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Training Secrets for Bully Breeds Ledy Vankavage

Training Secrets for Bully Breeds Ledy Vankavage

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Published by cravendesires
ledy describes her first dog, a pit fighter. the article i linked to mysteriously disappeared.
ledy describes her first dog, a pit fighter. the article i linked to mysteriously disappeared.

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Categories:Types, Research, History
Published by: cravendesires on Mar 07, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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6/22/10 12:39 AMTraining Secrets for Bully BreedsPage 1 of 4http://www.dogchannel.com/dog-magazines/popular-dogs/articletraining_bully_breeds.aspx
Bull Terriers in Paintings andin LifeBasic Commands to TeachYour Bulldog PuppyAmerican Pit Bull Terrier OverviewActivities for You and Your American Pit Bull Terrier A Dog Owner-Handler Success Story
Training Secrets for BullyBreeds
Understand the joys and responsibilities of bully ownership.
By Marion Lane
None of us saw it coming. Notme, who’d acquired Nell, aStaffordshire Bull Terrier, as an8-week-old puppy; not myhusband, Larry; and apparentlynot Red, our 100-pound,rescued pit bullmix.Nevertheless, Nell, all 28 poundsof her, had walked slowly intothe kitchen that late Sundaynight and seemingly for noreason, tore into Red. In thesnarling melee that ensued,Larry remembers seeing Redscramble madly to get away. Irecall summoning my bestbassoprofundo to command, “Knock itoff!” as I stood up to intervene if necessary.It wasn’t necessary. The battlelasted only seconds. Nell stood panting lightly, while Red milledaround and barked, trying to figure out who to apologize to first. Ichecked Nell for damage and found a 2-inch gash over one eye thatwas just beginning to seep a little blood.In the car on the way to the Queens Emergency Clinic, my husbandand I talked about what had happened. We agreed that Red hadinjured Nell accidentally with his claw while trying to retreat. Red hadbeen lying on the floor between our chairs, literally backed into acorner, when Nell wandered in and tried to assume her usual placeat my side. No doubt she’d given him “the look,” but with his backagainst the wall, he couldn’t vacate the spot. Maybe he had thenerve to stare back (after all, he is part bully breed). That’s all ittook.At the emergency hospital, the doctor on duty agreed that Nellneeded sutures. I told him to go ahead and I’d hold her, but shecouldn’t have anesthesia because of a serious heart condition. Thevet stared at me in disbelief.“Really,” I assured him, “just go ahead. She’ll be fine.”Twenty minutes later we were out of there. It was Red and Nell’s
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6/22/10 12:39 AMTraining Secrets for Bully BreedsPage 2 of 4http://www.dogchannel.com/dog-magazines/popular-dogs/articletraining_bully_breeds.aspx
one and only scrap.
The Nature of the Beast
Ledy Van Kavage’s first and best friend was an American Pit BullTerrier (APBT) named Boody, a stray puppy her family adoptedwhen Ledy was 4. Boody was a partner in all of Van Kavage’schildhood exploits. She recalls hiding out with Boody in his doghouse when she didn’t want to come indoors. But that was decades ago, “before the time of responsible ownership,” says Van Kavage of Maryville, Illinois, who is now the Midwest regionallegislative liaison for the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA).Not only was Boody allowed to roam, he was never neutered, and he often fought with other dogs.Intact adult male dogs of all breeds are well-known to be more likely to fight than neutered males or females. Adding a biological imperative to a bully breed’s genetic programming is like pulling the pin ona hand granade. “I remember jumping into the middle of a dog fight when I was 6 and pulling Boody off another dog because someone had called the police,” Van Kavage recalls. “I didn’t want the cops toshoot my dog.”Tragically, Boody’s propensity to fight and his unneutered status were his undoing. “He got in a fight,”Van Kavage remembers. “He was able to drag himself to our street, where he met me every day on mywalk home from school. I found him on my way home. We took him to the vet, but he died of hisfighting wounds. To this day I grieve for him.”Twenty-five-year-old Aaron Lichter of Staten Island, New York, is the owner of Tundra, a 95-poundAmerican Bulldog (not to be confused with the squatter and much more familiar Bulldog, sometimescalled the English Bulldog). Tundra was an 8-week-old puppy when Lichter acquired him from the litteof a family friend. “He’s a big mushball,” says Lichter of the imposing 41⁄2-year-old dog.Tundra is neutered, though, and Lichter acknowledges that knowing how to read his dog hassometimes kept his pal out of trouble. “If his tail is wagging at another dog, I’ll let them play. But if he’sstanding in a firm point with his tail up, I’ll take him away.” Only once did Tundra get into a rumble withanother dog — a female American Bulldog. Hostilities erupted when the owners turned the two dogsloose together with only one toy.I was the editor of the American Kennel Club (AKC) Gazette in the mid-1980s, a time when a number of towns and cities around the United States were beginning to pass breed-specific legislation in hastyreaction to some very unfortunate, highly publicized attacks on people by so-called pit bulls. Most of these laws either outright banned owning pit bull breeds within the town or city limits, or requiredowners of these breeds to register their dogs with the town or city; keep them muzzled in public; andcarry high levels of liability insurance.Lawmakers couldn’t define exactly what a “pit bull” was, so they decided to simply restrict or prohibitpeople from owning any of the bull-and-terrier breeds (American Staffordshire Terrier, APBT,Staffordshire Bull Terrier, Miniature and Standard Bull Terriers, and the American Bulldog) on thegrounds that all such dogs are inherently vicious.In response to the misinformed and negative publicity about three AKC breeds, I put together a specialissue of the Gazette called “Fighting for Dogs” (Vol. 105, No. 6, June 1988). I asked long-time, well-respected breeders of American Staffordshire Terriers, Staffordshire Bull Terriers and Bull Terriers (theMiniature Bull Terrier wasn’t yet recognized by the AKC) to write frankly about the pluses and minusesof the dogs they had bred, raised, trained, shown and lived with for many years.Each of the three breed specialists wrote the same basic things: This is a lot of dog. This is not the dogfor everyone. In firm, kind, responsible hands, this dog is a wonderful companion and completelytrustworthy. In the wrong hands, or if treated cruelly, this dog can be dangerous. And special care isnecessary around other dogs.
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Reader Comments
I train all breeds and specialize in aggression, It's been 19 years and its time to start educating owners thepublic and the trainers, bully breeds are just a dog that's all with a bad name, trainers if your going to doaggression training then do it for real, if you don't well that's why they get the bad name but so do us trainers,you want a mastered mental working aggression training way then contact us, we are on our way to startchanging the rules and ordinances but the trainers have to be trained too, so lets educate and save our bullybreeds....rockymtntrainer- @gmail.com
SAM, C.Springs, COPosted: 4/17/2010 3:44:38 AM
i have a 11 week old brazillian mastiff and shes already been way to aggressive for comfort i dont know
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6/22/10 12:39 AMTraining Secrets for Bully BreedsPage 3 of 4http://www.dogchannel.com/dog-magazines/popular-dogs/articletraining_bully_breeds.aspx
what to do with her im scared for when she gets bigge
robyn, newmarket, ONPosted: 2/20/2010 1:17:43 PM
Hi could you tell me where the puppies on page 9 of "Training Secrets for bully breeds" (Vol. 9.) came from?Thanks! Shane.
Shane, Penticton, BCPosted: 8/14/2009 8:25:54 PM
good article thanks
 janet, bethlehem, PAPosted: 1/18/2009 8:09:52 AM
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