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Published by denmanschool

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Categories:Types, Research
Published by: denmanschool on Mar 05, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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AABBOTT Hap/Lucinda 5985 Lacon cell 415-515-5058ABRAMSON Harvey 1610 Baikie 335-1878ABRAXAS BOOKS AND ARTS ph/fax 335-2731ADAIR Ron/Linda 5265 Lacon 335-2044ADDISON Mike/Carol 10225 Greenhill 335-2392ALABDULAALI Huda 3206 Northwest 335-1525ALBRECHT Bob 2835 Piercy 335-9145ALBRECHT Sam/Cathy 9955 Greenhill 335-1923cell 604-782-1865ALLAN J S R 7865 Komas 335-0386ALLEN Sybil 3849 East 335-0958ALLISON Rochelle 8535 Keith Wagner 335-1524AMBULANCE-
5501 Denman 335-0844ANDREW John 7001 Northwest 335-2905ANGELOZZI Gina 6077 East 335-0982ANGLICAN CHURCH 335-0379ANGLOS K N 2570 Piercy 335-0802ARMSTRONG Bob/Judy 2505 Piercy 335-0433ARMSTRONG Stacey 1066 Dusty 335-3353ARTS DENMAN 1016 Northwest 335-1224ATLEE Eric 335-1302AUBLE Denby 1020 Eaglecrest 335-1975BB.C. FERRY CORP. (Buckley Bay) 335-0323BADER Donald 5223 East 335-1926BAILEY Ian 4700 East 335-0207BAILEY Paul 9565 Greenhill 335-2072BAIRD Roger/Miho 2396 Jemima 335-3069BAKER M.J. 5781 Stanehill 335-2440BAKER Tony 9225 Reginald 335-1256BALDWIN deNeen 335-3027BALKE Jennifer 6080 Lacon 335-2151BARKER F (Tachi) 5500 Stanehill 335-0099BARKER Juan 8150 Owl 335-2401BARKER Shayne 1428 Lacon 335-1471BARKLEY Colin/Val 7390 Denman 335-1002BARNES Rees/Cora 5100 Northwest 335-2863BARNETT J 3290 Lacon 335-2199BARROW Gail 4556 Lacon 335-0904
AreaLocationWhoAKomas Rd - end of NW RdPat YoungBGladstone Way, NW Rd to and incl.Chrisman RdCNW Rd from Chrisman to Scott RdDScott & Nixon RdJack MounceKathy TolsonELake, Wren & Yule RdSteve CarballeiraDavid FrenchFLake Farm & Chickadee PlBev HollingsworthGNW Rd from Lake to 1720 NW RdHNW Rd from 1720 to Denman Rdincl. Piercy, Nelson & Kirk RdIDenman Rd from Ferry Terminal toLacon Rd incl. Farley & KelseyJoy WhitehouseJLacon Rd to Westcliffe incl.Tronson and WestcliffeBill EngelsonKevin MitchellKLacon Rd from Westcliffe toMcFarlane incl. Triple Rock,Tristone, Hillberry, Glen Ghorm,Woodham & MillardDoreen HyndLLacon Rd from McFarlane SouthSelinda WhiteMMcFarlane from Lacon to Greenhillincl. LeducTurid OlafsonNReginald Rd incl. Dusty & RayelynJennifer WestDenise McKeanOMcFarlane Rd from Greenhill toEast Rd. incl. Green Hill, CountryPl, Stanehill and Keith WagnerJayne-Anne O'ReillyPEast Rd south to Gravelly Bay, inclCokely & ThomasDavid FairburnQEast Rd south from Gravelly Bayincl. Eaglecrest & Sea Lion RdGillian ForsythREast Rd north from McFarlane toOwl Cresc incl. Beaver DrDanni CrennaSEast Rd north from Owl to Corrigalincl. Owl & MallardMargie GangTEast Rd north from Corrigal toSchmidt incl. Corrigal, Marcus &JemimaUDenman Rd west from Schmidt toSwan incl. Schmidt & SwanVBeadnell Rd, Baikie, Dalziel &Mabel incl. Fillongley campgroundBill WarrenWDenman Rd from Swan to Picklesincl North Central RdHerb JonesXDenman Rd from Pickles Rd toLacon incl. Pickles and Central RdWendy Stewart
BAYNES SOUND INSURANCE BROKERS 2001 LTD 335-2027BEARDSLEY Scott/Garnet 4920A Lacon 335-0308BEHRENS Kevin/Chris 5520 Thomas 335-1538BELL Douglas 4215 East 335-2576BELL Louise 3325 Kirk 335-2113BELLEROSE Satya/Ram 6090 East 240-3801BERG Larry 2831 East 335-2294BERRIGAN Heather 5341 East 335-2041BIEBACH Gabi/Klaus 2071 Northwest 335-1661BIERMANN Michel/Mimi 3691 East 335-2071BILAN Margaret A 1701 Dalziel 335-0926BIRKELAND Harold/Marit 2575 Piercy 335-2573BLACK L 4356 East 335-0882BLAKE Graham 8650 McFarlane 335-2879BLANCHET J 8915 Keith Wagner 335-0084BLITTERSWYK Marinus/Bett 8925 Mallard 335-0432BLOOMFIELD Benjamin 7722 Owl 335-0831BLOOMFIELD Reita/Ray 8641 McFarlane 335-2970BLUE Megan 335-1414BLUE OWL B & B 8850 Owl 335-3440BOCKMAN Vicky/Neil 3226 Kirk 335-3394BOEDEKER Winfried/Carla 2705 Piercy 335-1009BOLENZ H/M 2545 Lacon 335-2705BOOTHROYD Boots/Margot 1395 Corrigal 335-1066BOULTON J W 5424 Glen Ghorm 335-0268BRAMBELL Ken 8654 Owl 335-9174BRAUN Deborah 335-2965BRAZIER Graham 9086 Keith Wagner 335-1262BREWER P M 2105 Northwest 335-2760BRINKEMA Shana 1190 Swan 335-1026BRODSGAARD S 8511 McFarlane 335-0008BROEMER Rudolph/Pat 3241 Kirk 335-2190BRONS Ilsa 2016 Northwest 335-1457BROWN Greg/Sil
6791 Denman 335-1898BROWN I 1549 Dalziel 335-2017BRUCE Jan 335-2949BUCHAN Deryn 9416 McFarlane 335-0754BULLICK S 335-3354BURD Penny 7621 Komas 335-0762BUSHEIKIN Laura 5351 Denman 335-2089
- Writing and editing Services 335-2089Articles, reports, brochures, funding proposals, minute-taking, webcopy, editing, and more Lbwordshop@gmail.com
Laurie Rendon
www.laurierendon.com 250-465-1674Academic editing (APA, MLA, ASA, Chicago, house style)Articles and chapters in social sciences, education, business
YOGAKundalini Yoga
7650B Marcus 335-1143Weekly classes in Yoga, Self Healing and MeditationDevmurti & Hari Amrit Khalsa - Live Healthy and Happy!
Laura Busheikin - Hatha Yoga
335-2089Gentle, holistic approach; certified instructor. Classes, workshops,private lessons Laura.innerislandyoga@gmail.com
1795 Swan Rd 335-0945Hatha Yoga in the Iyengar style, Private or group lessonsCertified Iyengar Teacher , Alison Yarwood
Yoga Stream
Josey Slater 335-0911Certified Yoga Teacher
CCALDEIRA Jan 1461B Corrigal 335-1033CALDEIRA John 335-1043CALLAHAN Claire 1795C Swan 335-0935CALLAHAN Tobe/Mikell 1780 Scott 335-0177CAMPBELL Sally 6413 Lacon 335-2471CAMPILL-WEDGES Max 4796 Lacon 335-0019CANDY Donald 1146 Northwest 335-0640CARBALLEIRA Steve 3060 Lake 335-1864CARLSEN Carla 2705 Piercy 335-1009CARNEGIE S 335-0057CARSON Barbara 3185 Kirk 335-0254CARTIER Jeremy 1066 Dusty 335-3353CHABRIA Manu 3660 East 335-2356CHALLINOR Nancy 7397 Komas 335-1086CHAGNON M
lisande 9116 McFarlane 335-0291CHAPMAN Elizabeth 2440 East 335-1698CHATEAU BEAUFORT Linda and Max 335-0019CHERNOVSKY Hersh 2111 East 335-2040CHRISTENSEN Kris/Hanne 5315 East 335-3225CLARK Bryanna 1721C Scott 335-0814CLARK Ian/Marjorie 2209 Northwest 335-3026CLARK K 1221 East 335-1134CLARK Leticia 335-1162CLARK Peter/Dianne 3220 Kirk 335-1183CLARK Zella 3301 Piercy 335-0288CLARKE Sharon 4905 Trueman 335-0897COAST REALTY GROUP 3646 Denman 335-3119COBB Oliver/Marion 3700 Lake 335-0218COCKBURN Jean 4021 Nixon 335-0228cell 650-1167COLLINS Brian 3066 Northwest 335-4446COLWELL Murray 3315 Lacon 335-0392COMEAU Diana 3771 East 335-1017COMEAU Mike 3771 East 335-1015CONDON Jim 1700 Baikie 335-3090CONLON D 2995 Lacon 335-1582CONRY R/J Lacon 335-0174COOPER David K 8724 Keith Wagner 335-0975CORDDRY Annie 5909 Denman 335-2762CORDNER Keir 2976 Northwest 335-0195

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