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bao cao thuc tap tot nghiep 56789

bao cao thuc tap tot nghiep 56789



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Published by bk03htd

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Published by: bk03htd on Dec 08, 2007
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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BA\u00d8I 5
PLC TSX-57 C\u00d4 BA\u00dbN
I-MU\u00cfC TIE\u00c2U :

\ue002Na\u00e9m \u00f1\u00f6\u00f4\u00efc s\u00f4 \u00f1o\u00e0he\u00e4tho\u00e1ng t\u00f6\u00ef \u00f1o\u00e4ng hoa\u00f9du\u00f8ng PLC
\ue002Hie\u00e5u \u00f1\u00f6\u00f4\u00efc ca\u00e1u t r u\u00f9c c\u00f4 ba\u00fbn cu\u00fba PLC
\ue002Na\u00e9m \u00f1\u00f6\u00f4\u00efc nguye\u00e2n ta\u00f9c la\u00e4p tr\u00ecnh cu\u00fba PLC
\ue002\u00d6\u00d9ng du\u00efng l a\u00e4p tr\u00ecnh ca\u00f9c da\u00e2y chuye\u00e0n \u00f1\u00f4n gia\u00fbn

II-YE\u00c2U CA\u00c0U TH\u00d6\u00cfC TA\u00c4P :
Tre\u00e2n mo\u00e2h\u00ecnh mo\u00e2pho\u00fbng da\u00e2y chuye\u00e0n chi e\u00e1t n\u00f6\u00f4\u00f9c va\u00f8o chai :
\ue002Quy \u00f1\u00f2nh ca\u00e1u h\u00ecnh PLC va\u00f8thao ta\u00f9c giao ti e\u00e1p PC-PLC
\ue002La\u00e4p tr\u00ecnh Ladder c\u00f4 ba\u00fbn
\ue001Le\u00e4nh logic c\u00f4 ba\u00fbn
\ue001 S\u00f6\u00fbdu\u00efng ha\u00f8m ch\u00f6\u00f9c na\u00eang nh\u00f6 bo\u00e4\u00f1e\u00e1m, bo\u00e4\u00f1\u00f2nh th\u00ec
\ue002Ngo\u00e2n ng\u00f6\u00f5I L , ST
III-NO\u00c4I DUNG TH\u00d6\u00cfC TA\u00c4P :
1. Khai ba\u00f9o pha\u00e0n c\u00f6\u00f9ng ( confi gurati on ) :
Cho\u00efn PLC : TSX57325 V3.0 . Memory card cho\u00efn : none
Va\u00f8o configuration , cho\u00efn :hardware configuration , cho\u00efn rack 0 ( cho\u00efn loa\u00efi TSX RKY 8 non-
extendable 8 position rack ),sau \u00f1o\u00f9cho\u00efn so\u00e1hie\u00e4u cho ca\u00f9c module :

\ue002modul e 1 : counti ng 1.5 : TSX CTY 2A 2CH.counter Mod 40KHz
\ue002module 2 : analog module 1.5 : TSX AEY 800 8I ANA.High Level
\ue002module 3 : analog module 1.5 : TSX ASY 410 4Q ANA.HL ISO
\ue002modul e 4 : Discrete 1.5 : TSX DEY 32D2K 32I 24VDC SINK CONN
\ue002modul e 5 : Disrete 1.5 : TSX DSY 32T2K 32Q 24VDC 0.1A CONN

Sau khi khai ba\u00f9o xong nha\u00e1n confirm \u00f1e\u00e5xa\u00f9c la\u00e4p ca\u00f9c tho\u00e2ng so\u00e1.
2. Ca\u00f9c Ch\u00f6\u00f4ng Tr\u00ecnh :
B\u00c0I TH\u1ef0 C T\u1eac P 1:

L\u1ead p tr\u00ecnh b\u1eb1 ng ng\u00f4n ng\u1eef Ladder cho ph\u00e1p v\u1ead n h\u00e0nh b\u0103ng chuy\u1ec1 n 1 (%Q5.16) v\u00e0 b\u0103ng
chuy\u1ec1 n 2 (%Q5.17) khi nh\u1ea5 n n\u00fat kh\u1edf i \u0111\u1ed9 ng (%I4.16), hai b\u0103ng chy\u1ec1 n ti\u1ebf p t\u1ee5 c ch\u1ea1 y cho \u0111\u1ebf n
khi nh\u1ea5 n n\u00fat d\u1eeb ng (%I4.17). \u0110\u1ed3 ng th\u1edd i \u0111i\u1ec1 u khi\u1ec3 n \u0111\u00e8n theo y\u00eau c\u1ea7 u c\u1ee7 a ph\u01b0 \u01a1 ng \u00e1n :

\ue002Khi hai b\u0103ng chuy\u1ec1 n ch\u1ea1 y, \u0111\u00e8n (%Q5.0) b\u00e1o s\u00e1ng.
\ue002Khi hai b\u0103ng chuy\u1ec1 nd\u1eeb ng, \u0111\u00e8n (%Q5.1) b\u00e1o s\u00e1ng.
Ch\u01b0 \u01a1 ng tr\u00ecnh:
Gia\u00fbi th\u00edch:Khi nha\u00e1n nu\u00f9t %I4.16 th\u00ec 2 ba\u00eang chuye\u00e0n va\u00e4n ha\u00f8nh, nu\u00f9t nha\u00e1n %Q5.16 nha\u00e8m gi\u00f6\u00f5cho
2 ba\u00eang chuye\u00e0n va\u00e4n ha\u00f8nh l i e\u00e2n tu\u00efc, va\u00f8\u00f1e\u00f8n %Q5.0 ba\u00f9o sa\u00f9ng. Hai ba\u00eang chuye\u00e0n ch\u00e6d\u00f6\u00f8ng l a\u00efi khi
nha\u00e1n nu\u00f9t %I4.17 va\u00f8\u00f1e\u00f8n %Q5.1 sa\u00f9ng.
B\u00c0I TH\u1ef0 C T\u1eac P 2:
Thay \u00f1o\u00e5i ch\u00f6\u00f4ng tr\u00ecnh 1 sao cho khi nha\u00e1n \u201c D\u00f6\u00f8ng\u201d, ba\u00eang chuye\u00e0n 1 d\u00f6\u00f8ng sau \u00f1o\u00f91
t= 5s va\u00f8ba\u00eang
chuye\u00e0n 2 d\u00f6\u00f8ng sau \u00f1o\u00f92
%M1: ph\u00edm nh\u00f4\u00f9tra\u00efng tha\u00f9i va\u00e4n ha\u00f8nh cu\u00fba ba\u00eang chuye\u00e0n.
%M2: ph\u00edm nh\u00f4\u00f9tra\u00efng tha\u00f9i d\u00f6\u00f8ng cu\u00fba ba\u00eang chuye\u00e0n.
%TM0, %TM1:bo\u00e4\u00f1\u00f2nh th\u00ec co\u00f9la\u00e4p tr\u00ecnh sa\u00fcn.
%Q5.1 \u00f1e\u00f8n ba\u00f9o cha\u00efy
%Q5.2: \u00f1e\u00f8n ba\u00f9o d\u00f6\u00f8ng.
Ch\u01b0 \u01a1 ng tr\u00ecnh:
Gia\u00fbi th\u00edch:Khi nha\u00e1n nu\u00f9t %I4.16 th\u00ec %M0 \u00f4\u00fbm\u00f6\u00f9c 1, %M1 \u00f4\u00fbm\u00f6\u00f9c 0 va\u00f82 ba\u00eang chuye\u00e0n va\u00e4n
ha\u00f8nh. \u00f1e\u00f8n ba\u00f9o cha\u00efy sa\u00f9ng. Khi nha\u00e1n nu\u00f9t %I4.17 t h\u00ec %M1 \u00f4\u00fb m\u00f6\u00f9c 1 , %M0 \u00f4\u00fb m\u00f6\u00f9c 0 v a\u00f8 %M1

\u00f1\u00f2nh th\u00ec cho ti mer %TM0 cha\u00efy 5s sau \u00f1o\u00f9ba\u00eang chuye\u00e0n th\u00f6\u00f9nha\u00e1t d\u00f6\u00f8ng l a\u00efi , \u00f1o\u00e0ng th\u00f4\u00f8i \u00f1ie\u00e5m \u00f1o\u00f9 %TM1 cu\u00f5ng hoa\u00eft \u00f1o\u00e4ng nh\u00f6ng th\u00f4\u00f8i gian \u00f1\u00f2nh th\u00ec t\u00f4\u00f9i 10s ne\u00e2n. Sau khi he\u00e1t th\u00f4\u00f8i gian \u00f1\u00f2nh th\u00ec th\u00ec %TM0 va\u00f8%TM1 chuye\u00e5n t\u00f6\u00f80 l e\u00e2n 1 va\u00f8ba\u00eang chuye\u00e0n th\u00f6\u00f9hai d\u00f6\u00f8ng l a\u00efi \u00f1e\u00f8n ba\u00f9o d\u00f6\u00f8ng sa\u00f9ng \u00f1o\u00e0ng t h\u00f4\u00f8i r eset \u00f1e\u00f8n ba\u00f9o cha\u00efy v e\u00e0 m\u00f6\u00f9c 0.

B\u00c0I TH\u1ef0 C T\u1eac P 3:Bo\u00e4\u00f1e\u00e1m la\u00e4p tr\u00ecnh
Ch\u00f6\u00f4ng tr\u00ecnh :Va\u00e4n ha\u00f8nh ba\u00eang ta\u00fbi va\u00f8\u00f1e\u00e1m chai. Sau khi ke\u00e1t thu\u00f9c cho d\u00f6\u00f8ng ba\u00eang chuye\u00e0n
va\u00f8gia\u00fbi pho\u00f9ng ke\u00f9t A.

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