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The Singing Voice Is An Instrument

The Singing Voice Is An Instrument

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Published by monicayap59
The Singing Guide - Discover how to become a better singer in just days!
The Singing Guide - Discover how to become a better singer in just days!

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Published by: monicayap59 on Mar 05, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 ==== ====ALERT: Click this link to discover how to become a better singer in just days! Check This LinkNow!http://doiop.com/thesingingguide ==== ====Explore What The Seven Chakras Govern and Which Quartz Crystal Singing Bowl Note GoesWith What Chakra Looking for a quick and simple guide on what each chakra is for? Follow our comprehensive guideto the chakras - a quick look at what each chakra rules and the problems imbalances in eachchakra can cause. Also learn which quartz crystal singing bowl note goes with which chakra foroptimal healing and alignment. 1. Base Chakra - Your sense of groundedness and security lies here. Have trouble finding ormaking a comfortable, secure home for yourself? Does your income barely cover your livingexpenses, or is your job stressful and unfulfilling? Longing to finally experience wealth andprosperity? If this sounds like you, your base chakra could use a tune-up. To stabilize your Base Chakra get - Crystal Singing Bowl Note: C 2. Sacral Chakra - The sacral chakra rules pleasure, creativity, emotions, and sexuality. If there isa blockage here, any desire to express yourself, indulge in the sensuality of life, or to let go &be in the flow gets stopped dead in its tracks by fear of embarrassment, failure, or simple "I can'tdo it" or "I don't deserve that" thoughts. Your creativity will be rigid and stifled. Self-nurturing andsimply feeling good about life will fall off your list of priorities. And your sex life will be anything butthriving and active. The remedy? Get your Sacral Chakra flowing with - Crystal Singing Bowl Note: D 3. Solar Plexus Chakra - The main issues here are empowerment, self-confidence, spontaneityand the ability to face challenges. If you find yourself constantly being stepped on by others, areplagued by doubts about your own capabilities, or constantly second-guess yourself and yourdecisions, the culprit lies in an imbalanced solar plexus chakra. Power your Solar Plexus chakra with - Crystal Singing Bowl Note: E 4. Heart Charka - The heart chakra governs love, relationships and our connectedness to others,and our sense of kindness and compassion. Have trouble relating to other people and forminglasting relationships? Do you find yourself being overly-critical or judgmental of others at times?Want to become a better person by increasing your sense of empathy, understanding, andforgiveness for others? Align your heart chakra and watch these positive qualities emerge. Open your Heart Chakra with - Crystal Singing Bowl Note: F
 5. Throat Chakra - The throat chakra rules your self-expression and your communication. Peoplewho talk too much or on the flipside, appear shy or overly-reserved have a throat chakraimbalance. Opening up the throat chakra gives a greater ability to put feelings and thoughts intowords and gives an ease with all sorts of communication - whether it be writing, singing, talking orother creative modes of expression like art, dance, or music. The throat chakra is also vital to ourquest to speak and share our personal truth, as well as be open to others people's. Free your Throat Chakra with - Crystal Singing Bowl Note: G 6. Third Eye Chakra - Our intuitive and psychic gifts, imagination, and higher intelligence all fallsunder the umbrella of the third eye chakra. An imbalance here will produce lack of imagination,narrow-mindedness and poor coping skills - any sign of pressure of stress will cause you to crackand fumble your responsibilities. Poor memory and difficulty concentration will plague you.Balance the third eye chakra and watch your intellectual and psychic abilities increase, as well asyour ability to visualize and manifest your greatest dreams. Expand your Third Eye Chakra with - Crystal Singing Bowl Note: A 7. Crown Chakra - The crown chakra rules all things spiritual - one sense of oneness with theUniverse, wisdom, understanding, and our higher puprose. If your life seems meaningless or youfeel a sense of aimlessness and lack of direction, seek to align the crown chakra. Greaterawareness of life as well as a strengthened connection to a Higher Power results from a strong,balanced crown chakra. Connect to your Crown Chakra with - Crystal Singing Bowl Note: B There you have it - a complete, condensed guide to the chakras and their corresponding quartzcrystal singing bowl notes. Karma Dorje has been an avid student of spirituality and metaphysics for her entire life and enjoyssharing her knowledge with others. Interested in delving deeper into spirituality and meditation practices to effortlessly make powerfultransformations in your life? Visit Karma's site to get more guides to the seven chakras and tolearn about spiritual tools such as meditation gongs, quartz crystal singing bowls, and morepowerful methods that can bring positivity into your inner and outer world.  Article Source:http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Karma_Dorje 

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