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Memory People Page (Vol 2, Issue 3) 3-5-2012

Memory People Page (Vol 2, Issue 3) 3-5-2012

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Published by Leeanne Chames

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Published by: Leeanne Chames on Mar 05, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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March 5, 2012 Issue No.
bringing awareness
one person at a time…
The Memory People Page
Alzheimer‟s: A Punch Line
Editorial by Leeanne Chames
Memory People is all about support and awareness.Support for this journey to get through another dayas a patient or a caregiver, and bringing awarenessabout
and the other diseases that arestealing us and our loved ones by the millions.Support and awareness change lives. They give hopeand understanding, and they are the best weaponswe have right now in this fight against these ever-increasing, and extremely misunderstood diseases.This week on Memory People we learned about a group of entertainers who are using
Alzheimer‟s disease as a vehicle for a m
usical comedy about growing older. To put itmildly the response was heated. To see this fatal disease be so grotesquelymisunderstood, marketed, and then given any kind of positive review surely gets theblood pumping in anyone who has been touched by
Alzheimer‟s.This disease‟s
unrelenting ravages on the patient and their loved ones is most timestoo much to bear. But to see the
utter ignorance of Alzheimer‟s
displayed in such a
despicable way surely pushes one over the edge. And sadly, it shows us where we‟re
at in this fight, and how very far we have to go.I believe that for most people
Alzheimer‟s is
thought of as
the „forgetful disease‟. “It‟s
sad Gr
andma can‟t remember how to crochet anymore.” “It‟s hard to see Uncle Jim in
his wheelchair in the nursing home
and can‟t remember how to tie his shoes, but you
know, he was probably going to end up there one of these days
 The ignorance of this disease is one of the biggestobstacles we face in this fight. The fact that such stigmaand such unawareness still exists for a disease that wasdiscovered 100 years ago is disheartening, and a truetragedy.How far will we ever get in making progress towards relief and a cure if this is
where we‟re
still at?
cont’d page 2…
March 5, 2012 Issue No.
Memory People brings Awareness while we offer support. Our stories tell the truthand reality of this disease better than any textbook or medical journal. And in ourstories and through this Awareness we help erase the stigma, dispel themisconceptions, and bring help and hope to hundreds caught in this.The atrocity of this show is just one example of the ignorance of this disease. We dohave a long way to go, but we make more strides towards relief and a cure everyday.
“Bringing Awareness, one person at a time…” 
While I Still Can…
By Rick Phelps and Dan Mitchell Sometimes yesterday 
Can seem a million years away 
 And I’ll forget exactly what to say 
When asked about my past 
Time is my enemy 
That’s why I’m living for right now 
Tomorrow’s just too far to think about 
My heart only knows one task 
While I still can
’m gonna hold my babies to my chest 
Thank God for all the ways that I’ve been blessed 
Relive each single day from bad to best 
While I still can
’ll try to help my loved ones understand 
How memories can fly like grains of sand 
 And that I’ll remember them
While I still can
Don’t ask me
to decideWhich way I want my road to turnMy god by now I thought you would have learned I will follow you on faithWhen I fall asleepThe darkness and the demons steal my dreamsOf how things were and how they still could beIn a sweeter placeChoices, decisions, frustrations, and pain
Knowing I’m going to forget her some day 
 Chorus:While I still can
gonna hold my babies to my breast 
Thank God for all the ways that I’ve been blessed 
Relive each single day from bad to best 
While I still canI'll challenge all my loved ones,Every friend To look inside their hearts and understand That I will love themI will love themWhile I still can

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