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NewsletterMarch 2012

NewsletterMarch 2012

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Published by littlevalleyumc

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Published by: littlevalleyumc on Mar 06, 2012
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Little Valley United Methodist Church109 Court Street, PO Box 221Little Valley, NY 14755(716) 938-6150 Joseph Pascoe, PastorOffice Hours: Monday – Friday 9:00-12:00Monthly NewsletterMarch 2012
Greetings in Jesus name,Over the last weekend I had the privilege to witness first hand, the hand of God fall down on70 youth at a Call of Duty conference. The word of God was boldly proclaimed and life applicationswere given to these young people. At the conclusion of this event the Spirit of the most high Godcame down and rocked these young peoples lives forever. God called them out of there comfort zoneand to a place of reconciliation and forgiveness. The altar was littered with debris from their past andthe Spirit of God came and washed it clean. They were confessing their sins before God and to man, if need be, so that He could use them to be a light burning bright in a dark world at times.These teenagers are charged up and ready to serve Jesus Christ with reckless abandonment.They are ready to take a stand for the gospel no matter what the cost. They have been given theirpersonal "Call of Duty" and each and every one of them was willing to take their assignment to theschools, the locker rooms, and for some their homes. I don't want to believe it, but unfortunately I knowthe sad reality that some of them are going to be the light of Christ in their home front. After lastweekend they are going to be the ones who shine a light for all the world to see, but mostly it will betheir parents.Paul says in Ephesians 2:10 "For we are God’s handiwork, prepared by Christ Jesus to do goodworks, which God has prepared for us in advance." So in other words we are all created by God to doGod's good works, and to serve Him in a place that He already has set for us. Some of the greatestChristian's I know are always seeking this perfect place where God is calling them to, and in the meantime we spend a lot of time searching for the mission field, when in reality we leave the first missionfield every morning when we lace up our bootstraps. Paul heard the voice of God in Acts 15and immediately went to work the following morning. The Lord blessed him for hisobedience and his reckless abandonment for the gospel.My prayer for each and every one of you whose eyes hit this paper is that you wouldreceive the grace of Jesus Christ for yourself so that when you see your mission field thatGod has called and prepared for you, you might be able to share that grace with them. Ipray that you will take up your call of duty and wherever you are be a disciple of JesusChrist and a light in your homes and then the world. We are going to take back a community and anation one home at a time. May God prepare the workers because the harvest is plentiful!IHG,Pastor JoeI am always open to dialogue about anything that might touch your hearts.....my email ispastorjoe@littlevalleyumc.org
Transforming Lives By Knowing Christ And Making Christ Known
Worship and Celebration Ministry Team News
Worship! We look forward to coming together before God and hearing His word. Weencourage you to get involved in worship…be an assisting minister or greeter…lead aChildren’s Moment…volunteer to share your gift of music or greeting others as theyenter worship. Call any of the team members below to find out how you can serve.If anyone has any feedback or comments regarding worship, please contact anyone on theWorship and Celebration Ministry Team (Annette Andrew, Al Ormond, Glenda Campbell,Laurie Peters and Pastor Joe).
See you in worship…
An intimate time of prayer and fellowship. Time and place varies each week. SeeAnnette Andrew for details.
Two Prayer Times for Wednesday evenings:
6:30-7:30pm New prayer time: We meet in the conference room for a time of structured and focusedprayer, coming together as the body of Christ for corporate prayer. All are welcome. See EvonnePhillips or Laurie Peters for details.7:30-10:00pm Worship and Praise time: We meet in the sanctuary following worship band rehearsal.We worship with the
 I Worship
DVD’s or other music for a personal time with the Lord. Afterwardswe come together for prayer as the Spirit leads with prayers for the church, pastor and concerns of thecongregation. All are welcome. See Bonnie Hurley for details.Outside we have a mailbox for prayers if you forget on Sunday or if the church isn’t open. Anyonein the community is welcome to use it so please tell others about it. God tells us where two or more aregathered in His name…There is also a prayer box in the back of the sanctuary for your convenience.We meet in the sanctuary before the service on Sunday mornings and everyone is welcome to joinus. We pray for Pastor Joe and the worship service.
Something new from the Altar Guild Staff 
We are going to offer a new way to have flowers on the Altar at least once a month,possibly more. As it's been for years the ladies who are on the Altar Guild offer to beresponsible for one month out of the year. They change the paraments and have somethingspecial on the Altar. We would like to allow others to sign up & order flowers or a plant, toeither honor someone or as a memorial. We have recently been in touch with DiVine Occasionsand the girls there will make available for $20.00, a bouquet in memory of someone or in honor of yourloved one. It can be for a birthday, anniversary, or any occasion you wish. The flowers might even lasttwo Sundays & if you wish to you could leave them. If not they could be taken home to enjoy. We willhave a sign up sheet with the dates of each Sunday for the rest of the year starting the first Sunday afterEaster. We will set up a flower fund and the money must accompany the order. If there are no flowersordered for any given Sunday then the person on the altar guild for that Sunday will continue as usual toput something on it. When flowers are ordered it will be in the bulletin as to who is being honored orwho is being remembered. And if it is to be anonymous we'll respect that too. I'd appreciate anyfeedback ASAP. Harriet Schauman-Altar Guild Chair
“You have heard that it was said ‘Love your neighbor and hate your enemy.’ But I tellyou; Love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you, that you may be sons of your Father in heaven. He causes his sun to rise on the evil and the good, and send rain onthe righteous and the unrighteous. If you love those who love you, what reward will youget? Are not even the tax collectors doing that? And if you greet only your brothers, whatare you doing more than others? Do not even pagans do that? Be perfect, therefore, asyour heavenly Father is perfect.”Matthew 5:43-48 NIV
Trinity House Healing Ministry
Trinity House will be open for prayer the first Thursday of each month. The prayer team will meet at6:00 p.m. for prayer/worship/training. Those seeking healing will be ministered to from 7-9 p.m.Appointments are not necessary. If prayer requests are received between times of operation,appointments will be made accordingly.
We are also available to pray following Sunday worshipservices.
If you have a heart for intercessory prayer, a desire to see the sick receive healing or are justplain curious about healing, please talk with me.In Christ, Becky Cable 543-5050
Office hours will be 9-12 Mon-Thurs. unless conflicting appointments, Fri.-day off, Saturday-SabbathTuesday Men’s Breakfast at the VFW 8am, Wednesday evenings Community Youth 6:30 – 8:00 & 8-?Prayer, Sunday evenings Youth 6:30-8pm3/1 - Class in Jamestown 10am3/4 - Community Youth 6pm3/5 - In office meeting 10am3/7 - Class in Jamestown 10am3/8 - Premarital counseling 3:30 pm3/9 - Parker rehearsal 6pm3/10 - Parker wedding 11:30am3/15 - Ad council 7pm3/17 - Men's day out/Pre-conference briefing3/20 - Phone meeting 10am3/20 - Sr. Luncheon3/22-3/24 Men's walk to Emmaus3/24 - DCYM youth event in Frewsburg 6-8pm3/26 - Recital at Houghton 6pm3/28 - Class in Jamestown 11 am3/29-3/31 VACATION
Men’s Day Out
Imagine a world filled with Lard, Meat, Pancakes, Coffee, Knives and Fire makers! Oh Yeah andthe WORD of GOD! LVUMC is having a men's morning out on March 17, 2012. All men are eligible,so dads grab your sons, Grandpas your grandsons, and if you don't have either of those grab yourneighbor. We will be leaving LVUMC at 6:45am to travel to men's breakfast and the word atERUMC and then it is off to the Case/Zippo museum for fun and fellowship. This is an outingguys won't want to miss!! Look for the sign up sheet at the church!
The men of LVUMC and other area churches meet for breakfast and study the third Sunday ofeach month at 7:30 AM in the fellowship hall. Join us for
Man Food
discussion. The next dates are
March 18, April 15 and May 20.
I want to thank all of you that have helped in the clothes closet whilemy back & legs have been sore, we still need more people that are able tovolunteer a few days a month to help us. If you are interested please see Bill Perkins. We are still indesperate need of kids jeans from 2/2t right thru teenage sizes 14/16, 16/18. I still would like someonewho is interested in this mission to step up & help/run this very important outreach. We havepeople coming in not only locally but from all over Cattaraugus County, what an awesome wayto clothe the naked.

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