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The National Student - November 2008

The National Student - November 2008

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The National Student is the UK's independent, free, national student newspaper.
The National Student is the UK's independent, free, national student newspaper.

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Published by: The National Student on Nov 25, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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November 2008
 Voices of dissent could beheard across the country asstudents took to the streetsto protest the cripplingdebts they have to incur togain a degree.
Hundreds of students turnedout as part of the NUS organised‘Students in the Red’ Day of Actionon November 5. The action is partof the union’s education fundingcampaign, which will see themlobby for a fairer funding system.In Lincoln a joint protestbetween the University of Lincolnand Bishop Grosseteste UniversityCollege students’ union’s createda ‘Wall of Debt’ along the city’sHigh Street.Tuition fees are currently
xed at £3,145 a year, but the
Government is proposing tochange this so that universitiescan charge whatever they want.This could see some student debts
rising to in more than £21,000 for
fees alone.Davina Robinson, Vice PresidentDemocracy and Education atBishop Grosseteste said, Studentsinvolved in the protest were notprotesting for themselves, thoughthey are in a great deal of debt
from the current 3,000 cap on
tuition, they are protesting forfuture generations who could bein more than double the amountof debt than they are in. Studentsfeel a great deal of injustice, they
know how difcult it is on the
current system and so understandthe issues future students wouldhave to deal with.” Anglia Ruskin UniversityStudents’ Union, CambridgeUniversity Students’ Unionand University of East AngliaStudents’ Union held not one,but two demonstrations inCambridge.
Sex-filledclub nightcondemned
 A student club night in Oxfordfeaturing naked wrestling inKY jelly, topless girls and a‘fetish snake show’ has sparkedan investigation by police.
 Astonished revellers were
confronted with a virtual sex show
laid on as entertainment at Kukui
nightclub on October 29.
Students who attended the eventbilled as ‘one of the naughtiestnights of the year’ have condemned
the sexual shenanigans on show.
One student told the
 how she entered the venue andfound herself surrounded byraunchy performers, “There weregirls covered in jelly and wrestlingwith each other. They were onlywearing small t-shirts, which theythen ripped off and continued
as good as naked except for tiny
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US election round-up - pages 12+13
The National Student 
, November 2008
The National Studentwelcomes contributions.The National Studentworks closely withstudent publicationsacross the UK.We are happy to acceptnews, comment,features, and reviewson any subject.Contact us at:The National Student58 High StreetLincolnLN5 8AHor email:
or phone:0845 46 300 46
The National Student isthe independent, monthynewspaper for higher education students inthe UK.Published byDefender Newspapers,58 High StreetLincoln LN5 8AH.© 2008All content is the copyrightof Defender Newspapersunless otherwise stated
The OxfOrd UniOn asb oc to  tscoc o spaks o tstm at cvg cul t atoal pss.it aouc tat tatess gl Jo Mas,stp club ow PtStgllow a pop jcts‘T Cky Gls’ woulall ass t pstgousbatg socty.
The Daily Telegraph
lampoo t ‘ulklyto’ mockg t clgstaas o bat at tuo.Pst o t OoUo Jos roc sa was ‘lgt’ tat tya accpt s vtatoto spak.i a ltt to t
roc  t l-up wasappopat a ctcst pap o ot cogsgt ull ag o spaks s ‘avywgt l-up’.
Other well known guresconrmed to visit the Oxford
Uo ts tm cluPst Yuscko o t Uka, Cosvatvpoltca dav davs,pomt mstGma G a SMcal Pakso.
The 40,000-plus photographs taken by a University of Chester graduatehave been permanently stored by the British Library in its digital archive,after being deemed to be of great importance to the history of Britishindustry.Joe Collier, who graduated on November 5, amassed the stunningcollection of photos of Factories, Foundries and Mines as part of anongoing project to document industrial sites across the UK and Europethat are under threat.
High Marnham Power StationJoe Collier 
The National Student 
, November 2008
Newsin brief 
The Kings Coll,Lodo studt’ Uoprdt at t ctr of a oo nUs racm rowa b ackd.Cr Mulla waformd b lttr of tack lat lat motfollow a row oralldl ract commt mad at a nUs trat.T dco wa mad bt trut board - mad upof t tudt (cludt abbatcal tam) adfour urt taff – wococludd tat Mulla adbrok t trut Codof Coduct ad ouldubqutl b rmodfrom  pot.T KCLsU Afro-Carbba soct wr alopla to br a ot of 
no-condence via a petition
for a ral mt.Mulla ad proulb clard of makract commt  a nUsqur.KCLsU rlad atatmt toda a: “ACr a t rt to appalou wll apprcat tat wcaot mak a commtwt rpct to t dcoof t dcplar palutl t appal  ard.Cr a ow lodd aappal.“Oc t appal  ardt board wll codr Cr’trut poto, rw acto aat, amototr t, t trutCod of Coduct wc ad all otr trut ad.” Altou om tudtar app of Mulla’rmoal, t fact tat acoll board ad ot ttudt uo, or tudtbod, mad t dcoa rad u rardKCLsU’ dpdc.it a b alld tatK’ Coll ad bputt prur o ttudt’ uo abbatcaltam to kck Mullaout,  partcular tcommucato dpartmtfollow at prcora of t commtmad.T commt mad  Auut a caud outraamot om tudtroup, wt t nUs Black
Students’ Ofcer Bellavia
Rbro-Add rfu toaccpt t nUs dco toclar m of racm. A rct dbat o frducato at sOAs awprottr drupt t tad dmad t ratoof nUs Prdt Wstrt, for or‘ttutoal racm’ bcoclud tat Mulla waot a ract.Mulla  ow appalaat t dco.
Mullan Sacked
CRAig COx, t otr tudt at t ctr of t nUsracm row a b bad from uo t aftrold up a potr wc rad ‘Br Back slar’.
Cox will no longer be able to attend non-democratic meetings of the NUS. An NUS investigation found him in “a seriousbreach of the NUS Equal Opportunities Policy”.The University of Nottingham Students’ Union
Education Ofcer has apologised and said he
made a “genuine mistake”.In a statement, he said: “I did not write theplacard in question, I did not intentionally holdit up and I have never defended the placard’scontents.“As someone who has consistently fought againstdiscrimination, I found the sign’s contents to bedeeply distasteful and offensive so I understandhow this mistake has offended people.“I would like to again unreservedly apologise.” A statement issued by University of NottinghamStudents Union said: “We are sending a clearmessage that we do not accept racism at ouruniversity.”The Nottingham union are now decidingwhether to take further action against Cox.
FingeRPRinTing OFfor tudt blatr t mot.
The rst students
rqurd to prod
ngerprints will be
to appl for ato from nombr25. A part of tourmmrato ruldd to tackl boucoll, for tudtcom to t UK wllrqur bomtrc dttcard.T ormt aora tudt patuto f wort £2.5bpr ar.st out arlr t
year, the Home Ofce’s
tt of bordrcotrol wll clud trqurmt tat “w cck
and record the ngerprints
of a applcat applfor a tudt a”.“All tudt allowdto com r wll d toobta a bomtrc dttcard, o w kow actlwo t ar ad watt ar ttld to do.”Ora tudt,
those classied as
b from outd teuropa Uo, ar owa mportat ourc of com for urt at pa r f taUK tudt.T urtwatcdo, t Qualt Aurac Ac, adarlr t ar tat omurt wr ow
nancially dependent on
ora tudt.Tr ar cocramot urtad tat t ttrmmrato cotrol,clud compulor
ngerprinting, might
rduc applcato fromfor tudt.Urt cf award tat t procd to b a mpl ad
efcient one.
T r ducatorprtat bod,Urt UK, award tat tr arol  ctr aroudt UK wr bomtrcformato ca bcollctd - wc wll malo jour for omtudt. Tr ar alococr about quutm - ad a abcof a wa of book aappotmt.Urt UK cf cut Daa Warwckad tat “dpt rpatdrqut for formatoo wtr tr wll ba book proc w aot o far rcd tformato.”i tart boucoll wt t UK,coll wll ow da lcc from t UK Bordr Ac. Tra b cocr tat om ca t boucoll a actd a afrot for popl to trt coutr wtoutr tud for a
narl 300 boucoll a bucord  t lattr ar.From t Marc,ora tudt wlld to b poord ba coll or urtold a lcc from tUK Bordr Ac.From t autum,tr wll b a furtrtt of t rul, wc urt adcoll wll u a “poormaamt tm” toform t UK Bordr Ac f tudt arfal to attd cour.“T w rout fortudt wll urw kow actl wo com r to tud adtamp out bou collwc facltat tlawbrakr,” a Bordrad immrato MtrPl Woola.But  otd tattratoal tudtcotrbut £2.5b to tUK coom  tutof alo”. T hom
Ofce suggests that these
tudt ar wort £8.5bto t wdr coom.b Mar stott
Fingerprinting starts for foreign students
Uni heads raise concerns that tighter rules could deter foreign students
 A COLLege a bcrtcd for troduc
a ne of £33 for students
wo ad  courworklat tr tm.Lcturr at WorctrColl of Tcolo camup wt t cm to forctr 800 udrraduatto proprl ora trtud.now t ar mad to
pay a £5 ne when they
m a dadl for t
rst time. A second offence
lad to a palt of £6, butf t ar lat for a trdtm t prompt a ft £20car.T mo-makcm a b crtcdb t nUs.
ne criticised
nORThUMBRiA UniveRsiTy’s tudt’uo bad t arm’
ofcer training corps
from rcrut at trfrr’ wk.T uo would ota w t bad toraato, but potdout t wa a dmocratcdco.
The University Ofcer
Tra Corp rcrutat all otr ttuto t nort eat.nortumbraUrt’ commad
ofcer, Colonel David
Madd, ad: “it  rallufortuat. i udrtadw t wat to do t, buti tk t ar mudd t studt Uo. Tmudrtad wat tOTC  ad wat w do.W ar a urt club actl t am watat tr  a clmbclub ad a d club.”nortumbra Urtstudt Uo prdtDad Wrt ad tpolc dd ot prttm from adrt atotr tm trououtt ar.“studt Coucl a lctd bod torprt ad pa polca dtrmd b ourmmbr. T studt’
Union elected ofcers like
mlf to work for ad obalf of all tudt adt  our dut to urtat polc dco armplmtd.”“Our job  to upportour mmbr ad tad bdmocratc dco tata b mad,”  ad.
army ban

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