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Barista vs CCD Questionnaire

Barista vs CCD Questionnaire

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Published by Neha Chandna

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Published by: Neha Chandna on Mar 06, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Dear Sir/MadamWe at Infinity Business School, New Delhi are conducting a survey on “Coffee Bars”.We seek your cooperation for providing following relevant information for our research.We value your contribution and sincerely thank you.1)Do you visit coffee bars?Qualifying/ Dichotomous QuestionYes NoIf answer to Question 1 is Yes, please proceed to Question 2; else terminate.2)Do you drink coffee in coffee bars?Yes No
Section A
Objective 13) Please indicate your level of agreement for the following statements.Likert ScaleSA: Strongly Agree, A: Agree, N: Neutral, D: Disagree, SD: Strongly Disagree.StatementsSAANDSDI prefer plastic money to paper money.I spend more when I’m with friends.Music alleviates mood.Technology has made man lazy.Coffee is a western concept.Aroma of coffee rej
uvenates the senses.Coffee makes a good company.Coffee is unhealthy.4) How important are the following factors to you while choosing a Coffee Bar.(1- Very Important, 2-Important, 3- Neutral, 4- Unimportant, 5- Very Unimportant)Ordinal Scalea)
Food b)
5) How often do you visit a Coffee Bar?
Almost daily
2-3 times a week 
2-3 times a month
Occasionally6)What is the purpose of your visit to a Coffee Bar?
To hang out with friends
To celebrate an occasion
For a date 
To relax
Just to have coffee 
For a meeting 
Any other please specify
7)You usually go to a coffee shop with?
Alone8) How much time do you usually spend in a coffee shop?
Less than ½ hour 
½ to 1 hour 
1 to 2 hours
More than 2 hours9) How much do you usually spend in a coffee shop per person per visit?
Less than Rs. 100
Rs.100 to 200
More than 20010) What type of service do you prefer?
Self service
11) What time of the day you usually go to coffee bars?
 Night12) Which beverages do you like to consume on the following occasions?RefreshThirstQuencher MoodAlleviator HealthConsciousHangoutCoffeeTeaAerated DrinksMilk ShakesCocktailsIf you visit coffee shops ‘Barista’ or ‘Café Coffee Day’ or both, please proceed to sectionB, else section C.
Section B
Objective 2, 4 ,5.11)Please rate the following according to your personal choice, for Barista and Café CoffeeDay. (1- Excellent, 2- V. Good, 3-Good, 4-Average, 5- Bad)Ordinal ScaleAttributeBaristaCafé Coffee DayI)
Variety of Beverages
CoffeeTeaAerated DrinksMilk ShakesCocktailsII)
Taste of Products
CoffeeOther DrinksEatablesDessertsIII)
Quality of Products

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