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The Role of Reproduction (Part 3)

The Role of Reproduction (Part 3)

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Published by: Savannah Simone Petrachenko on Mar 05, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The Role of Reproduction (Part 3)
Evolution and Reproduction
Mutation Accumulation
Mutations, RARELY, improve an organism’s ability to adapt to itsenvironment
When the random accumulation of mutations in redundant genesresults in the production of new and useful gene products, thennatural selection tends to perpetuate the transmission of this newgene
Sexual Reproduction Creates Genetic Diversity
The essence of sexual reproduction is the random selection of half of a parent’s
chromosome set to make a
haploid gamete
The fusion of two such haploid gametes produces a diploid cell thatcontains genetic information from both parents
Why Sexual Reproduction?
Resultant variation allows organisms to adapt to a changingenvironment
Adaptation occurs when an individual possesses features thatenhance its survival and ability to reproduce in that environment
An organism that combines its genetic information with that fromanother individual produces offspring that are inherently morevariable
Fungi Reproduce both Asexually and Sexually
Pheromones released by two different mating types causefusion and sporangium formation

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