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Dr. Jose Rizal Childhood

Dr. Jose Rizal Childhood



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Dr. Jose Rizal Childhood
Dr. Jose Rizal Childhood

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Published by: Mark Denver Francisco on Nov 26, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The Childhood of Dr. Jose Rizal
, the seventh child of FranciscoEngracio Rizal Mercado y Alejandro and his wife, Teodora Morales Alonzo Realonda yQuintos, was born in Kalamba, June 19, 1861.He was a typical Filipino, for few persons in this land of mixed blood could boasta greater mixture than his. Practically all the ethnic elements, perhaps even the Negritoin the far past, combined in his blood. All his ancestors, except the doubtful strain of theNegrito, had been immigrants to the Philippines, early Malays, and later Sumatrans,Chinese of prehistoric times and the refugees from the Tartar dominion, and Spaniardsof old Castile and Valencia-representatives of all the various peoples who have blendedto make the strength of the Philippine race.Shortly before Jose's birth his family had built a pretentious new home in thecenter of Kalamba on a lot which Francisco Mercado had inherited from his brother. Thehouse was destroyed before its usefulness had ceased, by the vindictiveness of thosewho hated the man-child that was born there. And later on the gratitude of a free peopleheld the same spot sacred because there began that life consecrated to the Philippinesand finally given for it, after preparing the way for the union of the various disunitedChinese mestizos, Spanish mestizos, and half a hundred dialectically distinguished"Indians" into the united people of the Philippines.Jose was christened in the nearby church when three days old, and as two out-of-town bands happened to be in Kalamba for a local festival, music was a feature of the event. His godfather was Father Pedro Casanas, a Filipino priest of a Kalambafamily, and the priest who christened him was also a Filipino, Father Rufino Collantes.Following is a translation of the record of Rizal's birth and baptism: "I, the undersignedparish priest of the town of Calamba, certify that from the investigation made with proper authority, for replacing the parish books which were burned September 28, 1862, to befound in Docket No. 1 of Baptisms, page 49, it appears by the sworn testimony of competent witnesses that J
is the legitimate son, and of lawfulwedlock, of Don Francisco Rizal Mercado and Dona Teodora Realonda, having beenbaptized in this parish on the 22d day of June in the year 1861, by the parish priest,Rev. Rufino Collantes, Rev. Pedro Casanas being his godfather."-Witness my signature.(Signed) L
Birthplace of Jose Rizal.Jose Rizal's earliest training recalls the education of William and Alexander vonHumboldt, those two nineteenth century Germans whose achievements for theprosperity of their fatherland and the advancement of humanity have caused them to bespoken of as the most remarkable pair of brothers that ever lived. He was not physicallya strong child, but the direction of his first studies was by an unusually gifted mother,who succeeded, almost without the aid of books, in laying a foundation upon which theman placed an amount of well-mastered knowledge along many different lines that istruly marvelous, and this was done in so short a time that its brevity constitutes another wonder.At three he learned his letters, having insisted upon being taught to read andbeing allowed to share the lessons of an elder sister. Immediately thereafter he wasdiscovered with her story book, spelling out its words by the aid of the syllabary or "caton" which he had propped up before him and was using as one does a dictionary ina foreign language.The little boy spent also much of his time in the church, which was convenientlynear, but when the mother suggested that this might be an indication of religiousinclination, his prompt response was that he liked to watch the people.To how good purpose the small eyes and ears were used, the true-to-life types of the characters in "Noli Me Tangere" and "El Filibusterismo" testify.Three uncles, brothers of the mother, concerned themselves with the intellectual,artistic and physical training of this promising nephew. The youngest, Jose, a teacher,looked after the regular lessons. The giant Manuel developed the physique of theyoungster, until he had a supple body of silk and steel and was no longer a sickly lad,though he did not entirely lose his somewhat delicate looks. The more scholarly
Gregorio saw that the child earned his candy money-trying to instill the idea into hismind that it was not the world's way that anything worth having should come withouteffort; he taught him also the value of rapidity in work, to think for himself, and toobserve carefully and to picture what he saw.A Group of Sketches by Rizal.Sometimes Jose would draw a bird flying without lifting pencil from the paper tillthe picture was finished. At other times it would be a horse running or a dog in chase,but it always must be something of which he had thought himself and the idea must notbe overworked; there was no payment for what had been done often before. Thus hecame to think for himself, ideas were suggested to him indirectly, so he was never aservile copyist, and he acquired the habit of speedy accomplishment.Clay at first, then wax, was his favorite play material. From these he modeledbirds and butterflies that came ever nearer to the originals in nature as the wise praiseof the uncles called his attention to possibilities of improvement and encouraged him tofurther effort. This was the beginning of his nature study.

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Mark Denver Francisco added this note
Sa mga katanungan po na d ko nasagut, pasenxa na po talaga, bihira ko kasing e open tung account ko. :S E email nyu hu ako f maruon po kaung gustong itanung.
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@Sean: Summary na po ito. Yes, sa lagay na yan, summary na yan. ^_^ (Isang buong libro kasi ito, at sina-maryz ko. :S
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Thanks and ur all welcome. ^_^ @Fatima: This was my module in Rizal, so basically Im done with the subject. So I cant now, doing it was a pain in the ass. Hahaha!
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thanks for info....:)
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you should also try to make a ancestral family tree of Jose Protasio Rizal Mercado y Alonzo Realonda .... ^_^
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I Do have lots of questions but the characters of the space provided to comment are so limited ...
Fatima Haramain added this note
Nice compliation (^_^) but, who is the brother of Francisco Engracio Rizal Mercado y Alejandro which he inherit the lot?

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