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03 05 2012 Crafterminds Transcript

03 05 2012 Crafterminds Transcript

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Published by Heather Mann
#crafterminds Twitter chat transcript 03/05/2012 - topic: How to Generate Traffic
#crafterminds Twitter chat transcript 03/05/2012 - topic: How to Generate Traffic

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Published by: Heather Mann on Mar 05, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Crafterminds.com3/5/2012 Twitter Chat Topic: How to Generate Traffic#CRAFTERMINDS
HashTracking.com Report737 tweets generated
impressions, reaching an audience of 
followers within the past24 hoursCalculated from up to about 1500 tweets | Generated Mon Mar 05 2012 14:26:11 GMT-0800 (PacificStandard Time)Top 10 by number of impressions1.crafterminds: 335,1042.graphicsfairy: 209,1153. jenjentrixie: 148,4344.muralmaker1: 114,4015.countrychiccott: 54,5306.ilovetocreate: 49,8727.cyngagen: 46,4648.thesickchick : 43,0029.aunt_nette: 35,73410.momendeavors: 33,930Top 10 by number of tweets1.crafterminds: 1122.muralmaker1: 593.graphicsfairy: 454.cyngagen: 445.gloriafox: 416.craftmoore: 407.thesewingloft: 398.countrychiccott: 359.craftyveggirl: 2810. jenjentrixie: 26Top 10 by number of followers1.ilovetocreate: 6,2342. jenjentrixie: 5,7093.graphicsfairy: 4,6474.crafterminds: 2,9925.thesickchick : 2,3896.shabbycreek : 2,2037.taunitweets: 2,1548.aunt_nette: 2,1029.muralmaker1: 1,93910.momendeavors: 1,885
less than a minute ago @craftyveggirlIf you have 20+ posts you should go ahead & promote your blog!#crafterminds
about 8 minutes agoI have a lot of recipes, but not very many crafts, which is more thedirection I'm headed in.#crafterminds
about 10 minutes agoQ: Do you think I need to wait until I have more content on myblog before guest posting or advertising on other blogs?#crafterminds
about 11 minutes ago @crafterminds @mvemotherWell, that answers my question. :) #crafterminds
about 12 minutes agoRT@crafterminds: Thanks for joining us, everyone. We'll have a recap up onhttp://t.co/sY7T6ovIlater today.#crafterminds
about 12 minutes agoOh no, I totally forgot about the#craftermindschat today!
about 12 minutes ago @mvemotherUnfortunately we have discontinued the evening chats! Hope you can make it next monday at 4pm E!#crafterminds
about 13 minutes ago @mvemotherThere's another one tonight? Or do you mean the recap? Sorry, newbie here!#crafterminds
about 13 minutes ago @CynGagenThat's pretty much what I did. I consider it a constant work in progress haha.#crafterminds
about 13 minutes ago@taunitweets: I don't think you can overlook the importance of  great blog design. #firstimpressionscount#crafterminds” agreed!
about 14 minutes ago @craftyveggirlI feel the exact same way! Mine always seems lacking to me.#crafterminds
about 14 minutes ago @craftyveggirlYES! I get mine written, then read someone else's & think that mine sucks! lol#crafterminds
about 14 minutes ago @craftmoorethanks!#crafterminds
about 14 minutes ago @southerndollieI think at some point I need to just put up the About page & live with it for a while#crafterminds
about 15 minutes ago @CynGagenEXACTLY! But then I read everyone else's and they are so witty & charming & I feel like I'm so boring. LOL#crafterminds
about 15 minutes agoSo disappointed I missed the majority of #craftermindschat this afternoon, but there's always tonight!
about 16 minutes ago @craftermindsThanks crafterminds! Keep on craftin'! #crafterminds
about 16 minutes ago @CynGagenI've been working on that dreaded page for a week, and still can't get it right :(#crafterminds
about 16 minutes ago @craftyveggirlI want it to be clever, not boring, not just like everyone else's..& I'm a perfectionist!#crafterminds
about 16 minutes ago @craftermindsThank you....don't know how often I can attend, but I will when I can. :)#crafterminds
about 16 minutes agoEvery monday, same time (1pm PST) check http://t.co/GNIgqmIAfor details RT@craftyveggirl: How often does chat happen?#crafterminds
about 17 minutes ago @craftmooreha! I feel like you and I have our homework for the week. The dreaded "About" page!#crafterminds
about 17 minutes ago @CynGagen @crafterminds @craftmooreI know what you mean! It never feels "right".#crafterminds
about 18 minutes agomissed today's chat due to sick kids, but looking forward to therecap. thanks@crafterminds!#crafterminds
about 18 minutes ago @craftyveggirl #craftermindsis every Monday at 4pm Eastern. #crafterminds
about 18 minutes agoA horrible and out of date one... : ( RT@crafterminds: @craftmooreYou have an About page, right? :)#crafterminds
about 18 minutes ago @MsKristiinaHere's a list... hasn't been updated in awhile tho!

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