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2008 Lewis Fantastic Flyers Tab Summary

2008 Lewis Fantastic Flyers Tab Summary

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Published by anemani10

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Published by: anemani10 on Nov 25, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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SCHOOL/TEAM NUMBERROUND 1ROUND 2ROUND 3ROUND 4TOTALDePaul Team 464P v. 469W W+17+20D v. 392L L-3 -5D v. 926W W+4+16P v. 600W W+20+56-2De Paul Team 465P v. 927L L-4 -9D v. 469W W+5 +3P v. 888W W+4 +2D v. 495L L-4 -164-4Elgin Team 600D v. 468W W+5 +6P v. 348L L-37 -13P v. 495L L-14 -3D v. 464L L-20 -52-6Elgin Team 601D v. 348L L-23 -7P v.468LL-19-53D v. 780L L-1 -2P v. 530L L-10 -220-8Elmhurst Team 780D v. 981L L-30-31P v. 889L L-6 -6P v. 601W W+1+2D v. 349L L-17 -192-6Illinois-Champaign Team 708D v. 889W W+11+12P v. 981W L+13-3D v. 393L L-11 -2P v. 980W L+5 -74-4Illinois-Chicago Team 348P v. 601W W+7+23D v.600W W+37+13P v. 372W W+6 +1D v. 392L L-1 -36-2Illinois-Chicago Team 349P v. 980W L+5 -19D v.372L L-7 -3D v. 494W L+1 -3P v. 780W W+17+194-4Illinois State Team 980D v.349W L+19-5P v. 393L L-4 -4P v. 468W L+1 -2D v. 708W L+7 -53-5Illinois State Team 981P v. 780W W+30+33D v. 708W L+3 -13D v. 889W W+11+26P v. 393W L+6 -126-2
Lewis Team 888P v. 392L L-7 -6D v. 530WW+14+11D v. 465L L-4 -2P v. 926W W+2 +24-4Lewis Team 889P v. 708L L-11 -12D v. 780W W+6 +6P v. 981L L-11 -26D v. 468L L-3 -72-6Loras Team 530D v. 495L L-20 -16P v. 888L L-11 -14P v. 469W W+27+21D v. 601W W+10+224-4SCHOOL/TEAM NUMBERROUND 1ROUND 2ROUND 3ROUND 4TOTALLoyola Team 494D v. 393L L-1 -8P v. 926L L-10 -13P v. 349W L+3 -1D v.469W W+9+103-5Loyola Team 495P v. 530W W+20+16D v. 927L L-1 -2D v.600W W+14 +3P v. 465W W+4+166-2Northwestern Team 392D v. 888W W+7 +6P v. 464W W+3 +5D v. 927L W-10+1P v. 348W W+1 +37-1Northwestern Team 393P v. 494W W+8 +1D v. 980W W+4 +4P v. 708W W+11+2D v. 981L W-6 +127-1Notre Dame Team 926P v. 372L L-4 -1D v. 494W W+13+10P v. 464L L-4 -16D v. 888L L-2 -22-6Notre Dame Team 927D v.465W W+4 +9P v. 495W W+1+2P v. 392W L+10 -1D v. 372W W+2+77-1St. Francis Team 372D v. 926W W+4 +1P v. 349W W+7 +3D v. 348L L-6 -1P v. 927L L-2 -74-4Wisconsin-Milwaukee Team 468P v. 600L L-5 -6D v. 601W W+19+33D v. 980W L+1 -2P v. 889W W+7 +35-3WisconsinMilwaukee Team 469D v. 464L L-17 -20P v. 465L L-5 -3D v. 530L L-27 -21P v. 494L L-9 -100-8

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