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Table Of Contents

Function: $clear
Function: $defined
Function: $arguments
Function: $empty
Function: $lambda
Function: $extend
Function: $merge
Function: $each
Function: $pick
Function: $random
Function: $splat
Function: $time
Function: $try
Function: $type
Hash: Browser
Native: Array
Array Method: each
Array Method: every
Array Method: filter
Array Method: clean
Array Method: indexOf
Array Method: map
Array Method: some
Array Method: associate
Array Method: link
Array Method: contains
Array Method: extend
Array Method: getLast
Array Method: getRandom
Array Method: include
Array Method: combine
Array Method: erase
Array Method: empty
Array Method: flatten
Array Method: rgbToHex
Utility Functions
Function: $A
Native: Function
Function Method: create
Function Method: pass
Function Method: attempt
Function Method: bind
Function Method: bindWithEvent
Function Method: delay
Function Method: periodical
Function Method: run
Native: Number
Number Method: limit
Number Method: round
Number Method: times
Number Method: toFloat
Number Method: toInt
Native: String
String Method: test
String Method: contains
String Method: trim
String Method: clean
String Method: camelCase
String Method: hyphenate
String Method: capitalize
String Method: escapeRegExp
String Method: toInt
String Method: toFloat
String Method: hexToRgb
String Method: rgbToHex
String Method: stripScripts
String Method: substitute
Native: Hash
Hash Method: constructor
Hash Method: each
Hash Method: has
Hash Method: keyOf
Hash Method: hasValue
Hash Method: extend
Hash Method: combine
Hash Method: erase
Hash Method: get
Hash Method: set
Hash Method: empty
Hash Method: include
Hash Method: map
Hash Method: filter
Hash Method: every
Hash Method: some
Hash Method: getClean
Hash Method: getKeys
Hash Method: getValues
Hash Method: toQueryString
Function: $H
Native: Event
Event Method: constructor
Event Method: stop
Event Method: stopPropagation
Event Method: preventDefault
Chain Method: clearChain
Class: Events
Events Method: addEvent
Events Method: addEvents
Events Method: fireEvent
Events Method: removeEvent
Events Method: removeEvents
Class: Options
Options Method: setOptions
Native: Window
Function: $
Function: $$
Native: Element
Element Method: constructor
Element Method: getElement
Element Method: getElements
Element Method: getElementById
Element Method: set
Element Method: get
Element Method: erase
Element Method: match
Element Method: inject
Element Method: grab
Element Method: adopt
Element Method: wraps
Element Method: appendText
Element Method: dispose
Element Method: clone
Element Method: replaces
Element Method: hasClass
Element Method: addClass
Element Method: removeClass
Element Method: toggleClass
Element Method: getPrevious
Element Method: getAllPrevious
Element Method: getNext
Element Method: getAllNext
Element Method: getFirst
Element Method: getLast
Element Method: getParent
Element Method: getParents
Element Method: getChildren
Element Method: hasChild
Element Method: empty
Element Method: destroy
Element Method: toQueryString
Element Method: getSelected
Element Method: getProperty
Element Method: getProperties
Element Method: setProperty
Element Method: setProperties
Element Method: removeProperty
Element Method: removeProperties
Element Method: store
Element Method: retrieve
Hash: Element.Properties
Element Property: html
Element Property: text
Element Property: tag
Native: IFrame
IFrame Method: constructor
Native: Elements
Elements Method: constructor
Elements Method: filter
Element Method: addEvent
Element Method: removeEvent
Element Method: addEvents
Element Method: removeEvents
Element Method: fireEvent
Element Method: cloneEvents
Custom Events
Element Method: setStyle
Element Method: getStyle
Element Method: setStyles
Element Method: getStyles
Element Method: scrollTo
Element Method: getSize
Element Method: getScrollSize
Element Method: getScroll
Element Method: getPosition
Element Method: getCoordinates
Element Property: getElements
Element Property: getElement
Function: $E
Selector: enabled
Selector: empty
Selector: contains
Selector: nth-child
Selector: even
Selector: odd
Selector: first
Selector: last
Selector: only
Window Event: domready
Object: JSON
JSON Method: encode
JSON Method: decode
Object: Cookie
Cookie Method: write
Cookie Method: read
Cookie Method: dispose
Class: Swiff
Swiff Function: remote
Class: Fx
Fx Method: constructor
Fx Method: start
Fx Method: set
Fx Method: cancel
Fx Method: pause
Fx Method: resume
Class: Fx.CSS
Class: Fx.Tween
Fx.Tween Method: constructor
Fx.Tween Method: set
Fx.Tween Method: start
see Element.Properties
Element Property: tween
Element Method: tween
Element Method: fade
Element Method: highlight
Class: Fx.Morph
Fx.Morph Method: set
Fx.Morph Method: start
Element Property: morph
Element Method: morph
Hash: Fx.Transitions
Fx.Transitions Method: linear
Fx.Transitions Method: quad
Fx.Transitions Method: cubic
Fx.Transitions Method: quart
Fx.Transitions Method: quint
Fx.Transitions Method: pow
Fx.Transitions Method: expo
Fx.Transitions Method: circ
Fx.Transitions Method: sine
Fx.Transitions Method: back
Fx.Transitions Method: bounce
Fx.Transitions Method: elastic
Class: Fx.Transition
Class: Request
Request Events: events
Request Method: setHeader
Request Method: getHeader
Request Method: send
Request Method: cancel
Element Method: send
Class: Request.HTML
Element Property: load
Element Method: load
Class: Request.JSON
Class: Fx.Slide
Fx.Slide Method: slideIn
Fx.Slide Method: slideOut
Fx.Slide Method: toggle
Fx.Slide Method: hide
Fx.Slide Method: show
See Element.Properties
Element Property: slide
Element Method: slide
Class: Fx.Scroll
Fx.Scroll Method: constructor
Fx.Scroll Method: set
Fx.Scroll Method: start
Fx.Scroll Method: toTop
Fx.Scroll Method: toBottom
Fx.Scroll Method: toLeft
Fx.Scroll Method: toRight
Fx.Scroll Method: toElement
Class: Fx.Elements
Fx.Elements Method: set
Fx.Elements Method: start
Class: Drag
Drag Method: constructor
Drag Method: attach
Drag Method: detach
Drag Method: stop
Element Method: makeResizable
Class: Drag.Move
Drag.Move Method: constructor
Drag.Move Method: stop
Element Method: makeDraggable
Class: Color
Color Method: mix
Color Method: invert
Color Method: setHue
Color Method: setSaturation
Color Method: setBrightness
Function: $RGB
Function: $HSB
Array Method: rgbToHsb
Array Method: hsbToRgb
Class: Group
Group Method: addEvent
Class: Hash.Cookie
Hash.Cookie Method: save
Hash.Cookie Method: load
Class: Sortables
Sortables Method: attach
Sortables Method: detach
Sortables Method: addItems
Sortables Method: removeItems
Sortables Method: addLists
Sortables Method: removeLists
Sortables Method: serialize
Class: Tips
Tips Method: constructor
Tips Event: onShow
Tips Event: onHide
Tips Method: attach
Tips Method: detach
Tips HTML Structure
Tips with storage
Class: SmoothScroll
Class: Slider
Slider Event: onChange
Slider Event: onComplete
Slider Event: onTick
Slider Method: set
Class: Scroller
Scroller Method: start
Scroller Method: stop
Hash: Assets
Assets Method: javascript
Assets Method: css
Assets Method: image
Assets Method: images
Class: Accordion
Accordion Method: addSection
Accordion Method: display
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