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New and Bestselling Gardening Titles from Chelsea Green

New and Bestselling Gardening Titles from Chelsea Green

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Books on sustainable agriculture, permaculture, and organic gardening.
Books on sustainable agriculture, permaculture, and organic gardening.

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Published by: Chelsea Green Publishing on Mar 06, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 An All-Natural Approach to Rais-ing Chickens and Other Fowl for Home and Market Growers
Harvey Ussery
$39.95 • Paper • 416 pagesISBN 9781603582902
One Chef’s Transformative Year Cooking from Eva’s Farm
Didi Emmons
$34.95 • Hardcover • 320 pagesISBN 9781603582858
 A Cultivator’s Guide to Small-ScaleOrganic Herb Production
Peg Schafer 
$34.95 • Paper • 336 pagesISBN 9781603583305
Tree Fruits and Berries theBiological Way 
Michael Phillips
$39.95 • Paper • 432 pagesISBN 9781933392134The most comprehensive and denitiveguide to date on raising all-naturalpoultry for the homesteader andsmall farmer. Ussery’s model presentsa practical and integrative model forworking with chickens and otherdomestic fowl, based entirely on naturalsystems, and will prove invaluable forbeginner homesteaders, growers lookingto incorporate poultry into their farm,and farmers seeking to work moreholistically with their poultry.Curiosity sparked Emmons’s initialventure down the Massachusettscoast to meet the celebrated farmerEva Sommaripa, whose 200-plusuncommon herbs, greens, and edible“weeds” supply many top Northeasternchefs.
Wild Flavors
follows Didi througha year in Eva’s Garden and offers boththe warmth of their shared tales aswell as the exquisite foods Didi cameto develop using only the freshest of ingredients and wild edibles. Alongsidethe unique seasonal offerings, Didiprovides proles of forty-six plants,and shares Eva’s wisdom about stayingconnected and maintaining a healthylifestyle in an increasingly hectic world.Peg Schafer, longtime grower and teacher,guides readers with information onpropagating, cultivating, and harvestingChinese herbs, and presents fascinatingnew scientic data that reveal the age-old wisdom of nature and the traditionalsystems of Chinese medicine. Throughseventy-nine detailed herb proles—alltested and trialed on Schafer’s certiedorganic farm—Schafer offers easy-to-follow information, suitable for bothgrowers and practitioners, for growingefcacious wild-simulated herbs.Michael Phillips, author of 
The AppleGrower 
, demysties the basic skillseverybody should know about the innerworkings of the orchard ecosystem, aswell as orchard design, soil biology, andorganic health management. Detailedinsights on grafting, planting, pruning,and choosing the right varieties for yourclimate are also included, along witha step-by-step instructional calendarto guide growers through the entireorchard year.
 A Comprehensive History and Description of Varieties for Collectors, Growers, and FruitEnthusiasts
Creighton Lee Calhoun, Jr.
$75.00 • Hardcover • 384 pagesISBN 9781603582940
 A Practical Guide to Small-Scale,Integrative Farming and Gardening 
Sepp Holzer 
$34.95 • Paper • 240 pagesISBN 9781603583701
 A No-Stress Philosophy for allSenses and Seasons
Felder Rushing
$29.95 • Paper • 232 pagesISBN 9780977348947
 An In-Depth Exploration of Essential Concepts and Processesfrom Around the World 
Sandor Ellix Katz
Foreword by Michael Pollan$39.95 • Hardcover • 528 pagesISBN 9781603582865
Available June 12 2012
Author Lee Calhoun is one of theforemost gures in apple conservation inAmerica. Illustrated with more than 170color images of classic apples from theNational Agricultural Library’s collectionof watercolor paintings,
Old Southern Apples
is a fascinating and beautifulreference and gift book.Sepp Holzer farms steep mountainsidesin Austria 1,500 meters above sea level.His farm is an intricate network of terraces, raised beds, ponds, waterwaysand tracks, well covered with productivefruit trees and other vegetation, withthe farmhouse neatly nestling amongstthem. This is in dramatic contrast tohis neighbors’ spruce monocultures.Holzer covers every aspect of hisfarming methods, not just how to createa holistic system on the farm itself, buthow to make a living from it.Sharing the wisdom of well-knowngarden expert Felder Rushing,
Slow Gardening 
offers a commonsense,informal, and outright funny philosophythat will appeal to gardeners no matterwhere they live or how often they weed.By taking the road less traveled,
Slow Gardening 
will have gardeners focusingon the long haul and remembering totake it easy along the way. As Feldersays,“Life has lots of pressures—whyinclude them in the garden?”The most comprehensive guide to do-it-yourself home fermentation ever published.Sandor Katz presents the concepts andprocesses behind fermentation in waysthat are simple enough to guide a readerthrough their rst experience makingsauerkraut or yogurt, and in-depthenough to provide greater understandingand insight for experienced practitioners.With two-color illustrations and extendedresources, this book provides essentialwisdom for cooks, homesteaders, farmers,gleaners, foragers, and food lovers of anykind.
Chelsea Green Publishing
New and Noteworthy Gardening Titles
Stories from the New Frontier 
Kerry Dawborn, Caroline Smith(Editors)
376 pagesISBN 9780975078624
 Memoir of a Seed Saver 
Diane Ott Whealy
256 pagesISBN 9780615457741
Cooking, Storing, Freezing, Drying & Preserving Your Garden Produce
 Jackie Sherman
200 pagesISBN 9781900322966
$12.95 • Paper • 100 pages$79.95 for set of 8Various ISBNs and authorsPermaculture is much more thanorganic gardening. Arguably it is one of Australia’s greatest intellectual exports,having helped people worldwide todesign ecologically sustainable strategiesfor their homes, gardens, farms andcommunities. This book charts ahistory of the rst three decades of permaculture through the personalstories of Australian permaculturists.From permaculture co-originatorDavid Holmgren, to ABC TV’s
Gardening  Australia
presenter Josh Byrne, theauthors span the generations and thecontinent.The love for the land and the respect forheirloom seeds that Diane Ott Whealyshared with her husband, Kent, led totheir starting Seed Savers Exchangein 1975. Ott Whealy’s down-to-earthnarrative traces her fascinating journeyfrom Oregon to Kansas to Missourithen back home to Iowa where, in 1986,Heritage Farm became the permanenthome of Seed Savers Exchange. Herheartwarming story captures what isbest in the American spirit: the abilityto dream and, through hard work and perseverance, inspire others tocontribute their efforts to a cause.Thus was created one of the nation’smost admired nonprots in the eld of genetic preservation.
 Making the Most of Your Glorious Glut
isthe answer to the perennial problem of an over abundance of wonderful fruitand vegetables. From cucumbers tospinach, tomatoes to runner beans, andblackcurrants to plums, most gardenerswill recognize the sinking feeling thatcreeps over you when you realize youhave had such a good harvest that youcannot actually face picking, cooking oreating any more. With the help of thisbook you will be able to make the mostof any glut; as well as recipes for usingfresh produce in new and exciting ways,you will learn how to pickle, preserve,dry, bottle, and juice all your surplusfruit and vegetables so that they can beenjoyed throughout the year.A series of eight guides originallypublished by NOFA (Northeast OrganicFarming Association) on organicprinciples and practices for both thebeginner farmer as well as establishedfarmers looking to convert to organic ordeepen their practices. Each book is onlyabout 100 pages, but the information isweighty; the guides use a strong whole-systems farming theory behind theirpractical advice, as well as offer historicalinformation, further resources, detailedappendices, and proles of variousorganic farms across the Northeast.
$24.95 • Paper • 228 pagesISBN 9781900322928
$24.95 • Paper • 192 pagesISBN 9781900322881
Great Money-Saving Ideas for Your Garden
Dave Hamilton
$24.95 • Paper • 192 pagesISBN 9781900322898
 A Guide for Complete Beginners
 Jon Clift, Amanda Cuthbert
$12.95 • Paper • 128 pagesISBN 9781900322683The
Community Orchards Handbook
shows groups and individuals how tostart their own community orchard— from getting support, tackling legalissues and access to organizing workingparties, and selling produce.Winter and early spring require adifferent kind of gardening than thesummer months: not a lot growsat this time, but a well-planned plotmay nonetheless be quite full. Thisbook explains how to have plenty of vegetables to eat during the wintermonths, both stored and fresh. Throughwinter, soil is cool and transforms theplot into a large outdoor larder wheremany vegetables keep healthy and alive,ready for harvesting when needed.Don’t like spending money in gardencenters? Think you can make it yourself for a fraction of the price or nd acheaper option? Dave Hamilton showsyou how, by recycling and reusingmaterials creatively and making themost of what you have, you can gatherall you need to grow your food on abudget.If you’ve never opened a seed packetbefore and want to grow your food butdon’t know where or when to start, thisbook is for you. With advice for thenew gardener, covering everything fromhow to plant seeds, when to pull up thecarrots, and how to harvest potatoes,this book will guide you—whether youhave a balcony, bare concrete, a patio, ora larger patch of ground.
For wholesale orders, please contact your Chelsea Green Sales Representative:
Darrell Koerner •
Specialty, Academic, and Corporate Sales • 303.963.5612 • dkoerner@chelseagreen.com
Michael Weaver
Bookstore and Library Sales • 802.299.2422 • mweaver@chelseagreen.com
Growing Beyond the VegetableGarden
Frank Tozer 
$29.95 • Paper • 360 pagesISBN 9780977348947
Food Production and Self-Reliancein Uncertain Times
Carol Deppe
$29.95 • Paper • 336 pagesISBN 9781603580311
 A Chronicle of Death, Life, and Vegetables
 Joan Dye Gussow
$17.95 • Paper • 256 pagesISBN 9781603582926
 Managing Manure To Save Mankind 
Gene Logsdon
$17.50 • Paper • 272 pagesISBN 9781603582513This groundbreaking new book expandsthe concept of food gardening toembrace the whole garden.The newfood garden is centered around theintensive vegetable garden, but doesn’tstop there. It puts hedges, ponds,pathways, arbors, lawns, roofs, and wallsto work as additional growing space forfood plants. Fruit and nut trees, bushfruit, edible vines, perennial vegetables,herbs, annual crops, aquatic plants,weeds, and edible wild plants are usedto increase the quantity and variety of foods available with little extra work.The book is packed with expert adviceon plant varieties and discusses thebest way to grow, prepare, and storeve “key crops”—potatoes, corn,beans, squash, and eggs. Beginner andthe most expert gardeners will ndthis an invaluable resource, with newinformation, recipes, and simple tipsfor self-sufciency they won’t ndelsewhere. At its heart, this is a realisticbook about how resilient gardeners(and their gardens) can ourish even inchallenging times.Gussow’s memoir begins when sheloses her husband of forty years tocancer and, two weeks later, nds herselskipping down the street—much to heralarm.Why wasn’t she grieving in all thenormal ways? With humor and wit, sheexplains how she stopped worryingabout why she was smiling and wenton worrying, instead, and as she alwayshas, about the possibility that the worldaround her was headed off a cliff. Buthers is not a tale, or message, of gloom,it is an afrmation of a life’s work—andwork in general.In his insightful new book, contraryfarmer Gene Logsdon provides the insidestory of manure—our greatest, yet mostmisunderstood, natural resource. Hebegins by lamenting a modern societythat not only throws away both animaland human manure—worth billionsof dollars in fertilizer value—but thatspends a staggering amount of moneyto do so.
Year-Round Vegetable ProductionUsing Deep-Organic Techniquesand Unheated Greenhouses
Eliot Coleman
256 pagesISBN 9781603580816
 A Guide to Home-ScalePermaculture
Toby Hemenway
$29.95 • Paper • 320 pagesISBN 9781603580298
 A Complete Guide to Managing Finances, Crops, and Staff—and 
 Making a Proft
Richard Wiswall
200 pagesISBN 9781603581424
Traditional Techniques Using Salt, Oil, Sugar, Alcohol, Vinegar,Drying, Cold Storage, and LacticFermentation
Gardeners & Farmers of TerreVivante
$25.00 • Paper • 224 pagesISBN 9781933392592From the bestselling author of 
The New Organic Grower 
Four-Season Harvest,
a revolutionary guide to year-roundharvests of fresh, organic produce—withlittle or no energy inputs. Gardeners andfarmers can use the innovative, highlysuccessful methods Coleman describesin this comprehensive handbook toraise crops throughout the coldest of winters.The rst edition of 
Gaia’s Garden
sparkedthe imagination of America’s homegardeners, introducing permaculture’scentral message: Working with Nature,not against her, results in more beautiful,abundant, and forgiving gardens. Thisextensively revised and expandedsecond edition broadens the reach anddepth of the permaculture approach forurban and suburban growers.Richard Wiswall shares advice on howto make your vegetable productionmore efcient, better manage youremployees and nances, and turn aprot. From his twenty-seven years of experience at Cate Farm in Vermont,Wiswall knows rsthand the joysof starting and operating an organicfarm—as well as the challenges of making a living from one. Includes acompanion CD.Most books about preserving gardenproduce make the assumption thatmodern kitchen gardeners will boil orfreeze their vegetables and fruits. Here’sa book that goes back to the future— celebrating traditional but little-knownFrench techniques for storing andpreserving edibles in ways that maximizeavor and nutrition. Includes a newforeword by Deborah Madison.
For wholesale orders, please contact your Chelsea Green Sales Representative:
Darrell Koerner •
Specialty, Academic, and Corporate Sales • 303.963.5612 • dkoerner@chelseagreen.com
Michael Weaver
Bookstore and Library Sales • 802.299.2422 • mweaver@chelseagreen.com

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