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Published by tobiasmann
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Essay 3.3

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Published by: tobiasmann on Mar 06, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Mann 1
Tobias MannCollege CompMr. ReynoldsMarch 6, 2012The BloggerThe blogger sits up never ever interested, but never satisfied, in need of a constant feed ofopinion, knowledge and political incite, they sit up at night pondering the universe, and in themorning they type there random thoughts out onto there blog where they hope all day thatsomeone will read it, and while they are away at school or at work they begin to think again,about there existing interests, and the interests they will discover once they get home. Theircomputer is their haven, where they can open their minds and let the worlds knowledge percolatelike, a heavenly body of coffee, slowly building up in a pot, to fuel the emotion that builds, andorganizes there ramblings, into the posts that constitute a blog.Strictly speaking a blogger is the keeper of a web-blog, from the Computer Science ofbut what I find more interesting, and a far better description of a blogger is the purpose behindthe blog in question, why is that person blogging. Is it a source of income for them, living off ofthe advertisements from which big companies pay out for a 800x240 pixel space at the top of ablogs page, or could it be an emotional outlet for a person who’s life is fraught conflict. For someit is just a simplistic method for organizing their thoughts in a public forum where they can getfeedback on the topics they are most interested in.In my experience it was more about helping people. In mid 2010 I began a project toproduce informative video tutorials on a subject that I found fascinating, but I had much to learnabout. My choice to start this blog was really one of escape. My parents had just gone through
Mann 2
their second divorce, and I desperately needed some kind of escape from the monotony, which Icalled life. The result was called Ubuntu Video Tutorials, it was an attempt to explain in narratedvideo form the steps I took to solve the many problems I ran into, as well as being an opportunityto learn more about the topic. Before long I had produced more than a hundred videos, andthings were getting seriously out of hand. At that point I knew I needed to change something. Nomatter who you are, if you write a blog you know it is only worth pursuing if you actually enjoyit, and I wasn’t enjoying making these videos everyday, so I decided to start a new blog, onewhere the object was to just write what I cared about, for that moment, that day, or for thatmonth. I called it Freed Up Thoughts after the my desire to clear my mind and let lose and havean emotional outlet.Some view blogging as nothing more than the rants of a bunch of narcissistic wannabehipsters, with an ax to grind. This is essentially how Urban Describes a blogger, and too oftenthis is the case for those blogs that do end up getting recognized the news and in media,especially with blog services like Wordpress showcasing blogs that have little if any value toreading them. I disagree, I don’t believe that all bloggers are narcissists looking for someone toappreciated there pathetic lives, I think the bloggers who meet this description are the ones whoattract the most attention to themselves, many times the need for feedback becomes confusedwith the need to feel wanted or simply appreciated.A blogger is someone with a voice, one they aren’t afraid to share, something that is trulyadmirable. In this world we are endowed especially hear in the united states, where we can voicethose opinions without fear of retribution, and still people hide from judgment. Bloggers myhave their quirks, and have to deal with their stereotypes but who doesn't

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