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Table Of Contents

Chapter 1: Introduction
Personal Options and Views Overview
Company-wide Information and Views
Common Features
Access Right Types
Configuration Versus Customization
Content in Guides
Chapter 2: Working with Departments
About Departments
How to Get Started with Departments
Department Access Rights
Create Departments
How to Manage General Department Information
Manage Department General Properties
To manage department general properties
Define Department Budgets
View a List of Sub-Departments
Manage Department Locations
View Department Locations
Add Department Locations
To add department locations
Manage Subscribed Services
View and Analyze Department Portfolios
Action Items
View Action Items and Item Details
Create Action Items
Modify Action Items
Add and Remove Action Item Assignees
Delete Action Items
Calendar Events
View Calendar Events
Create Calendar Events
Modify Calendar Events
Remove Participants from Calendar Events
To view and correct run-time errors
Delete Processes and Process Instances
Cancel Process Instances
To cancel a process instance
View Notifications and Details
Delete Notifications
Chapter 4: Your Overview Page
View the Overview Page
How to Personalize the Overview Page
Access Personalize Pages
To access the Personalize pages
Change the Title of a Portlet
Add Portlets to Your Overview Page
Manage Filter Portlets on Your Overview Page
Remove Portlets from Your Overview Page
Restore Overview Page Defaults
Overview Page Tabs
Overview Page Contents
My Projects Portlet
Events Portlet
Favorite Links Portlet
Notifications Portlet
Event Invitations Portlet
Favorite Photos Portlet
Site Links Portlet
Chapter 5: Documents and Folders
Document Repository Overview
Knowledge Store Access Rights
Knowledge Store Permissions
View the Knowledge Store
Access the Document Manager
Create Folders
Add Documents to Folders
Download Files from Folders
Edit Folder Properties
Edit Folder Permissions
To edit folder permissions
Delete Folders
How to Manage Documents
Open Documents for Viewing Only
Save Documents to your Desktop
Check Out Documents
Undo Document Checkout
Check In Documents
Edit Document Properties
Edit Document Permissions
To edit document permissions
Review Document History
Copy Documents
Move Documents to Different Folders
Work with Document Versions
Work with Document Processes
Delete Documents
Chapter 6: Timesheets
Timesheet Overview
Timesheets Access Rights
How to Get Started with Timesheets
Specify Entry Input Type and Charge Codes
How to Enter Time
How to Add Tasks to Timesheets
Enter Work Hours into Timesheets
Split Entry Input Type Codes and Charge Codes
Time Entry ETC
Delete Entries from Timesheets
Submit, Approve, and Adjust Timesheets
To submit your timesheet for approval
Notify Resources about Overdue Timesheets
Compare Adjusted and Original Timesheets
Compare Actuals to Estimates
To compare actuals to estimates
Delete Timesheets
Receive Notifications for Submitted Timesheets
CA Clarity PPM Offline Timesheets
Prerequisites for Downloading CA Clarity PPM Offline Timesheets
Enter Server Information into CA Clarity PPM Offline Timesheets
Download and Install CA Clarity PPM Offline Timesheets
To download and install CA Clarity PPM Offline Timesheets
Open and Update CA Clarity PPM Offline Timesheets
Chapter 7: Reports
Stock Reports
About Report Security
Reports Access Rights
Jobs Affecting Report Data
View a List of Reports
Run or Schedule Reports To Run
To run or schedule a report run
Scheduled Report Runs
Define or Edit Scheduled Report Run Properties
View the Status of Scheduled Report Runs
To view the status of a scheduled report run
Pause or Resume Scheduled Report Runs
To pause or resume a scheduled report run
Cancel Scheduled Report Runs
Delete Scheduled Report Runs
To delete a scheduled report run
Delete Saved Report Parameters
Add Reports to the My Reports Portlet
Set Up Report Status Notifications
Grant View Permissions to Report Runs
To grant view permissions to a report run
View Generated Reports
Delete Generated Reports
Chapter 8: Account Settings
How to Manage your Account
Update Personal Information
Designate Proxies
Change the Font Size
To change the font size
Notifications Setup
Notification Functional Areas
Manage Your Notification Settings
To manage your notification settings
Specify Notification Methods
Software Downloads
Software Download Access Rights
Download Software
To download software
Chapter 9: Searches and Filters
About Filters
Filter and Sort Lists
Save Filters
Use Saved Filters
Clear Filter Fields
Show All Items in Lists
Build Power Filters
Use Filter Portlets
Delete Saved Filters
Global Search Tool
Perform Basic Searches
Perform Advanced Searches
Global Search Techniques
Chapter 10: Page and Portlet Configuration
Configuration Overview
Fields and Page, Portlet, and Filter Layouts
Gantt Chart Data and Layout
Time-Scaled Data and Layout
How to Configure List Pages and Portlets
Change the Column Layout
Change Column Names and Edit Display Properties
Change Aggregation Row Properties
To change aggregation row properties
How to Configure List Filters
Access List Filters
Add and Remove List Filter Fields
Change List Filter Field Display Settings
To change list filter field display settings
Change List Filter Field Names and Display Properties
Change List Filter Field Properties
Change Gantt Chart Data Display Settings
How to Configure Time-Scaled Values
Change Time Periods on Portlets
Configure Column Settings
How to Configure Graph Portlets
Temporarily Apply or Remove Consistent Colors Usage from Graphs
To Temporarily Apply or Remove Consistent Colors from a Graph
Configure Graph Portlets to Use Consistent Colors and Color Key
To configure a graph portlet to use consistent colors and color key
Chapter 11: Personal Dashboarding
About Dashboards
Export Dashboard Data to Other Formats
Share Dashboards
Personalize Dashboards
Access Rights for Dashboards
Dashboard and Portlet Page Comparision
Dashboard and Portlet Page Comparison
By Example: Dashboards
View a Dashboard
To view a dashboard
Export a Dashboard
Export a Portlet
To export a portlet
How to Set Up a Dashboard
Create a Dashboard
To create a dashboard
Dashboard Portlet Setup
Dashboard Layout
Share a Dashboard
Publish a Dashboard
To publish a dashboard
Edit a Portlet in a Dashboard
To edit a portlet in a dashboard
Remove a Portlet from a Dashboard
To remove a portlet from a dashboard
Chapter 12: Portlets
About Data Providers
Interactive Portlets
Personalize Pages with Interactive Portlets
Create the Interactive Portlet
To create an interactive portlet
Grid Portlets
Create a Grid Portlet
To create a grid portlet
Determine a Grid Portlet's Columns and Layout
Add a Gantt Chart to a Grid Portlet
Add an Image to a Grid Portlet
Add a Progress Bar to a Grid Portlet
To add a progress bar to a grid portlet
Add a Time-Scaled Value to a Grid Portlet
Add an Aggregation Row for a Number Field to a Grid Portlet
Graph Portlets
Graph Portlet Types
Create a Graph Portlet
To create a graph portlet
Determine a Graph Portlet's Data and Layout
Determine a Graph Portlet's Appearance
To determine a graph portlet's appearance
Create a Filter Section for a Grid or Graph Portlet
Filter Portlets
Filter Precedence
Scope of Filter Portlets
Filter Persistence
How to Set Up a Filter Portlet
Create a Filter Portlet
To create a filter portlet
Add a Field to a Filter Portlet
To add a field to filter portlet
Add a Lookup or Multi-valued Lookup Field to a Filter Portlet
To add a lookup or multi-valued lookup field to a filter portlet
Determine the Layout of Fields on Filter Portlets
To determine the layout fields on a filter portlet
Add a Filter Portlet to a Personal Dashboard
Chapter 13: Viewing and Posting Discussion Topics
About Discussions
How to Manage Project or Programs Discussions
Create New Discussion Topics
To create a new discussion topic
Post Messages to Discussion Topics
Post Replies to Messages
View Discussion Threads
Expand and Collapse Discussion Threads
Display the Participants of a Discussion Topic
Modify Topics and Messages
Chapter 14: Lists
Hierarchical Lists
Sort Hierarchical Lists
Expand and Collapse Rows in Hierarchical Lists
Filter Hierarchical Lists
Configure Hierarchical Lists
Actions Menu
Access the Actions Menu
Change Column Sort Order
Data Export
Edit Data Fields
Select All Items in Lists
Chapter 15: Audit Records
Audit Overview
View Audit Records
Appendix A: Crystal Reports Stock Report Descriptions
Budget Forecast Analysis Report
Chargeback GL Account Activity Report
Customer Invoice Report
Key Tasks and Milestone Status Report
Missing Time Report
Portfolio Alignment Report
Investment Status Report
Project Transactions Inquiry Report
Resource Assignments Report
Resource by Role Description Report
Timesheet Detail Report
Resource Portlet
Portfolio Portlet
Portfolio Dashboard
Investment Dashboard
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CAClarityPPM Common Features Personal Options UserGuide ENU

CAClarityPPM Common Features Personal Options UserGuide ENU

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