d)
Special needsTrainingSchool communitiesMaking the most o thedigital education revolutionBarriers to early childhoodeducation‘Residual’ schools

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