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Feu-nrmf (Drug Study)

Feu-nrmf (Drug Study)

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Published by Kaye Laragan

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Published by: Kaye Laragan on Mar 05, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Drug Study
GenericName:HexetidineBrand Name:Bactidol
Oral antiseptic
Belongs to theclass of localanti-infectiveand antisepticpreparations.Used in thetreatment of diseases of themouth.Synthetic oralantiseptic withbroad-spectrumbactericidal andfungicidalactivity upontopicalapplication.Due to a particulartropism for the proteinsof the mucousmembrane, hexetidineactivity lasts for 12 hrs.
Hexetidine, ahexahydropyrimidine,arrests the thiaminemetabolism of microorganisms,thereby inhibiting theirgrowth.Hexetidine has bothantibacterial andantifungal properties
and possesses abroad spectrum of activity against bothgram-positive and gram-negative organisms thatcause mouth and throatinfections.Hexetidine has beenproven to exhibit ananalgesic property. Itpossesses an anti-infective (preventiveand curative) property.It has been shown tohave a cicatrizingaction. It also exhibits amild hemostatic action.Gargle withhalf amouthful of Bactidol for30 sec, 2-3times a dayfor a week,untilsymptomsdisappear.No need todilute.General OralHygiene:Gargle oncein themorning andbeforeretiring atnight.For topical use in dentistry andin the treatment of sore andinfected throat.General Oral Hygiene: Bactidolcontrolsbad breath, toothdecay and promotes healthygums. Daily use does not leadto overgrowth of bacteria andfungi.Oral Infections: Bactidolsignificantly reduces thedegree of infectionin gingivitis,stomatitis, periodontitis, aphthae andpericoronitis. Throat Infections: Bactidol willsafely soothe and givetemporary relief of minorsorethroat. It is also indicated forthe treatmentof tonsillitisandpharyngitiswh ere it is known to result inmarked beneficial effectsamong patients. ProphylacticPurposes: Bactidol accelerateshealing and effectivelycontrols unpleasant mouthodors if used after dentalextraction and surgicalprocedures. It reducesinflammatory symptoms of bleeding, redness,pain and foul taste. Bactidol is a usefuladjunct in minor oral surgery.
Lesions andulcerations of oral/buccalmucosa.
If prompt relief isnot obtained, or if soreness persists,worsens orspreads,discontinue useand consult adoctor. Fever,headache, nausea,and/or vomitingusually indicatesever infectionrequiring advicefrom a doctor.Supervise childrenages 6 to 12 yearswhen usingBactidol. Do notadminister tochildren under sixyears of age unlessdirected by adoctor.
Drug Study
Drug Study
Generic Name:HydroxyzineBrandnames:
First GenerationAnti-HistamineHydroxyzinereducesactivity in thecentral nervoussystem. It alsoacts as anantihistaminethat reducesthe naturalchemicalhistamine inthe body.Histamine canproducesymptoms of sneezing andrunny nose, orhives on theskin.10mg/tabHydroxyzine isused as a sedativeto treat anxietyand tension. It isalso used togetherwith othermedications givenfor anesthesia.Hydroxyzine mayalso be used tocontrol nausea andvomiting.Hydroxyzine is alsoused to treatallergic skinreactions such ashives or contactdermatitis. You should not usethis medication if you are allergic tohydroxyzine, or if you are pregnant.If you have certainconditions, youmay need a doseadjustment orspecial tests tosafely use thismedication. Beforeyou takehydroxyzine, tellyour doctor if youhave:epilepsy orother seizuredisorder;asthma,emphysema, orother breathingproblem;glaucoma;heart diseaseor high bloodpressure;stomach ulcer,blockage inyour stomachor intestines;thyroiddisorder;enlargedprostate orproblems withurination; liverdisease; orkidney disease.Hydroxyzinecan cause sideeffects thatmay impairyour thinkingor reactions.Be careful if you drive or doanything thatrequires you tobe awake andalert. Stopusinghydroxyzineand call yourdoctor at onceif you have aserious sideeffect such astremors,confusion,seizures, orrestlessmusclemovements inyour eyes,tongue, jaw, orneck. Avoiddrinkingalcohol. It canincrease someof the sideeffects of hydroxyzine. Take this medicinewith a full glass of water.Measure liquidmedicine with aspecial dose-measuring spoon orcup, not a regulartable spoon. If you donot have a dose-measuring device,ask your pharmacistfor one.Seek emergencymedical attention if you think you haveused too much of thismedicine.Overdose symptomsmay include extremedrowsiness, nausea,vomiting, feeling likeyou might pass out.

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