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We Were a Diverse People

We Were a Diverse People

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Published by: Heather Beverly Jeffreys on Mar 07, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 We were a diverse people, and we took all our bets.Star pieces and irregularly breaking mineralsLiving for glass notes from bell towers and the momentbefore ice turns to water.We were a diverse people, our blood always told the truth.All in all the time. If I have a king I bet fifty. All the time.
Don’t you da
re talk about our parents like that. You know,I sold my entire kingdom for a smile like that.Only you knowOnly god knows.This family has no scientific meritBut it lets us knowWhich are the true butterfliesAnd which are notWhich ones are just pulling your leg, having a good time. The ones we can forget about.But the ones that we forget about and forget to see we forget how to seeThey laugh and they laugh and it rains harder and harder, spilling like my mind,Like the wings I hear.
I don’t like you I like your wings.
All momogrammed vanilla milk and prismatic silk.walk across frosted grass
Don’t try to figure this out or anything
 Crunch instead on sleepy dreams
And crisp delicately the hopes of children who don’t know any better (and don’t want to)
 What point it there to be grateful if it was all going to happen anways?
I don’t know what else to be so ill just be thankful
 Im very thankful that I met you on my roadThis is a love poem for everyone ive ever met and it is everyone ive ever meThis is a lovepoem for godAnd it is god
That’s what r 
umi told mewilliam wordsworth tooAnd yes mewithoutyou
Im stiff all overOut of practice of livingThis mysterious Jelly.Are you stuck in the kelp or commanding it?Part of the ocean or demanding itWe both need to probably worry less.You keep bobbing around.
We’ll leave you to it.
A light rustlingIn the universe.A light rustlingIn the nest.Something with plants and quiet time.But a lot of people.Something with plants and people.A medium amount
I don’t know.
Just not this.Some thoughts before a mandatory web conferenceI hope they have a sense of humorLuckily I was born under an auspicious starPeople say that a lot of the food revolution is just peasant food, dressed up pretending to be new ordifferent like uncut nectarianes on a plate for $7 or the emperors clothes. They are so beautiful
can’t you see them can’t you see them?
Dude if you want to go see what food for the common man is like then go use the Wi-Fi at McDonalds inFontana California.
If it’s truth youre searching for, look at my face.
Katie will meet you in the hotel lobby at 6:30 on the 15
, curly hair, blue button up

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