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General Concepts

General Concepts

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Published by Aamira Qureshi

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Published by: Aamira Qureshi on Mar 07, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Historical background of statesystem & international Society
State system evolved as soon as humanbeings started getting settledThey organized them in the form of family, tribe or clanTheir mutual interaction gave birth tothe idea of international society wherestates started acting like unitsE.g. Greek City states based onmodern design
eneral Concept of Internationalsociety
Hedley Bull claims:
´International society is a society of states that exists when a group of states, conscious of certain common interests andcommon values form a society in the sense that theyconceive themselves to be bound by a common set of rules intheir relations with one anotherµ
States need to interact because of theiinterdependence; as they can·t stay isolated sothey need to get engaged either in a positive wayi.e. by cooperation or by conflicts
reaty of Westphalia
´Thirty years Waramong different European Powersended with ´Treaty of Westphaliaµ in 1648It was based on three principles:i)The King is emperor in his own reignii)The ruler determines religion of his realmiii)To prevent hegemony, balance of power should bemaintainedThis treaty codified the concept of nation-stateThough it could not end wars yet its concept of nation-state has been incorporated in UN charter 

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