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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

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Published by uwogazette

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Published by: uwogazette on Mar 06, 2012
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Tuesday, March 6, 2012
canada’s only daily student newspaper • founded 1906
VoluMe 105, issue 79
today high
tomorrow high
www.westerngazette.ca • @uwogazette
a ng n 1906
Bend andsnap
Theatre Westernis staging
Legally Blonde: The Musical 
next weekend. Geta behind-the-sceneslook.
>> pg. 5
USC unveils 2012-13 buge
 alex Cn
News ediTor
 When Jennier Valadao, vice-presi-dent nance or the University Stu-dents’ Council, made up next year’sbudget, she was guided by a prin-ciple which had been missing romher predecessors—optimism.“In the past, due to unpredict-able changes within the USC androm outside causes, there hasbeen an emphasis on conserva-tism within the nancial projec-tions. We have seen two great yearsat the USC and this provides us with optimism to expect better orthe uture,” Valadao said.Last week, Valadao released thebudget or the 2012-13 scal year.It projected the USC will end this year o with $618,861, signicantly higher than the projected $4,529. Valadao is estimating a more con-servative $16,303 net positive orthe 2012-13 scal year.“The vision I had or this year’sbudget was one o realism, balanceand fexibility,” Valadao said.“Although conservatism wasstill built into all the projections,the ocus was now on more o arealistic point o view so that what was being projected looked morelike what was being seen at yearend.” Valadao added she made surethere were new areas o fexibility in the budget so that next year’sexecutive board would have thenancial support to better the stu-dent experience at Western.This year’s budget was alsothe rst to consciously separatethe student ees or Huron, Bres-cia and King’s students, refecting the recent change in the aliateagreement.The base student ee will in-crease by $2.41, refecting a num-ber o small increases in its com-ponents, such as a $0.51 increaseor the
. The total ee in-crease or main campus studentsis $22.27, including a $9.02 in-crease or the bus pass and a $0.43increase or late-night busing.
Helh Pln
 Aside rom the infationary $3.36 in-crease to the opt-in student healthplan, students recently voted in a-vour o an additional $10 increasein last week’s reerendum.The reerendum came as a re-sult o years o small increases tothe cost o the plan with no match-ing increases in the plan’s ee. Thisis, in act, the rst non-infationary increase the health plan ee hasseen in 12 years.“I’m excited that the health planreerendum passed so that we cancontinue to oer students whobenet rom the plan their currentcoverage,” Valadao said. “This al-lows or uture vice-presidents o nance to ocus on developing thehealth plan even urther to includemore perks or students.”
the Puple Se
The Purple Store has seen a markedimprovement over its perormancelast year. While it was projected tolose $60,695 in last year’s budget,this year it is only slated or a very small loss.“The Purple Store is doing bet-ter than expected this year—it willbe close to a break-even,” Valadaonoted.“We’ve also directed seniormanagement to take a close look atthe operational models o our re-tail services to better analyze how  we can continually improve uponthe operation or the uture.”
F n Bevege
The Wave and Spoke have builtupon last year’s success and havehad another outstanding year.Je Armour, manager o proj-ects and resources or the USC,elaborated on this. He explained,at this point in time, the Spoke and Wave are doing so well that theUSC ood and beverage manage-ment have been given direction tomaintain the status quo whereverpossible to avoid making too muchmoney o o the student body.“At no point do we want to bemaking hal a million dollars o students,” Armour quipped.“We want to keep both places inthe positive and insulate it againstgoing into the negative. It’s a nebalance—you’re right there on theedge.”
Naira Ahmed
 Solution to puzzle on page 7
 $30 FL
WO MINUTES FROM UWO:3-2115 ALDERSBROOK RD info@canadian-acc
Find out how the Canadianincome tax systemapplies to you! 
International & Exchange Student Centre
Presentation given by
Representatives from the
 (Canada Revenue Agency)
6:00 p.m. - 8:00 p.m.Room 3022, SSC
For more information please visit:
Tuesday, March 6, 2012
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• tdy, M 6, 2012
Crossword By Eugene sheffe
The Cryptoquip is a substitution cipher in which one letter stands or another. I you thinkthat X equals O, it will equal O throughout the puzzle. Single letters, short words and wordsusing an apostrophe give you clues to locating vowels. Solution is by trial and error.© 2002 by Kings Features Syndicate, Inc.
Cugh n Ce
Feeing us
 A Western proessor is aiming toght cancer with an unconven-tional method—making the tu-mors a bloody mess.Geo Pickering, a proessor at Western’s aculty o biochemistry,is ocusing his research on treat-ment that helps tumors createblood vessels, in stark contrast tothe usual treatment o depriving them o vessels.“There’s been a lot o good work in the area o depriving the tumoro blood, and it has been success-ul to a certain degree, […] but notnecessarily to the extent that peo-ple were anticipating,” Pickering explained.“So the other way o looking atit is to recognize that the tumorvessels themselves are quite ab-normal, and even though they de-liver some blood to the tumor, they don’t do it in a regulated way.”Pickering’s treatment aims to“tame” the tumor to make it lessdestructive.“The strategy might be to en-hance the blood vessels to thetumor, which might make it a littleless aggressive, and subsequently more responsive to treatment,”Pickering said.Pickering went on to explainhis research is in the preliminary stages. “We’d be using models o tumors in mice and looking at theeects [o our treatment] in thosesituations.”
—Aaron Zaltzman
Fe pez chge ih bnk bbe 
The ormer president o the MountRoyal Students’ Association hasbeen charged with robbing a bank.Meghan Darcy Melnyk was ar-rested ater a Servus Credit Union was robbed Wednesday aternoonin Calgary.Police said a woman enteredthe bank at about 1:40 p.m. andgave the teller a note demand-ing money, indicating she had a weapon. The teller turned over anundisclosed amount o cash andthe woman let. A police helicopterollowed the suspect’s car, who wasthen arrested alone with her dog.Michelle Dennis, vice-presidentexternal o MRSA, could not com-ment on any nancial anomaliesas the investigation is ongoing. “I worked with Melnyk, this came asa complete shock to everyone inthe organization,” Dennis said.Melnyk, who resigned a monthago, also aces outstanding ar-rest warrants or raud, uttering orged documents and breach o probation.
—Kevin Estakhri
Eplen cenesshu n
Students looking or a job will haveewer resources available to themollowing a recent decision by theederal government.In January, Diane Finley, Min-ister o Human Resources andSkills Development, announcedthe ederal government would beexpanding its online employmentresources. Recently, it came to lightthe ederal Human Resources de-partment would also shut down
Nes Bies
Corey Stanford
ey gl d Mk B-Kl m   
 A Memory Monologue: A Rant and A Prayer 
v kd ld
The Vagina Monologues
,  d by V-Dy w. t l  m   d bd d d m’ .
   (   5   1   9   )
 Buy any pizza at regular menuprice and receive a 2nd pizzaof equal or lesser value FREE!
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>> 
news Briefs
 M e r e d i t h  M u r p h y,  D V M  ‘ 1 1
 J  ,  11
 ,  11
 P u j a  V o r a,  M D  ' 1 1
Medical SchoolDominica Veterinary SchoolSt. Kitts Administrative OfficesNorth Brunswick, NJ
Are You?We WereRelentless
Ross University is relentless in striving to provide you with the finest medical and veterinary education.Ross places more graduates into US residencies than any other medical school in the world; is thefirst Caribbean veterinary school to receive AVMA accreditation; provides clinical rotations at USteaching hospitals and universities; and has over 11,000 successful physicians and veterinarianspracticing in the US and Canada. Eligible students can receive provincial loans.
If you are relentless about a career in medicine, Ross University is ready for you.
The AVMA COE has granted full accreditation to RUSVM’s Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree program.
 AVMA Council on Education • www.avma.org
For comprehensive consumer information visit www.RossU.edu/student-consumer-info©2012 Ross University, LLC. All rights reserved.
 Attend our Information Seminar 
Saturday, March 10, 2012 Veterinary Seminar 10 amMedical Seminar 2 pmIntercontinental Toronto Yorkville Hotel
Register onlineat RossU.eduor by scanningthe QR code.
• tdy, M 6, 2012
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Hcke H chge ih u cuns
Gli dickie
news features eDitor
 While Friday may have been aday o celebration or University Students’ Council president-elect Adam Fearnall, it was a day o dis-appointment or election hackerKeith Horwood.Horwood was arrested at 9 a.m.and ormally charged with ourcounts—mischie to data, alter-ing data, interception o computerunctions and the use o a com-puter with intent contrary o theCriminal Code o Canada.Now, according to DennisRivest, media relations ocer orthe London Police Service, Hor- wood is awaiting a court appear-ance that will decide his ate.“It’s a charge under the crimi-nal code that could carry every-thing rom as serious as jail time,to as little as being an absolute dis-charge, or being acquitted,” Rivestexplained.London Police estimate dam-ages as a result o the hack werearound $14,087.Speaking rom a landline aterallegedly being barred rom using any device that could access theInternet, Horwood said
he wasnervous about his ate, and elt thecharges were “overreaching.”“I think this has gotten hugely blown out o proportion. My gen-eral thoughts are that what hap-pened was a silly, naive mistake andI think it’s kind o silly that they’repotentially going ater criminalcharges or something that had nomalicious intent,” Horwood stated.“I’m not a criminal.”But USC president Andrew Forgione didn’t share Horwood’sbelies.A lot o people just don’t under-stand how much stress it caused orthat 48-hour time period,” he said.“It’s not even about the money in this case—it’s just that he didsomething wrong, and I’m happy he was charged,” he said.Forgione went on to say that thisview stretched beyond his personaleelings, and that he was speaking rom the viewpoint o students.“For the rst time in a long time,students were incredibly engaged with elections. This year we had ahuge turnout—social media was abig player and students were dis-appointed in general because they tried so hard to make their riends, who are usually disengaged, vote.”Horwood noted he was mostly nervous due to the implications acriminal record would have on hisproessional lie.“Due to the nature o my work and my job, having a criminal re-cord would mean I wouldn’t beable to do business with the States,or travel to the United States, andthat’s potentially worrisome,” hesaid.Precisely when Horwood willappear in court is up to both hislawyers and the judicial system,Rivest stated.In the meantime, Horwood istrying to stay positive.“I believe that i you go out there with good intentions, and are gen-erally positive about things, thenthe world kind o treats you in re-turn with the same sort o respect,”he concluded.
Nes Bies
over 300 centres responsible orproviding employment services to youth under 25 across Canada.The Service Canada Centresor Youth have provided in-personemployment assistance to Cana-dian youth or over our decades.“Not only is it cutting jobs thatare oered to students, becausethose centres do employ students,but at the same time it’s going tomake it harder or youth and stu-dents to know which jobs are avail-able,” Roxanne Dubois, nationalchair o the Canadian Federationo Students, explained.Dwindling attendance at SCCY locations, coupled with the grow-ing number o youth turning to theInternet to search or jobs, were theprimary reasons or closures.
—Kelly Hobson
mCat ges  keve
The Association o American Med-ical Colleges recently decided onrevisions to the Medical College Admission Test to be implementedin 2015.These reorms will require stu-dents to understand the psycho-logical and social aspects o medi-cine, not just the hard science. The writing section will be eliminated,replaced by two new sections that will cover oundations o behav-iour, and critical analysis and rea-soning skills.Robert Hammond, assistantdean o admissions at SchulichSchool o Medicine and Den-tistry, suggested the writing por-tion doesn’t do a sucient job o predicting students’ abilities andtends to split the scores.“Although critical analysis, rea-soning and science knowledge arelongstanding components o theMCAT, the AAMC has indicatedthat these components will also beupdated considerably. Other traits,such as behavioural competencies, were not ormally tested in earlieriterations,” said Hammond. How-ever, only time will tell whetherthese revisions will help to betterprepare would-be students.
—Alexandra McCann
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